Drink Sleep Burn For Better Metabolism & Energy Levels

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Drink Sleep Burn For Better Metabolism & Energy Levels

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Everytime you place an order with us we will plant a tree. With your help we can now achieve our goal of planting millions of tree's in the next couple of years. Learn more

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Packed with the pure goodness of naturally sourced raw coffee beans, w...Read more
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Re-Energise Your Metabolism

The 5-in-1 natural combination of green coffee bean, garcinia, cinnamon, wheatgrass and aloe vera targets fat deposits in your body and re-energises your metabolism. A fitter ‘you’ starts with a better metabolic rate.

Feel The Fat Burn

Chlorogenic acid- a prime ingredient in our tablet-is not only a strong antioxidant but also an ace fat-burner. It minimizes the release of glucose from the liver into the blood. As a result, your body utilizes its stored fat deposits to meet your everyday energy quota and over time, your fat deposits and the weighing scale start trending downhill. And that’s not all. It also lowers absorption of carbohydrates and controls your blood sugar spikes.

Crush Your Mid-Night Cravings

Garcinia cambogia- a tropical fruit- releases a natural appetite suppressant and serotonin producer called hydroxycitric acid. With hydroxycitric acid, those late-night hunger pangs will be a thing of the past!

A Healthy Body Starts With A Healthy Gut

Charged with digestive enzymes, Wheatgrass aids in breaking the food down into smaller portions for better nutrient absorption and efficient digestion.

Say Goodbye To High Blood Sugar

Another key ingredient, Cinnamon fights off elevated blood sugar levels effectively catalyzing your metabolism and warding off diabetes.

A Smile That Beams!

Our ingredients are rich in antioxidants that help you turn the clock back by weeding out premature signs of aging and other skin damages.

Green Coffee Bean

Raw naturally sourced green coffee beans are packed to the brim with antioxidants and active compounds, which are rich sources of caffeine and chlorogenic acid. Caffeine is a wildly-popular and widely acknowledged performance booster, whereas chlorogenic acid supports effective fat burning and fuller glucose utilization within the body. The bean extract ratchets up your energy levels and boosts metabolism. The result is a slimmer you with a controlled appetite.


This enzyme-rich superfood facilitates better digestion and stronger immunity by an easier and quicker breakdown of food, and deeper nutrient absorption. Wheatgrass stimulates the thyroid gland, jacks up metabolic activity within the body and instrumentally promotes weight loss.

Garcinia Cambogia

A tropical fruit and a recent scientific wonder, Garcinia Cambogia aids in weight loss, appetite and cholesterol reduction, rheumatism improvement, and even intestinal relief. Rich in hydroxycitric acid, this key component blocks fat cell synthesis and a heightened serotonin production curbs late-night refrigerator raids.


This coastal spice long known for its rich antioxidant properties relieves the body of oxidative stress. It stabilizes blood sugar levels and improves insulin sensitivity. A godsend for those dealing with weight loss problems and diabetes.

Drop it

Take 1-2 Green Coffee Bean tablets and drop it in a glass of cold water.

Let it Fizz

Let it dissolve completely.

Drink it

Your delicious Green Coffee Bean drink is ready! Drink it within 2-3 minutes for better taste. Consume this drink twice a day (one before breakfast and one 30 minutes before meals) for best results. *Pro Tip: Two tablets in one drink daily, twice a day, for faster results!

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Reduced Appetite

The combination of green coffee beans, Garcinia Cambogia, and cinnamon extract, quell your untimely hunger pangs. You will feel fuller for longer and a tamed appetite will spur your weight loss.

Improved Metabolic Processes

Stored fat reserves are notoriously hard to get rid of. Green Coffee Bean tablets break down your fat reserves into smaller bits while amplifying your metabolic activity.

Visible Loss In Inches

By the third month, a controlled appetite and a higher metabolic rate will start showing results. With the power of our natural ingredients, you can work your way to a stronger, slimmer and fitter you.

Workout With Us!

Workout With Us.


What The Pros Say

Priyanka Shah
Great For Fat Burn

I just bought Plix's Coffee Bean Effervescent. Trusting Plix's effervescent forms, I thought of giving it a try, and it has shown slight results in the first week itself. I feel energetic, and yes, my metabolism has gone up.

Controls Appetite Levels

After I talked with the nutritionist and consulted the timings to consume Coffee Bean Effervescent, I started feeling that my appetite was in control. As per the product's price, I think it's worth giving it a shot.

Good For Faster Metabolism

I am a huge foodie, and I enjoy eating junk food especially at night. I found it very difficult to control my appetite and my daily calorie intake. After trying Plix’s Green Coffee Bean effervescent, I am able to control my appetite effectively. My metabolism has improved significantly and I am able to curb my cravings for unnecessary junk food.

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Perfect product for those who suffer from fatigue.

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Good in odour, taste, natural and effective

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Best taste, great results

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After using this product for 6 weeks, I started feeling better from within.

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It has helped me to lose weight as well

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