Effective Ways To Bulk Up Without Being Fat

Apr 30, 2022
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Effective Ways To Bulk Up Without Being Fat 1

Today, a lean body is more in trend amongst the bodybuilding community. People want to avoid the old-school over-bulkiness that not only doesn’t look good, but also is unhealthy. 

If you are looking to transform your physique into a lean but bulk body without gaining fat, these tips are for you!

Consume only Healthy Snacks

Our suggestions for healthy snack combinations can help you effectively bulk up without gaining the extra points. 

1. Banana Yoghurt Smoothie

Combining banana, a delicious high energy fruit with curd or milk makes it packed with nutrients. This combination is suitable for healthy weight gain. Creating a smoothie or a bowl is filling, delicious and healthy.

2. Black Jaggery and Groundnut

To tackle that sweet tooth, we have the perfect dessert alternative for you. Black jaggery is widely known for being great for gut health and better digestion. When combined with groundnut, it adds a protein source making it the ideal combination for healthy weight and muscle gain.

3. Chickpeas

Adding chickpeas to the diet is a good option as it is a great protein source, healthy fat source and packed with nutritional value.

Replacing your current snacks with these suggestions are sure to help you bulk up without gaining weight. 

4. Strength Training And Intense Workouts

 If you are someone who is regularly hitting the gym to gain muscles and bulk up, you must also opt for strength training and high intensity workouts. This helps you gain  muscle mass too. Combine your workouts with a protein-rich diet to really create that lean body you desire.

5. Consume more Superfoods

One of the best ways to bulk up naturally is to consume superfoods. Superfoods are backed by modern science and completely natural. They include lentils, pulses, dry fruits such as cashers, dates and more! These foods make it easy to enjoy meals without the added guilt and allow you to bulk up without gaining weight. Remember, whatever you consume even if it is the healthiest of superfoods, always consume it mindfully. For example – a handful of nuts as an evening or a morning snack is the right way to consume nuts and a bowl of pulses and lentils can be eaten during lunch or dinner.

Almond Superfoods

6. Yoga And Warm-Up

Before you begin exercising, the right body warm-up is very important so that you don’t damage your muscle tissues. For a great warm-up session, you can opt for yoga. Pranayam or breath regulation is also an easy and effective way of increasing stamina, and body weight. It can strengthen the body without any side effects.

7. Perform Light Cardio

When you are done with the warm-up, don’t immediately jump to weight training, but spend some time on light cardio. Intense cardio prevents muscle building so don’t go down that path. Instead opt for some light cardio which can help you stay in shape and bulk up without gaining fat. 

When it comes to bulking up efficiently, it is mandatory to include adequate protein in your diet. Usually, only consuming a protein-rich diet isn’t enough. With Plix Life EVOLVE Performance Plant Protein Powder, an all-natural plant-based protein, you can bulk up effectively in just four months. 

This protein powder is also an immunity booster, which can help you gain muscles, strengthen your immunity and keep your gut healthy. The 100% vegan protein powder is also gluten-free and contains zero added sugar. 


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