PCOS Myths busted!

Aug 19, 2022
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In the last decade, there have been more known incidences of women suffering from PCOS which affects 1 in every 5 women in India. There are a few common misconceptions related to PCOS that we have busted in this article. We hope this article serves to help you differentiate between myths and facts associated with this concern.

1. Irregular periods are one of the side effects of PCOS

Women suffering from PCOS may or may not have irregular periods. The timing between monthly cycles can vary depending upon the severity of your PCOS symptoms. Alternatively, one could have irregular periods but not have PCOS. Therefore, it is safe to not make an assumption based on the nature of the menstrual cycle and rather get clinically diagnosed to know why your periods are irregular.

“You can’t possibly have PCOS. You are thin!”
Women of all sizes can be susceptible to this condition which may not always happen due to poor metabolism but could happen because of hormonal imbalance from insulin resistance. Irrespective of your weight, it’s always important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, balanced with a rich diet and consistent workout schedule.

2. Contraceptives can be used for PCOS cure

A lot of gynecologists will recommend the use of contraceptive pills to you for regularizing your period cycle and for PCOS cure. But are contraceptive pills useful? Are contraceptive pills worth all the side effects that you get because of them including diabetes, weight gain, risk of cancer, and yeast infections? Contraceptive pills are the chemical forms of estrogen and progesterone hormones. Their pure purpose is to develop and thicken the lining around the uterus which happens when you consume the pills for 21 days. And when you stop consuming, the uterus wall breaks, and you finally get your ‘periods’

There are more natural ways for PCOS problem treatment. Plant-based supplements powered by medicinal herb extracts can help resolve the issue of irregular and lack of periods! These do not just help in regularizing periods but also in tackling insulin resistance, cyst size reduction, and egg cell development; impacts that may not span the scope of contraceptive pills. You can check out our range of vegan-friendly, plant-based healthy supplements range for managing PCOS & its symptoms here

3. “Women suffering from PCOS cannot conceive”

It can be difficult for women with PCOS to conceive but it is not impossible. Anovulation is the failure of the ovaries to release an egg every month which can hinder the chances of becoming pregnant. Fertility treatments and medications that stimulate ovulation, or other reproductive technologies like in vitro fertilization could be some solutions that such women could take up along with, what we keep stressing about – lifestyle changes.

4. Losing weight relates to PCOS cure

This is another weight-related myth we get to hear about PCOS. PCOS is a life-long condition. Losing weight may help in controlling the consequences of PCOS but it’s not all.

Significant changes in lifestyle include a good diet, exercising, and a ‘good’ night’s sleep. It can improve the way your body makes use of insulin and regulates your hormones bringing you closer to keeping the symptoms & consequences of PCOS in check.

You can read our article on 4 Golden Lifestyle hacks for PCOS to know more about how you can win at tackling PCOS.


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