Strength 25G Plant Protein Powder For Post Workout, Antioxidants, Digestive Enzymes, No Added Sugar, Gluten Free & No Added Preservatives

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Strength 25G Plant Protein Powder For Post Workout, Antioxidants, Digestive Enzymes, No Added Sugar, Gluten Free & No Added Preservatives

Pledge A Tree!
Everytime you place an order with us we will plant a tree. With your help we can now achieve our goal of planting millions of tree's in the next couple of years. Learn more

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Finish your workout strong with 25g plant protein and 4.2g BCAAs to he...Read more
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Reinforce Your Muscle Strength

With every scoop of this premium plant protein powder, your body finds it easier to repair your muscle fibres and build new ones after an intense workout. That’s all thanks to the proteins sourced from Peas and Brown Rice, which together give you the advantage of a complete amino acid profile. So, you can now power through each workout session briskly, knowing that Strength 25G Plant Protein has your back!

Thrive With Essential Amino Acids

Each serving of this protein powder has a powerful secret combination that you’ll love - Pea Protein and Brown Rice Protein. These proteins are blended in the ideal ratio, so your body gets all the nine essential amino acids from just one single scoop. And together, these nine amino acids work their magic to promote tissue growth, improve your immune function and keep your energy levels high.

Gut Friendly

With the aid of natural digestive enzymes, this protein is easy to digest. It helps the glycemic index (GI) kickstart digestion making it easier to break down food and increasing nutrient absorption. This contributes to better digestion and no digestive discomfort like gas, bloating, and indigestion.

Pick Your Favourite Flavour

This protein powder may contain zero added sugar, but that doesn’t mean it’s not absolutely delicious. The post-workout blend comes in a range of four incredibly satisfying flavours that tickle your taste buds. The best part? There are no synthetic flavours used; it’s all natural. Choose from options like Chocolate, Cafe Mocha, Vanilla and Mango.

Say Hello To Unparalleled Purity And Care

The all-natural plant-based formula used in Strength Protein makes it extremely safe for everybody to consume, no matter what food intolerances they may have. After all, around 65% of the human population is lactose intolerant, meaning they can’t consume dairy protein. But even if you fall in this category, you can relax because Strength Protein uses only plant proteins to give you all the essential amino acids, some antioxidants and more, making it a very safe choice.

Revel In The Richness Of The Texture With Every Scoop

If you thought a post-workout drink cannot be downright delicious, think again! Strength Protein is proof that something that’s healthy can be tasty too. With a rich, creamy and smooth texture, this powder is easy to mix in either ice-cold water or any non-dairy milk. And the end result? A delightfully tasty drink that will keep you coming back for more after every workout!

Plant Protein

There are very few sources of protein that can deliver the complete profile of essential amino acids, and you can find some of them in the blend of this post-workout powder. More specifically, Strength Protein contains 25 grams of farm-sourced plant proteins derived from Peas and Brown Rice. In addition to the nine essential amino acids that promote lean muscle growth and recovery, these plant proteins also contain no cholesterol whatsoever.

Grape Seed Extract And Lycopene

The use of Grape Seed Extract and Lycopene in this post-workout mix elevates its nutrient profile greatly, making it extremely effective at promoting muscle recovery. And there’s more! The powerful antioxidants in these ingredients also reduce oxidative stress in the body and minimise the inflammation that follows a round of intense workouts. Bonus benefits include a reduced risk of cancer and lower levels of bad cholesterol.

Papain And Bromelain Enzymes

Papain and Bromelain are two useful enzymes that help break down the protein in your diet faster, so it can be easily absorbed by the body and used for muscle recovery and growth. The combination of these miracle enzymes in this post-workout protein powder also improve your gut health and make the digestion process smoother, leaving you in great health and ready to crush your workout day after day.


No added sugar for zero side effects.

Scoop it

In 300ml of ice cold water or a non dairy milk, empty one scoop of Plix Strength Protein

Shake it

Shake it vigorously for 15- 20 seconds. Pro Tip: Use a blender for the better taste and thickness.

Drink it

Sip and consume instantly!

Net quantity500g
Manufactured BySaipro Biotech Pvt. Ltd 301, Heera Heights , Opp. Maratha Mandir, Bavdhan, Pune. 411021
Expiry Date2022
Country of originINDIA
FSSAI License Number11221999000329

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Revived Metabolism And Reduced Bloating

Within a month of consistently using this post-workout mix, you may find that your metabolic rate has increased noticeably. That’s not all. The trusted blend of digestive enzymes like Papain and Bromelain, combined with Vitamin B12, makes your gut healthier and digestion easier for your body.

Superior Muscle Recovery

Along with a happy gut from a month of usage, you’ll also start to notice another good thing with each scoop of Strength Protein. And that is faster muscle recovery. The mix of 5g BCAA and 4g Glutamine not only helps your muscles recover faster from a strenuous workout, but also boost immunity and reduce muscle soreness.

Visible Muscle Gain

Around this time, even the people around you may start to notice the positive difference made by this post-workout protein mix. With consistent Pea and Brown Rice Protein intake coupled with regular workouts, you’ll start to build muscle mass and find that your strength and endurance are both enhanced considerably.

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What The Pros Say

Harbhajan Singh
Former Professional Cricket Player

I am so impressed with Plix's protein. I have always dreaded protein powders. The Mango flavour blew my mind! I had to get in touch and leave my comments because I am so happy I have found a supplement that tastes so good! It mixes great too! Amazing job guys! Customer for life

Post Workout Essential

I've now had the mocha and the chocolate flavors of this powder. I think I might like the mocha just a little bit more! Both are great with just some almond milk, or in a smoothie. I add bananas, almond milk and peanut butter to it and it's perfect. Great for post workout!

Faster Muscle Recovery

The best tasting plant protein in the market. 25g of Complete Plant Protein along with superfoods for enhanced recovery The product is very light on the stomach and I have lost 2kgs in just 1 month of using this. The antioxidants helps in muscle recovery and digestive enzymes help breakdown the protein faster.

Manan Vora
No Indigestion or Bloating

I have been consuming this plant protein for 3 months now and I must say, switching to plant protein was the best decision. great recovery and no indigestion or bloating! Thanks Plix

Customer Review


Based on 213 reviews


Tanya Apte

Easy to digest!

I was tired of other protein powders casuing indegestion and gas and almost gave up searching for a solution. Luckily, my friend recommended me to try the Plix Strength. It's a plant based protein powder and is so easy on the stomach!! The best part is that it is gluten free. My digestion has improved drastically. I no longer experience any gas or indegestion which blows my mind. If you face a similar problem with other protein powders, I would highly recommend trying this one!!

105 people found this helpful
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>> Plix replied:

Hi Tanya, your tranformation journey is superb. Look how fit you look. This is amazing. Thank you for choosing Plix in your fitness journey. Take care, have fun :)


Rishi Malhotra

Absolutely love the product!

I have always hated the taste of protein powders but this one's taste is beyond believable! I've tried the Vanilla and Chocolate flavours till now. I'd have to say Chocolate tastes much better. Despite being a plant based protein powder, the results as good, if not better than other types of protein powders. My gym trainer is extremely impressed with my recent progress in the gym and is shocked by how quick my muscle recovery time is now. He has started using the Plix Strength 25G Plant Protein Powder, he has also recommended it to all his clients and says they are very happy with how easy it is on the stomach.

102 people found this helpful
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>> Plix replied:

Hey Rishi, Woah! You've got amazing results. Thank you for sharing your transformation story and inspiring others to start their fitness journey. Take care, have fun :)


Shubh Verma

Best in the game!

I'd recently increased the intensity of my workouts and was on the lookout for a protein powder which would ensure quick and effecient muscle recovery. The Strength Plant Protein Powder has exceeded my expectations. My results after using this powder are better than ever. My energy levels are high and feel minimal soreness during my next workout. Another highlight for me would be that it's made of Pea Protein and Brown Rice Protein which makes this very easy on my stomach. It's the perfect solution for me as I'm lactose intolerant and couldn't consume other protein powders without facing the harsh negative side-effects!! Highly Recommend!

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>> Plix replied:

Hi Shubh, this is incredible. You've got tremendous results. Thank you for sharing your transformation journey and inspiring others. Take care, have fun :)


Aditya Joshi

Have now been using PLIX for over a year now. Easy and light on the gut. Very versatile too. Apart from its post workout recovery usage, I also add nuts, fruits, dates, cucumber and beetroot to carry around as an in between meals snack. Don't feel bloated, so I guess it's working just fine for me. As a result, I've also experimented using it to fuel my long runs too (Mixed with dates and coffee. Every individual is different, so would suggest easing yourself into your own set of mixes. Will take a fair amount of trial and error. If you're running for over 3 hours in hot conditions, would recommend adding a tray of ice and using a hydration bag. Mixes well with water and soya milk. I prefer to use a blender to mix it.

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Shanti Jadeja

Visible Changes

I have used plix plant protein, unflavored. I have experienced many good changes in my body. Mostly I love that I can use it in various ways in my diet. I have received a personal diet plan which helped me a lot.

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>> Plix replied:

Hi Shanti, Thank you so much for sharing your picture with us. We are extremely glad that you chose Plix and it worked for you. You look flawless. We are extremely happy with your results. Take care, have fun :)