How Protein Benefits Women’s Health

Apr 26, 2022
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How Protein Benefits Womens Health 1

Protein is essential for your overall health. For your body to function like a well-oiled machine, regular protein intake is necessary. Protein repairs and maintains your body and helps you achieve optimal health. If you are not getting enough protein, you can experience low energy and less than optimum levels of repair and maintenance by your body. Proteins build your muscles, produce enzymes and hormones and give your body sustained energy. 

Women consume 13 percent less protein on an average than men. Women in India are at a high risk of diseases like osteoporosis, and protein deficiencies only make matters worse. Protein is beneficial for women and prevents several health conditions. Let’s understand how in this article.

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1. Protein helps manage weight in women

Many women as they grow older become at risk of obesity and find it difficult to manage their weight. While exercise and dieting can help, it is important to pay close attention to your protein intake. Protein helps women manage their weight by making you feel fuller for longer. This prevents unnecessary eating and snacking which help in weight loss. Protein is also tougher to break down than fats and carbohydrates, and can help in speeding up metabolic rates for women.

2. Protein leads to healthy skin, nails and hair

Women tend to age faster than men, and the unfortunate truth is that not eating enough protein can speeden up the process. Protein is integral to our body’s maintenance, and eating protein can lead to healthy skin, hair and nails, signs of youthfulness in our bodies. 

When your body doesn’t get enough protein it can cause skin dryness and dullness, brittle hair, hair loss and thinning and more. In fact, collagen is a protein that is present in the body’s connective tissues including the skin. The amount of collagen present in the body declines by 1-1.5% every year leading to the signs of ageing. 

It is recommended for women to consume protein to keep the body healthy and looking young. Supplementing the right protein designed for women can lead to healthy hair, skin and nails and reversing the signs of ageing. 

3. Protein strengthens immunity in women

Another effect of protein deficiency on a woman’s body is a weak immune system.  

If your body doesn’t get the required amount of women’s protein, it wreaks havoc on the immune system. This means you are more susceptible to infections and other health disorders. In one research, it was seen that eating a low-protein meal every day deteriorated their immune functions. But, Women who consumed 50 grams of protein every day had a stronger immune response than before. 

Womens Protein

  • Muscle Loss 

An early indication of protein deficiency in the body is seen in the form of muscle loss. When your body doesn’t receive the required amounts of protein, it breaks down the tissue to compensate for it. Taking the right amount of protein every day helps build muscle strength and aids repair and maintenance of the body. 

  • Reduces The Risk Of Bone Fractures 

Weak bones are caused because of a low-protein diet. This puts you at a risk of hip fractures, especially if you have reached menopausal age as the amount of protein in your body has gone down considerably. Therefore, eating a protein-rich meal or choosing the best protein powder for women can help you prevent this risk. 

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Some recommended sources of Protein to add to your diet

  • Chickpeas salad with spinach and tomatoes 
  • Chicken and eggs 
  • Peanut butter and sliced fruit 
  • Greek yoghurt and berries 
  • Almonds with oats or sliced fruit
  • Quinoa instead of rice or wheat 

However, just a protein-rich diet may not be enough to fulfil the protein needs of the body. It is always important to consume protein supplements for women to achieve the best results.

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