10 Reasons Why Plix’s Protein is Necessary For You

Apr 06, 2022
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10 Reasons Why Plixs Protein is Necessary For You

Why Protein is supremely essential for our health ?

Protein helps our body repair and maintain its cells and to create new cells. It builds muscle, improves brain function and provides us with sustained energy.

Do you consume adequate protein on a daily basis?

Chances are – you don’t.

Consuming the right amount of protein every day can be a major challenge. We lead increasingly busy lives and our protein consumption levels are not enough to sustain the energy we need. As a result, we feel fatigued, weak and unable to perform at the level we would like to be at.

Who should consume protein?

Protein should be consumed by everyone. Protein is essential for every body’s functioning at every age. However, for supplementation choose the product based on your needs.

At Plix, we have a wide range of protein powders made from plant-based sources designed for every individual’s needs. The product portfolio ranges from Women’s Protein & Superfoods designed for women to protein powders, designed for brain function and sustained energy. We also have protein powders that help you achieve your body goals, be it weight loss or muscle building. Our wide range of goal based protein supplements ensures you can find the right protein for your specific needs.

Plix’s protein supplements are made from plant-based sources, are natural, GMO, sugar, soy and preservative free.

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Here are 10 Reasons why Plix’s Protein is necessary for you:

1. Builds Your Muscle Strength

 A key benefit of supplementing protein is that it builds your muscle strength. If you are somebody who works out, the supplementation of protein allows your body to reach its peak with sustained energy and visible results. You can pair Plix’s Strength 25G Protein with your workout to achieve your goals faster.

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Plix Strength Protein

2. Comes With Essential Amino Acids

 Plix’s Protein powders are made from pea protein and brown rice protein, bringing you nine essential amino acids which are highly beneficial to you. Amino acids maintain your immune system, promote tissue growth and elevate your energy levels.

3. Good For Heart Health

 Consuming protein powder can reduce blood pressure and reduce the risks of developing high cholesterol. How? Supplementing protein can cause the uptake of cholesterol in the cells to increase, which in turn reduces the production of fat in the body.

4. Fiber Rich

 Plix’s Plant-Based Protein Supplementation is fiber rich. This leads to healthy functioning of the digestive system. It also helps you feel fuller for longer which reduces hunger pangs and binge eating.

5. Keeps The Gut Healthy

 When your gut is healthy, all your organs function well and you are happy. Plix protein boosts your natural digestive enzymes which keep the gut healthy enhancing nutrition absorption, preventing bloating, gas and indigestion.

6. Contains no dairy

 Because Plix’s Protein is completely plant based, it is free of the side effects associated with dairy based protein powders. This means that even if you are lactose intolerant, consuming Plix’s protein powders is completely safe for you.

7. Tastes great

 Many protein drinks leave a bad taste in the mouth – but not Plix! With a unique formulation and blend, our drinks are rich, creamy and delicious. We recommend mixing the powder with cold water or any non-dairy milk for a delicious and healthy daily treat.

8. Helps Manage Weight

 Plix’s protein supplementation in the form of the Fit & Slim smoothie is designed to help you manage your weight. It can be used as a meal replacement, which keeps you full for long while providing you with essential protein which keeps your energy levels high. Plix Life’s Fit & Slim smoothie helps you avoid frequent snacking and sugar cravings which are essential to managing your weight.

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Plix Fit Slim Smoothie

10. Sharpens Your Memory And Concentration

 While all protein is good for the brain, we at Plix, have a protein powder designed to improve Brain function. Plix’s Everyday protein for brain health is fortified to sharpen your memory and concentration and optimize the mind.

Plix Everyday protein

11. Improves hair and skin texture

 Protein is essential for hair and skin, signs of youthfulness and vibrancy. Consuming protein maintains healthy cell development, boosts keratin and collagen production and therefore leads to improved hair and skin texture.


The best part about Plix Life’s Protein supplements is that they are free from any chemicals and toxins and completely natural. So choose the right one for your needs and get started on your journey of good health. Remember protein is essential for your body to function well, no matter what your health goals are.


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