What are biotin supplements good for?

Oct 11, 2022
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Also known as vitamin B7, it is an important compound in the body that helps with the breakdown of food into valuable energy. A healthy level of biotin can be maintained by consuming eggs, fish, seeds, and nuts, but it becomes too difficult to get the right amounts of biotin. This is why most people opt for biotin supplements. In this article, we will tell you all the biotin benefits and why you need biotin supplements for skin and hair.

What are biotin supplements good for?

What is biotin? It is commonly known as B-complex vitamin and is necessary for the body because  Biotin supplements are essential for major body function. It makes use of the body’s enzymes and helps carry nutrients throughout the body. The primary role of biotin is that it converts food into energy. And this energy is essential to produce keratin, which is required for healthy hair, skin and nails. 

Now, let’s take a look at all the supplements of biotin supplements.

Hair Health: Biotin is great for your hair and scalp. It offers you lustrous and voluminous hair and is also useful to treat hair loss. 

Scalp Health: If you are someone who is suffering from dandruff or itchy scalp, biotin for hair can help you out. 

Hair Growth: One of the best biotin uses is that it helps with faster hair growth. 

Thin Hair: If you are suffering from hair breakage or thin hair, biotin can help you achieve thicker and healthier hair.

Improved Skin: Biotin helps improve skin’s hydration, smoothness and appearance. 

Is it good to take biotin every day?

Yes, you can easily take biotin every day. In fact, to ensure you notice significant effects of the supplement, it is important to take it every day. Also, biotin is water-soluble so there are no side effects to the supplement and one cannot overdose on the same. 

Does biotin grow more hair?

Yes, when you opt for a good biotin supplement that offers complete hair nourishment, such as Plix Life Heavenly Hair, you can grow your hair. It not only makes it more voluminous but also grows the length of your hair. 

How much biotin should I take a day?

For proper biotin function, you need; 

Adults and teenagers—30 to 100 mcg per day

Children 7 to 10 years of age—30 mcg per day

Children 4 to 6 years of age—25 mcg per day

Biotin is a safe supplement that doesn’t have any toxic effects. But some of the side effects one may experience after the intake of too much biotin are insomnia, excessive thirst and urination. Also, when there is too much biotin in your system, it can also interfere with certain lab tests and lead to false positives. Therefore, it is important that you only take the recommended dosage and not more than that.

If you are looking for the best biotin supplement, use Plix Life Heavenly Hair. You will notice a significant difference in just one month. By the first month, you will notice your hair dreams coming true. It improves the nourishment of the scalp and your hair follicles. It gets rid of any infection or inflammation and ensures the scalp remains perfectly healthy. By the third month, your hair would have grown a few inches. It also helps reduce split ends and makes the hair frizz-free. 

Plix Life Heavenly Hair can be used by both men and women. It is made with 100% natural ingredients, such as 50,0000 mcg sesbania, 20,000 mcg bamboo shoot extract, amino acids, and selenium. It doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients and is also vegan-friendly. 

For healthy hair and skin, biotin is vital. It prevents hair loss and also enhances the appearance of the skin. It also keeps your scalp healthy and ensures you don’t suffer from any split ends. 


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