Our Products are certified by The Clean Label Project, USA for purity

  • 100% Clean
  • Zero Contatmination

We are Clean and Certified.

Say hello to 100% clean, award-winning nutrition

PLIX is Clean Label certified. This means that our products contain zero contaminants and are 100% clean. In recognition of our efforts to offer you only the best possible nutrition, our PLIX supplements have also been awarded the Purity Award by the Clean Label Project.

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Your health and safety matter to us

When we founded PLIX in 2018, providing India with nutrition that was delicious, holistic, effective, and 100% clean was central to our goal. Since its inception, PLIX has strived to ensure that our community receives the best possible nutrition through our products. Our hard work came to fruition over time, and we garnered the trust and affection of millions of you over the years - reflective of our commitment to you, your health, and most importantly, your safety. We're thus extremely thrilled to announce that in recognition of our efforts and vision, The Clean Label Project has given our supplements the Clean Label certification!

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Clean label certification is an accreditation given to products in recognition of their purity, safety, and environmental sustainability.