Fit & Slim Plant Protein Shake - Meal Replacement High-Fibre Drink, Healthy Weight Management with 15G Protein, 3.7G Fiber, 6 Fruits/Veggies Blend

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Fit & Slim Plant Protein Shake - Meal Replacement High-Fibre Drink, Healthy Weight Management with 15G Protein, 3.7G Fiber, 6 Fruits/Veggies Blend

Buy 1 Get 4 Free. Code: FUN4

Pledge A Tree!
Everytime you place an order with us we will plant a tree. With your help we can now achieve our goal of planting millions of tree's in the next couple of years. Learn more

Product Details

A low-calorie meal replacement smoothie to support weight management ...Read more
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Meal Replacement

A plant-based, low-calorie meal replacement smoothie formulated with 15g protein, 3.7g of fibre and a blend of 6 fruits and vegetables. Low-calorie content reduces the calorie intake per meal, putting your body in a calorie deficit and aiding your weight loss journey.

Superior Digestion

This shake is designed to have high fibre content to improve digestion. It contains 3.7g of fibre from oats, inulin, flax seeds and quinoa to help clean out bacteria and other buildups in your intestines. A high fibre diet helps you have regular, soft bowel movements and reduces constipation. It also helps the body to absorb nutrients from your food more efficiently.

Curbs Hunger

A low-calorie, protein-enriched meal replacer that helps manage cravings. The formula has 15g of premium plant protein made from peas and brown rice that helps keep you full for longer and curbs your appetite. Further, the shake gives your body nutrients that a traditional diet lacks, which also helps reduce cravings.

Boosts Metabolism

It contains a powerful blend of 6 fruits & vegetables that are known to support weight management naturally and boost metabolism.

Quick Tasty Shake

We call this a tasty, time saver. Instead of preparing complicated healthy meals, this shake gives you nutrition equivalent to a meal, keeps you full and saves time. Mix 1 scoop (35g) with water or milk and you're done!

No Added Sugar

A delicious drink with no added sugar. It is available in two flavours: Chocolate & Strawberry. It takes care of your daily nutrition quota without any nasties!


15 grams of complete, farm-sourced plant proteins that deliver amino acids to support lean muscle growth and promote fullness.


A blend of the best prebiotic fibres that increase the growth of good bacteria in the gut helping to manage weight and reduce constipation. It increases the sense of fullness, slows down digestion and helps reduces cholesterol absorption


Blend of powerful antioxidants with catechins that are known to have weight loss properties. These antioxidants help increase energy expenditure in the body and help decrease appetite. They have the ability to reduce the growth of fat cells and increase the breakdown of fat cells.


These are polyunsaturated fats or good fats filled with protein, fibre and essential minerals. These small but mighty nutrients help in weight loss by keeping cravings at bay and boosting metabolism.

Add Water

250ml Chilled Water

Scoop It

1 Scoop (35G)

Shake it

Shake it for 15-30 seconds vigorously until uniform mixing. Pro Tip: Use a blender for better taste.

Net quantity500g
Manufactured BySaipro Biotech Pvt. Ltd 301, Heera Heights , Opp. Maratha Mandir, Bavdhan, Pune. 411021
Expiry Date2022
Country of originINDIA
FSSAI License Number11221999000329

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Improves Digestion

Helps improve digestion and promotes a healthier gut. A rich superfood blend that is loaded with antioxidants that boost the digestive and immune systems.

Suppressed Appetite

Each scoop contains 15G of Plant Protein and keeps you full for long. It is a safe meal replacer and reduces your overall daily calorie intake.

Visible Weight & Inch Loss

A low-calorie meal replacement shake. Low-calorie content reduces the calorie intake per meal, creating a calorie gap in the body and curbs your hunger pangs.

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What The Pros Say

Mahimi Nandini
Safe Meal Replacer

I love this meal replacer because it keeps me full, curbs my appetite and causes zero side effects.

Yash Shah
High Protein Meal Replacer

Each scoop contains 15G of plant protein and helps me lose weight easily. It also tastes delicious and blends well.

Ananya Thakur
Keeps Me Fit & Slim

This smoothie has helped with my overall wellness, and helps me add protein to my diet.

Customer Review


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Lost 7kgs already wow

First I do not usually write reviews although I want to help people buying this product too because I am very happy with my results so far. In January this year, I decided that I should get healthier and lose weight because it was taking a bad effect on my energy levels. After watching fruits and veggies go bad in the fridge, I starting looking at faster ways to get those good nutrients in my body. I have been using Fit&Slim for 4 months now as a substitute to lunch. I am 7kgs lighter now and I have a lot more energy. All the good stuff I'm putting in my body with just 1 glass is helping me lose a healthy amount of weight.

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>> Plix replied:

Hi Sharikh ,thank you for choosing Plix in your fitness journey. Your transformation is commendable. Keep it up. Take care, have fun :)


Nikita Kapoor

good blend of nutrients n tasty

This is yummy, and extremely easy to digest..I have been trying to lose weight for so long and nothing has worked as well as fit and slim shake. It has a good quantity of protein, veggies, fruits and vitamins. Ive been having this for around 1.5 months now and I have already lost 2kgs of weight. My arms are thinner and my stomach does not bloat like before. I am going to start following the nutritionist diet plan and hopefully i’ll see even more weight loss.

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>> Plix replied:

Hi Nikita, thank you for trusting Plix and sharing your transformation journey. Follow the diet plan and you'll reach your weightloss goals.


Tamanna Zaveri

strawberry flavor tastes so good

I have tried so many meal replacement shakes for my weight loss goals. This is the best shake because it has all the nutrients you need and it tastes so good! The strawberry flavor is lightly sweet and tastes like a berry smoothie. Its not too thick and mixes well with water or soy milk. I drink it down immediately and there is no bad after taste. I’ve been having this for 45 days now and I’ve lost 2.5kgs. My stomach is also flatter and ive lost a few inches on my waist too. I actually look forward to drinking this everyday unlike disgusting shakes ive had from other brands.

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>> Plix replied:

Hi Tamanna, your transformation journey is really inspiring. We recommend continue using this daily along with our diet plan for ultimate results.


Anuksha Sen

5 weeks and results are amazing

My goal was to take these to manage my weight. It’s been 5 weeks now when I started incorporating Fit and Slim Smoothie in my diet. I take 1 scoop of fit & slim in cold water as my dinner. It is always said to eat lighter at night so Fit and Slim it is. After having it for 2 weeks, I saw no results so I connected with their nutritionist. They suggested to exercise regularly and eat green veggies more. After 5 weeks, I am now seeing visible results. I feel lighter, energised and my stomach feels full. Fit and Slim did not only helped me to manage weight but also provided my body with the daily nutrients it needs. Can’t wait to loose my weight and gain those nutrients.

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>> Plix replied:

Hey Anuksha, Thank you for your valuable review. Eat healthy and exercise regularly to see the results faster. Take care, have fun on your weightloss journey :)


Richa shah

I have been consuming plix fit and slim for 3 months. This was recommended by my dietician to help me lose weight without compromising my health. I consume one and a half scoop of Plix Fit and Slim daily and miss my lunch. This helped me stay in a calorie deficit and help me lose weight weekly. I along with consuming plix fit and slim would exercise daily for 30 minutes and go for walk for 20 minutes. I have lost around 6-7 kgs and have a flat stomach

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