Which face serum is best for skin Glowing?

Oct 17, 2022
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Are you craving healthy, glowing and radiant skin? Have you tried incorporating a face serum into your skin routine? Using the best face serum for glowing skin can do wonders for facial skin health. Unlike creams, serums are formulated with potent ingredients that can help you overcome your skin concerns in a targeted manner. But the trick here is to choose the right face serum for glowing skin. Worry not! We are here to tell you which face serum is the best for glowing skin and how to use it for maximum benefits. Take a look. 

Which serum is best for skin Glowing?

Who doesn’t love glowing gorgeous skin? Let’s take a look at all the best face serums for glowing skin.

Alpha Arbutin

Alpha arbutin is one of the best serums for glowing skin as it helps curb melanin production in the skin and helps achieve radiant skin. The advantages of the serum include;

  • It reduces post-blemish redness 
  • It can reduce age spots 
  • It helps you get rid of acne scars 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can give your skin a magical glow. It is suitable for all skin types and is one of the best face serums for women. Some of the benefits it offers include;

  • Keeps the skin hydrated 
  • Brightens your skin 
  • Helps reduce any redness
  • Can help combat stubborn dark circles 
  • Promotes the production of collagen 
  • Helps prevent ageing signs 
  • Provides protection against sun damage 
  • Soothes sunburns 


Glutathione is one of the excellent face serums for glowing skin and a brighter complexion. It is also a famous skin-lightening agent and helps treat pigmentation successfully. A few major benefits of the serum include; 

  • Reduces oxidative stress 
  • Helps get rid of dark spots 
  • Gives you an even skin tone
  • Helps you achieve lighter skin 

Hyaluronic Acid

Did you know, our body produces hyaluronic acid on its own? But as we grow older, the production levels deplete, which is why dry and dull-looking skin is a sign of ageing. Therefore, to combat this problem, and to ensure you enjoy radiant-looking skin, you can always try hyaluronic acid. The main benefits of hyaluronic face serum for glowing skin include;

  • Aids your skin’s overall health 
  • Can delay the appearance of wrinkles
  • Can make your skin look firmer 
  • Keeps the skin fully hydrated 
  • Can brighten and reduce pigmentation


Niacinamide is one of the face serums for glowing skin. A type of vitamin B3, it is essential for the development and the proper functioning of the cells. If you are someone who is suffering from sun damage, this is the product you must opt for to get your glow back. Some of the benefits of this wonderful face serum for women include;

  • It helps give you an even skin tone and fade any dark spots on the skin 
  • It can help rectify acne 
  • It keeps your skin hydrated and supple 

 Which brand of face serum is best?

If you are looking for the best brand of face serum then you must try Plix Life Glowy Skin Serum. This 100% natural and vegan product comes with the best ingredients, such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, L-Glutathione, niacinamide, and alpha arbutin. This product ensures you achieve the skin of your dream in just one month and refreshes it from the inside. All you need to do is include the product in your everyday skincare routine and use it twice, once in the morning and once at night. 

 Can face serum be used daily?

Yes, to ensure the serum performs its magic, it is imperative that you use it daily. However, each brand can have its own guidelines. Therefore, always read the instructions first before applying. But, when it comes to Plix Life Glowy Skin Serum, use it every day.

 How do I choose a face serum?

You must always choose a face serum as per your concern. For instance, is it pigmentation you want to fight or do you want overall glowing skin? Based on the answer, you can choose the right product. If you choose a product like Glowy Skin Serum, it works towards rectifying any concerns and giving your skin a wellness boost because of the ingredients present. 

 How long should I leave the serum on my face?

You must not wash your face after the application of a serum. In fact, you must apply a serum on a cleansed face. It is applied after the toner and before the moisturizer. A healthy habit is to do this every time you wash your face or as the serum specifies as some should be used once a day.

Can I skip moisturizer after serum?

It is important to use a moisturizer after the application of the serum. However, if your serum offers you moisturizing benefits, you can skip it. 

 What should I apply after face serum?

After you apply your face serum, you can apply essence and finish your routine with a moisturizer. 

Now you know the best face serum for skin glowing. Use it every day for wonderful skin tone and texture!


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