10 Amazing Health Benefits of BCCA & Coconut Water for your Daily Life

Mar 19, 2022
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10 Amazing Health Benefits of BCCA Coconut Water for your Daily Life

Are you exercising daily, but not seeing optimal results?

You might be eating healthy, but are you considering BCAAs and the essential amino acids?

Amino acids help our bodies synthesize proteins, which are the building blocks of our cells, tissues, and organs. Out of the 20 amino acids, 9 are considered essential, which means your body cannot make them – you must get them externally from your diet.

Out of these nine, Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCCAs) is a group of three essential amino acids, namely leucine, isoleucine and valine. They’re usually found in protein-rich food sources, such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. BCAAs are important for muscle growth, endurance and physical performance. BCAAs are also found in supplements and powders. BCAA supplements are especially popular among those who hit the gym on a regular basis, due to their direct effects on muscle strength and recovery.

Besides these amazing  BCAA benefits and Coconut water replenishes the body with all the essential nutrients. It gives you instant hydration and leaves you feeling refreshed after a workout!

Are you looking for a fantastic supplement of BCAA?

The combination of Branched-Chain Amino Acids and Coconut Water found in Plix Life’s Vegan BCAA & Coconut Water gives your body the muscle-building amino acids it needs.

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Here, are 10 amazing health benefits of the Plix Life’s Vegan BCAA & Coconut Water supplement:

Plix Vegan BCAA Coconut Water


1. Increases muscle growth

 The BCCA leucine initiates a specific pathway in the body that stimulates protein synthesis. An intake of BCAA supplement just after a resistance workout can help with increased muscle protein synthesis, leading to increased muscle growth.

2. Maximizes recovery

The combination of BCCA powder with coconut water can help maximize muscle recovery after the excessive wear and tear that occurs during a workout. The BCAA and coconut water supplement can prevent muscle loss during an intense workout and speed up the pace of recovery.

3. Reduces fatigue

Your body naturally uses BCAA during high intensity workouts, which leads to the development of fatigue. A study shows that 20 grams of BCAA supplements dissolved with water or coconut water reduces fatigue.

4. Normalizes muscle soreness

BCCAs help you feel less sore post-exercise. They do so by lowering the level of creatine kinase and lactate enzymes in your blood reducing muscle soreness by up to 33%.

5. Increases muscle mass

Studies show that BCCA supplements are effective at supporting the gaining of muscle mass. Many bodybuilders and athletes use BCCA mass gainers to increase muscle mass. BCCA and coconut water work together to help you decrease the fat percentage in your body and help build lean muscle tissue.

6. Prevent muscle breakdown

BCAAs boost muscle mass and prevent muscle breakdown by stimulating protein synthesis and diminishing protein breakdown.

7. Improve exercise performance

Reduced fatigue levels and muscle soreness enabled by BCAA supplementation can improve your exercise performance.

8. Help with liver disease

BCCA supplements may help in liver disease. The benefits of the supplement include improvements in body composition, balancing of nitrogen levels, synthesis of protein and albumin, liver cell regeneration and hepatic encephalopathy. An experiment conducted on a few people with  liver cirrhosis verified the impact of BCCA on liver health. The researchers found that BCCA is beneficial to people with advanced cirrhosis.

9. Reduce muscle damage

High-intensity and high-endurance exercises can damage muscles during a workout.A group of researchers in 2017 found that BCCA supplementation can help you reduce muscle damage by lowering the level of muscle-damaging enzymes in your blood.

10. Improve consecutive day sprint performance

A study has been conducted on a group of athletes to verify the effects of BCAA supplementation on intermittent sprint performance. It was concluded that the BCCA supplements help improve sprint performances.

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