What Are The Benefits Of Calcium Supplements

Jan 15, 2022
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What Are The Benefits Of Calcium Supplements 1

Calcium is an essential nutrient for all living organisms, including humans.
Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, and it contributes to bone health. However, as we age, calcium levels decline.
To avoid its deficiency, many people go for supplements as they are aware of calcium supplements benefits.
Although many people try to get calcium from their diet, calcium supplements may be an option in case their diet falls short.
Ensure that you understand how much calcium you need, the benefits and drawbacks of calcium supplements, and what type to choose before considering calcium supplements.
In this article, we are going to discuss the following points:
– What is calcium?
– Calcium Supplements benefits
– Why to go for natural calcium supplements
– Best Calcium tablets for bones

What is Calcium?

Calcium plays a crucial role in bone health. In addition, calcium helps maintain heart rhythm, muscle function, and much more. Calcium supplement is one of the best-selling supplements on the market due to their health benefits.

Calcium Supplements Benefits

A healthy and balanced diet may not be enough for you to get enough calcium.

Taking calcium supplements may assist you in meeting your calcium requirements in this case. Consult your doctor or dietitian before taking calcium supplements.
In addition to strengthening bones and maintaining healthy joints, calcium supplements have numerous other benefits.

Following are some calcium supplements benefits:


benefits of calcium supplement

1. May Prevents Bone Loss In Postmenopausal Women

Women lose bone mass after menopause as a result of estrogen decline. Fortunately, supplements may help. A number of studies have suggested that postmenopausal women can reduce bone loss by up to 2% by taking calcium supplements.

2. May Lower the Risk of Colon Cancer

Studies have found that calcium from dairy products and supplements may reduce the risk of colon cancer.

3. Enhance Metabolic Markers

There is some evidence to suggest that calcium supplements can improve metabolic markers, especially when combined with vitamin D.

4. Helps To Ease PMS

Another calcium supplements benefits is it helps to cope with PMS symptoms.

Studies have shown that calcium can ease PMS symptoms, including fatigue, appetite loss, and depression.

It soothes PMS as calcium is linked to serotonin and tryptophan metabolism.

Why to go for Natural Calcium Supplements

benefits of natural calcium

There are a number of calcium supplements available on the market, divided into two categories:

  1. a) Natural Calcium Supplements
  2. b) Synthetic Calcium Supplements

Natural calcium supplements are derived entirely from plant-based ingredients, such as marine algae or seaweed.

On the other hand, synthetic calcium supplements use chemical-based ingredients like calcium carbonate, citrate, and pantothenate.

There is a controversy about which is the best calcium tablets for bones? Natural or Synthetic?

Synthetic supplements have shown excellent results in improving bones and joint health.

Although it has several health benefits, it also addresses many risk factors associated with health.

If we talk about the natural calcium supplements benefits and risks, many health care experts recommend it.

Natural calcium supplements are labelled as one of the best calcium tablets for bones as it consists of natural ingredients and is safe to consume.

How can we forget PLIX Raw Calcium when talking about natural calcium supplements?

benefits of natural calcium
The Plix Raw Calcium

Plix Raw Calcium is formulated with natural sourced Aquamin TG, Vitamin C, D3, and K2-7.

This blend helps in strengthening bones, promoting joint health, boosting calcium absorption, immunity, and collagen synthesis.

Additionally, it helps to prevent an excess build-up of calcium, maintain a healthy bone mineral density and promote 3 times better calcium absorption than synthetic calcium.

The Takeaway

Calcium is an essential mineral for stronger bones and joint health. Growing age, poor diet and many other factors can affect calcium production in the body. Therefore many people add dairy foods that are rich sources of calcium or calcium supplements to their diet.

There are several calcium supplements benefits for health apart from strengthening bones and joint health.

Food is a good source of calcium, but it may not fulfil your body’s daily calcium requirement. The best calcium tablets for bones are therefore recommended as a part of your diet.

If you have questions like, Which are the best calcium tablets for bones? You must talk and discuss with your health care experts. The two main categories of calcium supplements are synthetic and natural.

Unlike synthetic calcium supplements, natural calcium supplements are safe and made with naturally sourced ingredients. It is also considered one of the best calcium tablets for bones. If you are searching for the best calcium tablets for bones, get your hands on Plix Raw Calcium.


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