L-Carnitine tablets : For avoiding stubborn Fat

Sep 22, 2022
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L-Carnitine tablets : For avoiding stubborn Fat

What is L-Carnitine?

L-carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is found mainly in animal protein. In humans, carnitine is synthesized from the amino acids lysine and methionine. Carnitine is found in meats such as beef, poultry and shellfish. However, humans can only obtain about 1 to 3 percent of their daily carnitine intake from food. To supplement carnitine, manufacturers produce synthetic L-carnitine tablets and capsules.

Benefits of L-carnitine tablets/ supplements for weight-loss


The higher your L-carnitine levels, the more likely you are to burn fat. As previously stated, it improves fat metabolism by increasing carnitine concentration in your muscles, giving you a better fat-burning opportunity. It also aids in the reduction of stubborn belly fat, which surrounds your digestive organs and contributes to potential cholesterol diseases..

Metabolism Boost

It goes without saying that when you start working out more efficiently and intensely than usual, your metabolism rises. In this way, L-carnitine indirectly boosts your metabolism and helps you lose weight. A fast metabolism can burn off a lot of calories in no time!

Better workout performance and faster recovery

L-carnitine may improve exercise performance by increasing your body’s ability to use fat as fuel, as well as speed up recovery by reducing muscle soreness. Given the benefits of fat burning, L-carnitine can help you improve your workout performance by converting fat into energy. This means you can do more cardio, crunches, deadlifts, push-ups, and bench presses reps. Similarly, L-carnitine aids in recovery after a strenuous workout session. It repairs muscle damage, muscle soreness, and metabolic stress caused by high-intensity, long-duration workouts.

L-carnitine and lean muscle go hand in hand. The energy produced by fatty acids improves muscle strength and bone density. You will also have a stronger build if you exercise more and eat healthier. This also implies that there are fewer fat cells and more muscles!

L-carnitine is an important nutrient for humans and animals

Carnitine plays an essential role in the production of ATP, or the primary energy source for all living organisms. Essentially, L-carnitine helps your body stay healthy by ensuring that it has enough energy to function normally. Furthermore, carnitine is used to digest amino acids, synthesize proteins and hormones, regulate blood pressure and transport lipids throughout the body. In addition, carnitine promotes normal cardiovascular functions by regulating the heart’s contraction speed and blood flow.

L-carnitine is used to treat various cardiovascular disorders

In addition, carnitines are used to treat diabetic neuropathy to aid in muscle function and improve muscle strength and coordination. Although many people take L-carnitine supplements to improve their health, very few scientific studies have proven how L-carnitine tablets or supplements work.

Athletes use L-carnitine to recover from strenuous exercise by repairing damaged muscle cells with fatty acids produced by the body’s mitochondria. Basically, L-carnitine aids in transferring triglycerides from your liver to your muscles after exercise. In addition, carnitines aid in regulating glucose levels by enhancing insulin function in your body. Therefore, athletes use carnitines for performance enhancement by improving both physical performance and health.

L-carnitine benefits:

L-Carnitine & weight loss

If you combine L-carnitine supplementation along with a workout routine and definitely a healthy diet, you may witness amazing benefits. L-carnitine takes the responsibility to transfer fatty acids to the powerhouse of the cell – the mitochondria and this is where the fat burning occurs. It helps in reducing belly fat too. This happens by transfer of fat reserves in your belly to cells with the help blood and cells use it to produce energy!

If you’re looking for a good source of L-carnitine supplementation you should consider Plix’s L-Carnitine Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets And if you are a vegan or a vegetarian then definitely do check this out! The best part about it is that it has the goodness of apple cider vinegar which makes the combination a super-power drink!


1. Does L-carnitine really help in weight loss?

L-carnitine is responsible for facilitating the transport of fatty acids to the cell mitochondria in our body. The mitochondria further help in the conversion of fatty acids to energy. Because of this feature of L-carnitine, it makes sense to consider that it plays a role in helping your body burn more fat and lose weight. The effects of L-carnitine for weight loss may differ from person to person. While L-carnitine may help you lose weight, you must also follow a healthy diet. To achieve good weight loss results, follow a healthy diet and exercise routine.

2. Can I consume it on empty stomach?

L-carnitine is easily absorbed by the body, especially when combined with other nutrients. Liquid L-carnitine supplements are much more easily absorbed. It is recommended that for faster absorption and better results you consume L-carnitine supplements in the morning on an empty stomach.

3. Can it burn belly fat?

Just like L-carnitine can burn body fat, it can also burn belly fat. High levels of L-carnitine allow the body to burn fat more efficiently. More carnitine not only burns fat stored around your body, but it also burns belly fat.

4. How long will L-carnitine take to work?

It may take weeks or months to see weight loss results.

5. Can I consume L-carnitine supplements on a daily basis? What is the ideal dosage?

Yes you can. A daily intake of 2-4g of L-carnitine is recommended

6. How does Plix’s L-Carnitine Apple Cider Vinegar effervescent help me?

It not only contains L-carnitine but also has the goodness of apple cider vinegar – a health wellness drink that has been used for ages! This robust combination helps in muscle recovery, appetite control and enables body detoxification. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and can help regulate blood sugar levels as well.

7. What are the ingredients in Plix’s L-Carnitine ACV? How should I use this product?

L-Carnitine, Apple Cider Vinegar, Cinnamon, and vitamins B6 and B12 are all present. To consume it, drop 1 or 2 effervescent fizzies in a glass of cold water, let them dissolve completely, and drink within 2-3 minutes.

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