Top 5 Benefits Of Collagen Builder In Your Diet

Apr 28, 2022
4 mins read

Top 5 Benefits Of Collagen Builder In Your Diet

People today are loving collagen and the benefits supplementing collagen has! On Social Media, we see influencers speaking about the benefits collagen has for our skin, so let’s jump into what exactly collagen is all about.

Collagen is a structural protein that is naturally present in the connective tissues of our body. It is the reason behind our tight and elastic skin. As we age, this natural structure begins depleting over time. Research shows that after the age of 20, each year the natural collagen present in our bodies decreases by 1-1.5%. 

Plix Life’s collagen builder food is a supplement that you can add to your diet that helps the body increase the collagen in our body. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 benefits of adding a collagen builder to one’s diet!

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1. Collagen Benefits the Skin

One of collagen’s many benefits of a collagen builder is that it gives you amazing skin! How? Collagen plays a crucial role in maintaining the elasticity of the skin as well as at keeping your skin well hydrated. The reason our skin ages over time and we see an appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is because collagen in our bodies and skin is lost as we age. However, research has shown that supplementing collagen with a collagen builder can slow down the aging process and keep our skin supple and erase any wrinkles. Collagen Builders can also help tackle skin issues such as acne and help clear out your skin.

2. Collagen prevents joint pain

A great benefit of supplementing collagen by taking a collagen builder is that it improves the health of the cartilage. When there is a decline of collagen in our bodies, the risk of degenerative joint diseases goes up. A collagen builder can help promote healthy joints and prevent joint-related disorders including osteoarthritis. In fact, it is highly recommended for women to take collagen supplements for this reason.

3. Collagen prevents bone loss


Collagen builder

Our body’s skeletal framework, i.e. our bones are also supported with collagen. We already discussed that as we age the collagen in our body decreases over time. Our bone mass and natural bone density also significantly decreases as we age. This increases our risk of developing fractures and other health conditions such as osteoarthritis. According to a study, it was proven that taking collagen supplements reduces the speed at which the natural bone density is reduced by the body.

4. Collagen can increase muscle mass

In a study, participants consumed 15g of collagen daily along with an exercise regime. It was found that participants who were supplementing collagen had gained more muscle mass than those who did not. Therefore collagen can support development of muscles for those who work out regularly.

5. Collagen is great for the hair

Do you long for long, voluminous hair? Collagen Builders promote healthy hair health too! Collagen supplementation will improve your natural hair texture and add thickness and shine to your hair. 

Other benefits

Some other benefits of collagen powder include promoting a faster metabolism, a good gut health and improved heart health.

So, if you are looking for young skin and a healthy body, it is imperative that you include an effective collagen-builder in your diet. Collagen is present in the connective tissues of animals, such as chicken skin, pork skin, and more. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, choosing vegan collagen can help you out. 

Plix Life whole-food collagen builder is a plant based collagen powder that offers all the above-mentioned benefits and more. This collagen builder comes with the goodness of Vitamin C, which is crucial for collagen synthesis. 

Taking Plix Life’s collagen builder regularly will help you achieve hydrated and youthful skin in just one month. So, don’t waste any more time, order your Plix Life’s collagen supplements today and say yes to beautiful skin and a healthy you! 


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