The Myths and Truths about Probiotics: The Benefits of this Essential Gut-Sustaining Substance

Sep 19, 2022
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56. Aug 22 The Probiotics Myth The Truth about the Benefits of this Essential Gut Sustaining Substance

Today, there is a major increase in research about verifying the potential benefits of probiotics for one’s health. When you walk into the grocery store or even when you shop online, you will find a plethora of ‘probiotic’ products with a host of benefits that can treat anything from constipation to even a UTI. Of course, this can make you wonder – how much of it is true?

In this article, we will tell you everything you must know about prebiotics and probiotics supplements and debunk all the myths associated with them. Take a look.

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are live microorganisms, which when taken can provide significant benefits. Probiotics are also naturally found in the gut. While their main function is to aid digestion and keep your gut healthy, probiotics are also necessary for your immune system, hormone function, cholesterol, blood pressure, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, brain and gut communication, and overall health.

How Probiotics Work

The main job of probiotics is to maintain a healthy balance in your body. Think of them as keeping your body in neutral gear. So, what happens when you are sick is that bad bacteria enter the system and they start multiplying in number, and hence, taking away the balance of the body. But when you start consuming probiotics, they restore the balance and get rid of bad bacteria. Good bacteria keep your immune function optimal and control inflammation. Probiotics are the balancing act that keeps your body healthy.

What are the myths surrounding probiotics?

As probiotics became popular, so did the myths associated with them. Let’s look at these and then check the facts around them.

Myth 1 – Probiotics are Dangerous for Kids

The first myth we will address is that probiotics are dangerous for children. However, the facts are different. Some studies show that probiotics may be excellent for children. However, always speak with a paediatrician before giving children probiotic supplements.

Myth 2 – You Need to Take a Lot of Probiotics to Get any Benefits

Another myth is that to avail the benefits of probiotics you need to take a lot of them, which can be slightly heavy on the pocket. That’s completely wrong. Let’s take an example. When you take a prescription drug or over-the-counter medicine, you only take the prescribed dose. In the same way, you don’t have to take a lot of supplements for the medicine to work. You can just take the recommended dose. Usually, the recommended dose is no more than 1 or 2 tablets. Even Plix Life’s probiotics products Happy Tummy recommend you take 1-2 tablets twice a day.

Myth 3 – You Can Only Get Good Probiotics from Supplements

No, you don’t only get good probiotics from supplements, there are also food items that fetch you a good amount of probiotics, such as kefir, yoghurt, kimchi, and more. However, most people opt for supplements because it is the easiest way to consume probiotics, without any hassle.

Myth 4 – Probiotics Have No Impact On Your Overall Health

This myth usually states that while probiotic is good for the gut, it doesn’t do much for one’s overall health. But that’s where it is wrong. Good bacteria are required for several functions that take place inside the body. This includes healthy digestion, nutrient absorption, better immune system functioning, skin health, and cognitive function. So, when you start taking probiotics, it aids your overall health.

It is important to maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria because when this gets hampered, it can lead to digestive issues, gas, bloating, diarrhoea, and even constipation. And when this imbalance remains, it can lead to food intolerances and skin issues.

Myth 5 – If You Are Healthy, You Don’t Need Probiotics

One of the things people assume is that healthy individuals don’t need probiotics. But that’s not true. The only case where if you are healthy, you don’t need probiotics is when you live on a farm, where all the veggies and fruits you consume are grown on organic soil, the air is pure and there is no pollution anywhere around you. So, this sounds like something almost nearly impossible in today’s day and age.

So, to ensure you maintain the balance and combat any damage that the gut microbe has to go through, probiotics are a must. Also, we tend to consume food additives, processed food, carbs, and even sugar. We take the stress and unknowingly breathe in the toxins from the air and even from the water we drink. While the level of these toxins may be very minute in the beginning, you must make sure you get rid of them then and there before it accumulates – and probiotics can help you with that.

Myth 6 – All Probiotics Have The Same Amount of Product

Let’s take a scenario, you have been having some health issues and your doctor prescribes probiotics. Next, you feel well and decide to start consuming probiotics. There are plenty of options that are available both online and offline. You pick something that looks good and you start taking it every day. But even after a month, you notice that it is not doing you any good and here you think probiotics are ‘useless.’

But the mistake you make here is thinking all probiotics contain an equal amount of probiotics. That’s not the case. Each brand and each probiotic variety comes with a different strain. Therefore, the best way to make a purchase is to see if the probiotic you want to buy meets all your needs.

Myth 7 – You Must Take Probiotics Only When You Are Taking Antibiotics

Most doctors prescribe probiotics when they give you a list of antibiotics because antibiotics tend to kill bacteria in the gut. While it is designed to kill bad bacteria, there are chances that some good bacteria may also be lost in this battle. So, when you are already sick, losing a lot of good bacteria will do you no good. Therefore, taking probiotics helps maintain a balance of good bacteria and aids good health.

Myth 8 – Probiotics Lead To Digestive Discomfort

When you start taking probiotics, it helps optimize your digestion. Sometimes, when you first start taking probiotics, it can cause slight digestive discomfort because your body is still getting used to it and in a few days, it gets better. Or it can also be because of the gluten or the dairy you are reacting to. So, maybe it can be because you are lactose intolerant or allergic to gluten. So, try probiotics that are lactose and gluten-free.

If you are looking for the best probiotic in the market that’s 100% natural and is a vegan product, try Plix Life Happy Tummy. Made with the goodness of chicory root, 20BN CFUS, 6 probiotics strains, and green apple, this product is wondrous for you. Some of the benefits it offers include;

  • Healthy Digestion: When you start taking probiotics, it supports good digestion and health
  • Less Gas: It helps combat gas and bloating issues
  • Happy Gut: It improves your metabolism, reduces bloating, and gas
  • Fights Indigestion: It helps maintain the pH levels of the body and supports a healthy gut.
  • Fewer Stomach Cramps: The six main probiotic stains present help combat any stomach discomfort and help prevent stomach pains.
  • Digestive Health: It boosts long-term digestive health
  • Energy: Probiotics are great for you as they not only improve your digestion but also help improve your energy levels

Keeping your gut health is important for your overall wellness and  Plix Life Happy Tummy helps you with that. It also enhances your mood and energy.


1. When will I see the effects?

When you start taking  Happy Tummy, you will notice the results in just one month and you will be able to relieve yourself quickly without any problem. Constipation will also become a thing of the past.

2. Are there any side effects of Plix Happy Tummy?

No, when it comes to  Plix Life Happy Tummy, there are no side effects as they are completely natural and vegan. However, you must be above the age of 18 to consume this product. Also, if you are diabetic, pregnant, or nursing, you must consult your healthcare practitioner first before taking the tablets.

3. How long should I use Plix for a healthy gut?

You must maintain a good lifestyle and consume Happy Tummy for at least 6 to 9 months. If you notice the effects diminishing after you have stopped the product, you must restart it. And there is nothing to worry about because it is a completely natural product.

4. Does it contain added sugar?

No,  Plix Life Happy Tummy doesn’t contain any added sugar.

5. What’s Happy Tummy Flavor?

If you are worried about the taste, don’t be. Happy Tummy by Plix comes in a delicious green apple flavour that tastes just like a refreshing drink.


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