Could a Plant-Based Diet Help Control Your Cholesterol?

Aug 08, 2022
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Could a Plant Based Diet Help Control Your Cholesterol

Our blood contains a waxy substance and this is known as cholesterol. Now, cholesterol is essential as it helps build healthy cells. However, high cholesterol is dangerous and can also put you at risk of heart disease.

When a person suffers from high cholesterol, it gets deposited in the blood vessels. And when this becomes an everyday occurrence, it makes blood circulation through the arteries very difficult. These deposits can also break on their own and become a clot in the heart. Hence, it is essential to maintain your cholesterol levels for a healthy life.

Does a plant-based diet help you control your cholesterol? In this article, we will walk you through all the necessary details and tell you if a vegetarian or a vegan diet plan can help you out!

What Are The Symptoms of High Cholesterol?

Unfortunately, there are no visible symptoms of high cholesterol. It can only be detected via a blood test.

What Causes High Cholesterol?

  • Medical conditions, such as diabetes, kidney disease, etc
  • A poor diet that includes high saturated or trans fat
  • Being obese
  • Lack of exercise
  • Smoking
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Age can also be a factor as people over 40 are at a risk

Can A Plant-Based Diet Help With Cholesterol?

Yes, a plant-based diet can help you reduce your cholesterol levels and also curb any risk of heart disease. Now, you don’t need to go completely vegetarian or vegan. You can start slow and go from there. The key is to consume foods that are good for the heart such as fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, lentils, beans, and more. And since saturated fats can raise the numbers, it is important to cut back on fatty meat.

Fiber is very important for someone who is trying to keep their numbers in check. You must consume at least 20-30% every day, which you can find in capsicum, apples, blueberries, nuts, and more. It is also important to consume enough protein for good health. You must include at least 15-20% every day

Other Tips To Reduce Your Cholesterol Levels

Exercise: It is important to stay physically active every day. If you have been living a sedentary lifestyle, it is important to start light. You can do just 10 minutes of exercise every day and move ahead from there.

Stop Smoking: Smoking cigarettes is not good for you but especially if you are already suffering from high cholesterol as it can increase the numbers.

Consider Supplements: Consider supplements, such as omega-3 or protein to aid your health and keep the levels under check.

If you are looking for the right plant-based source for cholesterol control, you can opt for a natural protein powder by Plix Life.

Plix’s Strength 25G Plant Protein Powder is an immunity booster and vegan protein powder that is the best protein for muscle gain. It comes in delicious chocolate flavour and brings you a lot of other benefits like keeping your gut healthy!

Wrapping up, a plant-based diet is good for you and can reduce your cholesterol levels tremendously. If you are a hardcore non-vegetarian, you can always start slow and take it from there.


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