How To Build Muscle And Burn Fat On A Vegan Diet

May 07, 2022
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How To Build Muscle And Burn Fat On A Vegan Diet 1

The vegan diet is perhaps the most popular diet of the century.

This is because the benefits of the vegan diet range from being good for the body to being good for the environment!

However, if you are someone who is looking to build muscle – you might be apprehensive about adopting the vegan diet. The truth is that it is possible to build muscle and burn fat successfully when on a vegan diet. 

In fact, many world-famous athletes across the world have embraced the vegan diet and are fitter and healthier than ever.

So, how can you build muscle while being on a vegan diet? Keep reading to find out.

What does the body need to build muscle?

When you begin your bodybuilding journey, undergoing intense training is the first step. This is something that you must do.

For proper muscular development, alongside a strenuous workout regime, you need the right nutrition.

What is the right nutrition required to build muscle?

1. High protein intake

In order to build muscle, your body needs a high protein diet. Protein directly impacts your body’s muscle building and recovery cycles. 

On a vegan diet, you are restricted to plant based protein sources. Unlike animal proteins that are ‘complete proteins’ because they contain complete amino acid structures, plant-based sources are considered incomplete. The good news is that combining different plant-based proteins can form complete proteins.

To build muscle on a vegan diet, it is essential to include a combination of plant-based proteins into your daily meals.

Some of the best protein-rich plant-based food include:







2. Fat and Fibre intake

Fibre and fat consumption are essential to build muscle effectively. On an average, someone looking to build muscle should consume about 80 grams of fat every day.

Besides fat, fibre is also essential. Make sure you eat plenty of fruits and veggies every day for a high fibre diet. Including green leafy vegetables to your vegan diet is an absolute must!


3. Drink enough water

Keeping the body well hydrated is key to building muscle and burning fat. Our body needs ample amounts of hydration to stay healthy, prevent bloating and keep us energised throughout the day.

The best way to build muscle and burn fat on a vegan diet

Planning each meal meticulously to ensure it contains enough protein, fat and fibre can be a tedious process. There surely must be an easier way to achieve your fitness goals while being on a vegan diet.

The easier way exists thanks to Plix Life. Plix Life has a range of plant-based protein powders designed to help you supplement protein while on a vegan diet.

For someone looking to build mass and gain weight, the Mass Gainer is a great option. The vegan mass gainer is a healthy protein powder that offers you 20G of protein in each serving. This vegan protein powder is good for your health and helps improve your metabolism. Try it today for a hassle-free vegan-based muscle gain journey! 

If you are looking to build muscle, Plix’s Strength 25G Plant Protein powder can help you achieve your goals quickly. Strength 25G Plant Protein Powder is a great post-workout drink that gives you 25 grams of plant protein that is also gut-friendly.

The benefits of Plant-based protein powders

Plix’s plant-based protein powders provide you with the right amount of protein and fibre without any side effects. Try them today!


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