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Immunity Boosting Supplements
Immunity Boosting Supplements
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What are immunity boosters?
Immunity Boosters are designed to make your immune system strong. A strong immune system helps your body ward off diseases such as COVID19 and even the common cold and flu. Building a strong immune system is extremely important for your overall health and well being.
How can I boost my immunity?
You can boost your immunity by paying attention to your diet and exercising regularly. Sleeping well and getting rest are also integral for our immunity. Additional supplements designed to support the immune system can give you that additional boost you need.
What is Plix’s Immunity Boosting Super Greens for Digestion and Detox?
Plix’s Immunity Boosting Superfreens for Digestion and Detox, is a daily supplement of vitamins and minerals. It is made with 25 immunity boosting herbs, 10 antioxidants, 10 alkalising greens and 1Bn probiotics.
Are there any side effects to Plix’s Immunity Boosting Super Greens?
Plix’s Immunity Boosting Super Greens has no side effects and is made from completely natural ingredients. It contains no artificial flavours, no added sugars, it is soy free, it is dairy free, preservative free and gluten free.
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