Plant Protein vs Whey Protein: Which is better?

Apr 30, 2022
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Plant Protein vs Whey Protein Which is better

The greatest debate in the health food industry today is Plant Protein versus Whey Protein – which is better? 

Protein powders have found their way into every health conscious household across the globe. The merit of protein supplementation in powder has gone beyond bodybuilders to women who require the macronutrient to keep them healthy. While protein used to be synonymous with meat, dairy and cheese, today it is celebrated in its plant-based forms. Celebrities and sports people across the world from Virat Kohli to Lewis Hamilton have adopted a vegan lifestyle and chosen plant-based protein sources over whey and other animal based protein.

Why the shift and which protein source is actually better?

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Plant-based Powder vs Whey Protein Powder

Plant-based powder is derived from protein sources that can be pea, brown rice, hemp, soy and more. Plant-based protein powders are usually a combination of ingredients, fibres and minerals which work together to provide complete amino acid profiles. 

Why protein powders are made from whey, a leftover ingredient that is produced after cheese is made. Whey is a substance in liquid form. Generally the carbohydrate, fat and water content in the whey are extracted before they are converted into what we call whey protein powder. Whey can be made with or without lactose, depending on how it is extracted and made.

Studies have shown that plant-based protein powders are easier to digest than whey protein. Plant-based protein powders generally contain fibre content which also aids the digestive system significantly. Whey protein can carry forward diseases from animal stock. Another argument in favour of plant-protein powders is that dairy farms are bad for the environment, and in a world of people growing environmentally conscious and turning vegan, plant-based protein has become quite popular.

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What is the difference in the protein content?

Both whey and plant-based natural protein powder contain approximately the same amount of protein, which is about 20-30 grams in one  recommended serving. When you directly compare the two sources, whey protein is a more complete protein powder because it contains all the important amino acids that your body needs. It also contains the essential branched-chain amino acids that are required for muscle building and can help bodybuilders achieve their fitness goals quickly

When it comes to a plant-based protein powder, it depends on the source as soy is the only one which is considered complete protein. Also, a plant-based protein powder may not contain all the essential branched-chain amino acids. However, a protein powder is considered better than whey if it offers at least 20-30 grams of protein in one serving and has all the main amino acids. Plant-based protein  powders are also being created with combinations and innovations which actually can be fortified with the essential BCAAs required to build muscle.

Therefore a plant-based protein can be superior to whey protein if it can provide essential amino acids. When you pick your plant-based protein powder, remember to keep this in mind!

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