How to Make Your Protein Shakes Smooth and Not Gritty

Jan 15, 2022
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How to Make Your Protein Shakes Smooth and Not Gritty

A healthy body and a healthy mind are the keys to living a happy and successful life. And today, with all the changes in our lifestyle, environment and food habits, keeping a proper diet that suits our body’s needs is even more important. Especially if you’re trying to get in shape, or build muscle. The main nutrient that is needed for the growth and development of any muscle tissue is protein. One of the ways to get the required protein is through protein shakes. However, they may not always taste that great due to some gritty Plant protein powder out there. Let’s find out how to make protein shakes that are smooth and taste wonderful.

Proteins are The Building Blocks of Your Muscle

While carbohydrates and fats are used to release energy, and vitamins and minerals are used for thousands of smaller, but vital functions, it is the protein that boosts the repair and growth of muscle.

Making sure you get the right amount of each nutrient is extremely important as is making sure you get the right kinds of each nutrient. Proteins come from both animal and plant sources.

While the animal sources may be more common, multiple studies done in the last few decades have shown that plants are in no way less when it comes to fulfilling our protein requirements.

plant based protein sources are also more environmentally friendly and inexpensive compared to animal proteins. And, to top it all, it is far lighter on our bodies and it gets digested easier than meat or dairy products.

When to Consume Your Protein Shake

plant protein shakes

Protein shakes are one of the most widely used options to provide our body with that extra dose of protein especially if you are involved in some form of physical exercise.

Usually consumed just before or after a workout session, it delivers the right nutrients to your body in a convenient package that is ready to be utilized as fuel for growth and development of muscles.

If you’re going more towards getting back in shape instead of increasing muscle mass, then protein shakes also make an excellent meal replacement.

Like whole foods, protein powder to comes from animal sources and plant-based sources. Animal protein powder would be made from dairy, commonly known as whey protein powder and is quite widely used.

But like in its whole form, dairy-based protein powders too can often cause bloating, gas and indigestion.

Plant-based protein powders do none of these and are easier on your digestive tract too.

All Plant-Based Proteins Don’t Taste the Same

plant protein shakes

Another thing that you may see when you include protein powder in your diet is that the texture is often grainy. This while not necessarily unpleasant, can make it a bit less appetizing which may lead to not so smooth protein shakes.

However, this problem is not there with some protein powders.

Pea or Quinoa protein powders are in fact, known for their extremely smooth texture.

Rice protein powder too can be a very good choice to make a smooth protein shake. Apart from this, how you mix the shake can also have an impact on the texture of the drink.

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Why does plant-based protein taste grittier?

Plant-based proteins are naturally grittier as compared to whey protein because they come from actual plants that have more fiber than milk particles.

It all comes down to how finely the particles could be grained in order give that smoothness in texture and taste. Some plant proteins are grittier than others due to their different sources which is why different brands can have a different taste.

Secondly, the grittiness of plant-based protein is not necessarily a bad thing as it is usually the result of less processing. Ultimately, this gives you a product that has its nutrients intact, is less refined and more natural. 

How to make protein shakes smooth

how to make smooth protein shakes

  1. One of the first things you can do is to use a blender to mix the shake. This makes sure that the powder is thoroughly well mixed into the liquid.
  2. Putting the liquid in first and then slowly adding the protein powder also helps greatly. It prevents the powder granules from building up at the bottom of the blender and forming chunks.
  3. Using a different liquid base of non-dairy milk or yoghurt can be another way of going about it. An especially good choice would be almond milk or Greek Yogurt to add a nice creamy texture to your shake. 
  4. If you don’t feel like using any kind of milk then emulsifiers can help thicken and change the texture of your protein shake too. Adding a crushed banana or a tablespoon of creamy peanut butter would also give you a smooth protein shake and add a different taste and flavour to it as well.
  5. The freshness of a shake affects its texture too. If it sits out for too long, then the powder will slowly start settling on the bottom.
  6. So something to keep in mind is to either drink the shake soon after you make it.
  7. Or, if it’s been sitting for a while, make sure you blend it again or give the container a thorough shaking to mix up the drink properly again.

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