How to Choose the Right Type of Protein Powder for You

Nov 21, 2022
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Blog 60 Protein Shakes for Weight Gain How to Choose the Right One

Protein powders can be a quicker way to lose weight, gain weight or increase muscle strength. It is very important to choose protein powders or shakes that suit your body and your lifestyle. This helps you choose the right type of protein shakes for weight gain

In this article, we have discussed factors to keep in mind while choosing a protein shake, different types of protein powders in the market, and the benefits of plant protein powders.

Choosing The Best Protein Powder

When selecting a protein supplement, a variety of factors must be considered, ranging from the kind of strenuous activities you are into, frequency of workout, age, and allergies. It is important to choose a protein supplement that works best for you, so you can enjoy drinking it and harness its benefits.

Protein sources can be animal-based (cow, goat milk) and plant-based (peas, hemp seeds, soybeans, rice)

Let us first look at the types of plant protein shakes available in the market:


Whey is obtained as a by-product of cheese production. While whey protein powders are popular supplements for weight gain and post-workout muscle recovery, they have their own setbacks.

Animal-based protein powders like whey protein and casein may not be suitable for people who are lactose intolerant as consuming these supplements may cause gas, bloating, or inflammation. Plant protein powders like Fit & Slim from Plix are made of plant-derived sources which can serve to be an extremely good alternative to these milk-derived proteins. We have discussed the benefits of plant-based protein shakes for weight gain and weight loss ( in the sections ahead.


Just like whey, casein too is obtained as a by-product of cheese production. Casein is also a complete protein and digests slowly, which means that it will keep you fuller for longer. 

Plant Protein Shakes For Weight Gain or Weight Loss (Weight Management)


Soy protein is a strong protein source that can help in the development of lean muscle mass. Furthermore, soy protein contains calories and branched-chain amino acids, which provide a good source of energy. Soy protein is a friendly addition to diet plans accompanied with regular workouts as it promotes fullness and satisfaction.


Pea protein supplements are high in protein and will help you boost your daily protein intake, which will enhance satiety. When trying to reduce weight, appetite suppression is incredibly beneficial because it allows you to control your calorie intake. 

Choosing The Best Protein Powder

Muscle building-

For muscle growth, you can choose a protein powder that absorbs extremely well into the body. Soya and pea proteins can be good options for muscle building.

Weight Loss:

If you want to lose weight, go for protein shakes that do not have added dextrins or maltodextrins.

Vegan options:

If you are a vegan, or are lactose intolerant, make sure you don’t choose protein shakes that are milk-derived or animal-based like whey protein or casein. Instead, go for 100% plant protein sources like pea protein, hemp, and soya.


Diabetes patients should go for protein shakes that do not have added sugar. They should choose protein shakes that are low in carbohydrates.

Patients with IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome):

If you have gastrointestinal issues, you should choose protein powders that don’t contain lactose sugars, artificial sweeteners. If you have gluten sensitivity, go for gluten-free protein shakes.

Advantages of Plant-Based Proteins

Rich In Fibers

Plant-based proteins are high in fiber, which is beneficial to the body. Vege tables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes contain these fibers.

There are two kinds of fiber: soluble fiber and insoluble fiber.

In water, soluble fiber dissolves, and bacteria in the digestive system ferment it. Insoluble fibers stay in their original state but can be fermented by bacteria in the colon. 

Insoluble fiber transports bulk through the digestive tract and regulates pH in the colon. It aids in the removal of waste materials and reduces constipation. Aside from fruit peels, whole-wheat products, wheat bran, corn bran, nuts, and seeds, dark green leafy vegetables are high in insoluble fiber.

Kidney beans, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, spinach, zucchini, apples, oranges, grapefruit, grapes, prunes, oatmeal, and whole-wheat bread are all high in soluble fiber. Fiber is important for digestive health. It reduces insulin resistance and may lower the risk of developing certain cancers.

Plant-based diets not only provide necessary nutrients to the body, but they also aid in weight management.

Enhances Metabolism

Another reason plant-based protein powder is superior is how it interacts with your metabolism. If you want to reduce weight, consuming plant-based protein will help you achieve your health goals. Plant-based proteins have been shown to increase metabolic rate, reducing fat mass, body weight, and insulin resistance.


Whey is an excellent source of protein for muscle growth, but it might induce a severe allergic reaction. Let’s take a closer look at the symptoms of these allergies. Certain enzymes separate milk into two distinct proteins, casein and whey. 

Some individuals are sensitive to these proteins. This is known as lactose intolerance, where the body is unable to break down lactose because of a lack of an enzyme called lactase. Bloating, gas, cramps, stomach pain, and diarrhea are all possible symptoms. Inflammation would result from an immunological reaction. Nasal congestion and mucous buildup are two symptoms of allergies.

People with extremely sensitive digestive systems may experience irritated skin or watery eyes simply by touching whey protein powder. Plant proteins do not cause widespread allergic reactions. 

Lactose-intolerant people should consider plant-based protein.

Low Saturated Fats

Saturated fats increase cholesterol levels in the blood and promote artery blockage. Saturated fats are abundant in meat, dairy, and eggs. Unsaturated fats found in nuts and seeds protect the heart. Monounsaturated fats are abundant in avocados, almonds, cashews, and peanuts, as well as oils derived from seeds such as peanuts, olive, canola, sunflower, rice, and soybean. Vegetable oils, nuts, and seeds contain polyunsaturated fats. A healthy diet includes polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats in place of saturated and trans fats. Sesame seeds, linseeds, soybean, sunflower, and canola oil all contain polyunsaturated fats. Plant-based foods are high in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which are extremely beneficial to health. Many heart problems and diseases are caused by saturated fats.

Absence Of Growth Hormones Or Antibiotics

Farm animals are frequently injected with antibiotics and hormones. None of these compounds are found in plant-based proteins. Antibiotics are given to farm animals to prevent illnesses from spreading in the environment.

Because of the breeding practices utilized in farm-bred animals, animal-based foods produce antibiotic-resistant illnesses. Organic food sources, which are free of toxic chemicals, are a healthy choice. 

Vitamins And Minerals Are Available in Plenty

Plant-based foods supply all of the nutrients required for a healthy lifestyle. Plant-based protein powders give vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that animal-based protein powders do not. Plants are the only source of phytochemicals and fibers.

Calorie Control

Plant-based protein provides an adequate number of calories when compared to animal-based diets. This is a fantastic option for vegetarians, vegans, and those looking for a well-balanced diet. 

Effects On The Environment

The production of plant-based protein does not deplete an area’s natural resources. Producing plant-based food requires less space and water than animal farms. Wastes from these facilities are biodegradable and may even be utilized to enhance the soil. Animal agricultural wastes can contribute to greenhouse gas emissions that contaminate local air and water sources.

With an ever-increasing population, the demand for meat and dairy products is putting a strain on already scarce natural resources. People switching to more plant-based diets are contributing towards protecting the future generations of the human race. Plant-based diets have no negative impact on the sustainability of vital resources required for future generations.

Plant Protein Blends

If you are looking for plant protein blends like protein shakes, you have to check out Fit & Slim from Plix! This product is a low-calorie protein shake that helps you manage weight in a tasty way! This formula has 12 grams of premium plant protein derived from brown rice and peas that keeps you fuller for longer and helps you curb your appetite! Fit & Slim increases your energy levels improve immunity, and tastes just like a smoothie!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do vegetarian diets contain lesser amounts of nutrients?

No! This is a myth. Vegetarian diets, on the contrary, contain minerals, phytochemicals, vitamins, proteins basically, an abundance of nutrients!

2. Can vegetarian or vegan diets make me energetic?

A vegetarian or vegan diet can be as good as an animal-based diet when it comes to filling you up with energy. The primary nutrient that makes you energetic is glucose and this component is derived from plants! Glucose helps to keep your brain focused during competitions, intense workouts, and long work hours.

3. Does Fit & Slim help in managing weight?

Yes! Fit & Slim plant protein shake is a low-calorie protein-rich shake that helps in keeping you fuller for longer. Fit & Slim reduces cravings, and boosts your metabolism and energy levels! It is the perfect plant protein supplement for managing weight. We understand how busy lifestyles may not allow us to take time out for ourselves and make homemade protein shakes, which is why we have made this easy-to-make, healthy, and super-tasty protein shake that tastes just like a smoothie!

4. What flavours of Fit & Slim Shake are available?

Fit and Slim Shake comes in two yummy flavors: chocolate and strawberry!

5. Apart from weight management, what are the other benefits of this plant protein shake?

This expertly crafted smoothie aids in muscle building, metabolism boost, digestion improvement, energy boost, and immunity strengthening.


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