5 Must-Have Immunity Booster Foods for Good Health

Apr 30, 2022
3 mins read

5 Must Have Immunity Booster Foods for Good Health

Good immunity is extremely essential to maintain good health. A balanced diet can boost your immunity and protect your body from diseases naturally. In this article we will be covering the 5 best immunity boosting foods for good health!

1. Amla or Indian Gooseberry

An all-rounder superfood, Amla is full of rich nutrients like calcium, vitamin A and vitamin C. According to Ayurveda, it is an antioxidant rich fruit that reduces aging and obesity. Unlike most medicinal fruits, Amla is a delicious one that adds taste to your food. Morning Triphala, Amla powder, Amla pickle, and Amla chutney are the most commonly made foods from Amla. You can also consume Amla juice and make it a part of your daily routine. It is also a natural metabolism booster.

2. Black Jaggery

Also known as Kaala Gur, Black jaggery is an easily digestible food which helps in digesting other heavy and oily foods. An excellent substitute for sugar, black jaggery can be eaten alone or with groundnut and yogurt as a healthy sweet snack. Black jaggery is a more nutritious alternative to white jaggery and can boost your immunity.

3. Limestone

Widely popular as Choona and eaten with betel leaf, lime is a powerful food that prevents and protects from both physical and mental illnesses. 1 gm of lime is the ideal quantity recommended to consume daily. Mix cumin-sized lime in a glass of water, juice, curd, or buttermilk, and simply gulp it down. Regular usage also heals symptoms of arthritis, and back pain and can boost your stamina.

4. Halwa

Halwa is an ancient Indian superfood that was usually given after major surgery for internal healing. Famously called, fast-breaking food, Halwa is widely recognized as a lightweight, easily digestible food for all age groups. The ingredients used include desi ghee, black jaggery, and nuts, which multiply its nutritional value. However, when it comes to making an immunity-boosting halwa, only traditional ingredients must be used and not sugar or refined oil. 

5. Alkaline foods

5 must have immunity booster 1Alkaline foods help maintain an optimal pH balance in our bodies. This further helps to build strong immunity against any virus. Bananas, carrots, sesame seeds, and Fenugreek seeds are the best source of alkaline foods that increase our immunity without any side effects. 

A diet that includes the above superfoods is great for good health and a healthy immune system! To make it all the easier for you, Plix Life brings you all-natural vegan-based immunity booster tablets and immunity booster drinks, that can do wonders to your health when consumed regularly. 

Plix’s immunity booster drink also contains all the foods that increase metabolism. So, while it keeps you healthy, this wondrous green drink can also help you lose weight. 

The Natural Amla Vitamin C Effervescent by Plix is also great for your immunity and can help maintain your gut health. Taking the immunity booster tablets regularly will aid your digestion and offer a healthy and radiant skin. With Plix, you have a variety of options. And, when it comes to immunity you can either choose the fizzy amla effervescent tablets or the immunity building super greens powder. 

Choose a healthy lifestyle, choose Plix. 



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