Irregular periods- Why is my period late?

Jan 22, 2022
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Irregular periods Why is my period late

No matter however glorified feminism and easy to tackle the marketing companies make it sound, periods are literally the disaster to go through every 28 days for every other female. And let’s admit it, who in the world would like going through emotional roller coasters, physical cramps, and loss of blood every now and then? No one is right! 

But, as much as we celebrate feminism and the fact how amazingly the female body functions we must also talk openly of the some (not so required) headaches and tensions it brings along if there is even the slightest change in the normal routine cycle of menstruation that every female subjectively goes through. In order to speak more thoroughly of the ways to tackle such situations, let’s start right from square one! 

Know How To Bond Stronger By Understanding The Cycle-

The menstruation cycle is a typical period followed by 3 main phases for the period of 21 to 28 days. This cycle has a subjective time period varying from one female to another. The three main phases that are a part of the period cycle are the follicular phase, luteal phase, and menses phase. 

The hormones like progesterone and estrogen are the main component that leads the process of triggering the progress in these phases. 

Right after the menses are lost, the follicular phase begins where the estrogen hormone shoots up and starts building the wall of the uterus till day 14 of the cycle.

 Then comes the ovulation day that has the maximum chance of conceiving followed by a luteal phase where the transport of the eggs laid during the ovulation day is done till the uterus with the rise of progesterone hormone till day 28.

If fertilized with the help of sperm, it leads to pregnancy. If not, it leads to the menses phase where the uterus wall breaks, leading to loss of blood and lining, often termed as ‘period’. 

Now that we are clear with the biological cycle of your menstruation, let us understand more about what can lead to a disruption in the cycle, leading to a delay in your period. 

Why Is My Period Late? Probable Reasons For The Delay

Irregular periods can be because of a lot of probable reasons, but they also unreasonably sometimes lead to a lot of stress and assumptions. The alteration in hormone levels is the main causal factor for the same, which not just includes estrogen and progesterone but also cortisol which is the stress hormone.  Let’s dig into it a little and find out what could be the possible reasons for the change in their levels.

  • Weight fluctuations- When there is a sudden drop or increase in weight, it leads to significant changes in the body that the hormones typically take time to adjust with or sometimes might also be a result of an eating disorder which might turn out to be one of the reasons you are suffering from delayed or irregular period

  • Excessive exercise – When your body experiences sudden physical strain, it results in a sudden increase in the body estrogen levels that might be the reason for slowing the menstrual cycle and hence leading to irregular periods 

  • Too much stress- Needless to say, stress brings along a lot of unnecessary threats to your health which in a way induces more stress. During this phase, the cortisol hormone is released in excess that hampers the normal functioning of mensuration, and leads to delayed or irregular periods. 

  • Medication that alters hormone levels- To avoid unwanted pregnancy, females tend to pop pills that are for birth control. These pills are typically the 72-hour pill or the ones that are to be taken throughout the month. These control the hormone to avoid pregnancy hence leading to an irregular period because of hormone disruption

  • PCOS- This is a typical stage where females tend to undergo an irregular period cycle because of the cysts that form in the reproductive tract or the ovaries. This is a medical condition where patients have prescribed medicines that tend to help regulate irregular periods

  • Anemia– A female typically female if typically undergoes a problem with Haemoglobin production, leading to iron deficiency then this can also be a cause of having an irregular period cycle. 

  • Menopause- Apart from these, entering into the phase of menopause leads to a severe cycle of the irregular period before it stops absolutely which happens during a certain age in all females.  

All of these are the probable reasons we can suggest that might lead to a delayed period during your menstrual cycle. Now, if you are thinking about how to be sure of which one is the cause in your case? Then, CONSULTING A PROFESSIONAL is the only word of advice we have for you. 

No matter how obvious the signs seem to you based on so much information we have provided and is available across the web, but seeking help from a doctor is the best way to avoid unnecessary health hazards that may come your way if you try and test with your menstrual cycle. 

And don’t forget, having a slight delay sometimes is not something to panic or get worked up about. Cheer a little and get your lifestyle back on track and seek help from a medico, and reproductive health will swiftly move from an irregular period to a regular one eventually!


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