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Plant Based Vegan Protein Supplements
Plant Based Vegan Protein Supplements
Vegan Protein
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What is Vegan Protein?
Vegan Protein are protein supplements that are made from plant-based protein sources. Vegan Protein sources include pea and rice proteins. Vegan protein powders are extremely beneficial for vegans or vegetarians as they provide a well-rounded and convenient source of protein. Proteins are extremely important for our bodies, not only for those who exercise and want to build muscle, but also for our overall health. Some studies show that Vegan Protein made from plant-based sources are healthier than animal-based or dairy-based protein sources as they are easier to digest and free from any carried forward diseases or pollutants.
What are the health benefits of taking Vegan Protein?
Consuming Vegan Protein powder helps in:
  • Providing ample nutrition
  • Building and supporting your muscles
  • Sharpening your mind
  • Managing your body weight
Why is Vegan Protein Powder healthier than meat-based protein?
Vegan Protein and Plant-based protein are healthier because they contain fibre and are less calorie rich than animal based protein. They are easier on the gut and better for the environment too!
What are Plix’s Vegan Protein options?
Plix’s Vegan Powders are the best plant based protein powder options in India. Each fo Plix’s Vegan Protein Powders are formulated for special requirements and to achieve specific health goals. They are:
  • Fit & Slim Smoothie
  • EVOLVE Performance Plant Protein
  • Strength 25G Plant Protein for Post workout
  • Women’s Protein & Superfoods
  • Everyday Protein for Brain Health
  • Everyday Protein for Daily Energy
How to use Plix’s Vegan Protein Powders?
Plix’s Vegan Protein Powder is best consumed mixed in cold water or a plant-based milk.
Are there side effects of Vegan Protein?
While most of us do not get enough protein from our diet, Protein needs to be calculated and consumed as per your dietary requirements. Excessive protein intake should be avoided as if excessive protein is consumed long term effects can be seen on the kidneys and liver.
What is the optimal time to consume Vegan Protein?
This depends on one’s specific needs. It is generally recommended to consume protein after workouts, but people who are looking to lose weight can use protein supplementations as meal replacements for breakfast or other meals too.
Is it safe to consume Plix’s Vegan Protein powders?
Plix’s Vegan Protein Powders are derived from natural ingredients and certified. They are 100% safe to consume.
Which of Plix’s Vegan Protein supplements is right for me?
This depends on your specific needs. If you are a woman looking to supplement protein - Plix’s Women’s Protein & Superfoods is right for you. Plix’s Everyday Protein powders are perfect for individuals looking to increase their protein intake generally. Plix’s Fit and Slim Protein smoothie is ideal for those looking to lose weight while still providing their bodies with the correct nutrition. EVOLVE Performance Plant protein is for those looking for that extra strength while Strength 25G Plant Protein is ideal for speedy muscle recovery.
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