Here’s how you can gain weight at home naturally and fast in just 7 days

Sep 19, 2022
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29. Aug 22 Heres how you can gain weight at home naturally and fast in just 7 days

While everyone is behind in losing weight, there are also a plethora of people struggling to gain weight. Just like weight loss, gaining weight is also a strenuous task that requires a lot of effort. However, it can be achieved by reversing a few diet principles and embracing calorie-dense foods. So today, we will tell you how you can gain weight fast. With the below-mentioned tips on how to gain weight fast naturally, you will be able to add those extra kilos you desire easily.

How To Gain Weight in 7 Days

Here, we help you out with effective tips that can help you gain weight in a week without any health issues.

1. Consume Lots Of Protein

Protein helps form the building blocks of muscles. When you eat enough protein it helps you gain muscle mass and not just fat. So, as someone who is trying to gain weight fast, you must aim for at least 1 gram of protein per kilogram of your body weight. Some of the high-protein foods include meat, fish, eggs, legumes, nuts, and more.

2. Eat More Meals

This is a given when you are trying to gain weight fast. Make sure you consume at least 3-5 meals every day where you consume plenty of fat and carbohydrates. This will easily lead to weight gain. Eating lesser meals will not only keep the weight stagnant, but it can also lead to weight loss, which is not something you want at this moment.

3. Energy and Calorie-Dense Food

One of the best things you can do when you are trying to gain weight is to eat lots of food that not only guarantees energy but is also heavy in calories. Make sure you add lots of spices, condiments, sauces and more. Some of the foods you can consume include;

  • Fats and Oils: Extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil.
  • Nuts: Almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, peanuts, etc.
  • High-fat dairy: Whole milk, full-fat yogurt, cheese, cream.
  • Dried fruit: Raisins, dates, prunes, and others.
  • Grains: Whole grains like oats and brown rice.
  • Meat: Chicken, beef, pork, lamb, etc. F
  • Fattier cuts. Tubers: Potatoes, sweet potatoes, and yams.
  • Dark chocolate, avocados, peanut butter, coconut milk, granola, and trail mixes.

These foods can be extremely beneficial when you are trying to lose weight. Make sure you include at least one option in your every meal.

4. Opt for Heavy-Weight Exercise

When you opt for heavy-weight exercises regularly, it helps improve your strength and also ensures you gain muscle mass and not just fat. So, if you are someone who is looking to gain weight to build a lean body like the actors in movies, weight lifting can be a great exercise for you.

5. Snacking Before Bed

While weight watchers don’t have this luxury, if you are wondering how to gain weight naturally for females, snacking before bed can be a great option for you. Have an additional meal at least an hour before sleeping. It can be something small like a sandwich. If you don’t have the appetite, even dark chocolate or a cup of hot chocolate can help.

6. Use Large Bowls

When it comes to how to put on weight quickly, using a large bowl or plate when eating helps. This will help you take more calories in and also enhances the intake of nutrients. This is a great way to increase your weight. It is simple psychology when you have a large plate, you tend to fill it up.

7. Sleep

Good sleep is imperative. You need at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep as an adult every day. When you sleep, your body heals and it also leads to muscle growth. So make sure you maintain a consistent sleep schedule where you go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. This will help you out.

8. Mix Food

You must mix calorie-dense food during your every meal. Make sure you mix veggies, lentils, meat or eggs to ensure the calorie intake is more with every meal. Also, make sure you consume protein-rich foods.

9. Don’t Smoke

If you are someone who smokes, it is important to quit. While this is not only not good for you, smoking also tends to make you lose weight.

10. Milk

Have at least two glasses of milk every day. Milk is rich in proteins, and carbs, and even packs good calories. It is also great for your health and helps keep your bones healthy. When you consume at least two glasses of milk every day, it not only helps you gain that much-needed weight but also helps grow your muscles.

11. Red Meat

Red meat is another great protein and calorie-rich content, which can help you gain the kilos you need. However, you must consume meat with caution as it can lead to cholesterol.

12. Rice

Rice is another great ingredient that can help you put on the necessary kilos. It is a staple in most Indian households and also makes up a calorie-dense meal. You can mix rice with veggies, meat, eggs and more to make it all the more nutritious.

13. Potatoes

Another great way to ensure you get the calories you need is to add potatoes to your diet. It also provides you with the necessary carbs and starch. Some other starchy food items for weight gain include;

  • quinoa
  • oats
  • corn
  • buckwheat
  • sweet potatoes
  • squash winter
  • root vegetables
  • beans and legumes

14. Protein Supplements

One of the quickest ways to put on weight is to ensure you start taking protein supplements. They not only contain all the amino acids you need but also help with muscle growth.

These were some of the best ways to gain weight in just seven days. Make sure you don’t overeat, just include calorie-dense items in your everyday diet and consume at least 3-4 meals every day. Make sure you also include cheese, butter and other dairy items.

However, if you are looking for the quickest way to gain weight, you can always try Plix Life Plant-Based Mass Gainer. It comes with the goodness of a Carbohydrate blend, 20g protein, fruits and vegetable blend, and healthy fats. Some of the main advantages of Plix Life Plant-Based Mass Gainer include;

  • It helps build your muscle mass
  • It offers high calories that are good for you
  • It aids muscle recovery where it helps take care of any fatigue, and soreness, and promotes faster recovery
  • It doesn’t contain any maltodextrin
  • It offers a complete amino acid profile
  • It aids your digestion
  • It doesn’t contain sugar

When you start taking Plix Life Plant-Based Mass Gainer, you will notice a difference in just one month. Since it is rich in antioxidants and nutrients, it helps convert food into energy and also helps with your metabolism. However, you must take the product for at least 3-4 months for the best benefits. By the third month, you will notice enhanced muscle mass where you will be able to gain weight naturally. So, if you are looking to gain weight naturally, try Plix Life Plant-Based Mass Gainer today.


1. What do zero maltodextrins mean?

Maltodextrin is a cheap additive that is used to enhance the thickness of the product. It is mostly used in processed food. It is ranked higher than sugar in the glycemic index, which can lead to a spike in blood sugar levels. It can even adversely affect gut bacteria. However, Plix Life Plant-Based Mass Gainer doesn’t contain any maltodextrin.

2. When should you take the Plix shake?

If you are someone who exercises, it is important that you take Plix Life Plant-Based Mass Gainer after your workout or you can take it before bed to ensure your muscle gain is maximized.

3. Can someone with diabetes take Plix mass gainer?

While it doesn’t contain any added sugar, you must first consult your doctor before you take any product so that there are no adverse effects.

4. Does Plix contain steroids?

No, Plix Life Plant-Based Mass Gainer doesn’t contain any steroids.

5. Does it contain any side effects?

No. All Plix Life products are 100% natural and vegan so doesn’t have any side effects.


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