How To Bulk Up With Plant-based Protein Powder

Apr 27, 2022
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How To Bulk Up With Plant based Protein Powder 1

In recent years, the way we consume protein has changed dramatically. Meat and non-vegetarian protein sources that were once celebrated as sources of protein have been replaced by plant-based sources that are not only healthier for the body, but also better for the environment.

With people being more ethical and environmentally conscious along with developments of plant-based protein powders, we see a time where bulking up is more than possible with plant-based options.

Plant-based protein powders are as good or better than meat or dairy based alternatives in terms of the protein they provide, and also are free from side effects. In this article we are exploring how to bulk up with plant-based protein powders.

What Is A Plant-Based Protein Powder?

A plant-based protein powder is an energy supplement that provides the body with protein. It contains ingredients that are derived from plants and plant-based sources. Our bodies need essential amino acids to grow and develop, and these amino acids are derived from the food we eat. Plant-based protein powders generally have a wide range of amino acids to support protein synthesis and help our bodies function properly. Protein is an essential macro-nutrient that aids the body in many ways but is particularly important as a supplement to those looking to bulk up. Protein helps our muscles develop, grow and recover when teamed with adequate exercise. Plant-based protein powders make it easy to bulk up when you consume them along with your workout regime.

How To Bulk Up With Plant-Based Protein Powder

1. Protein Powder Made From Plants is Easy to Absorb

Protein powders derived from plants are easier for the body to digest, process and absorb as compared to whey protein powders. If you consume a plant-based protein powder before you work out, it aids muscle recovery and development more optimally than plant-based alternatives as it is absorbed by the body much more efficiently. Therefore a good way to bulk up with a plant based protein powder is to have it every morning before you hit the gym.

2. Plant Protein Powder Boosts Metabolism

Plant-based protein powders come with benefits to your metabolism. Because protein takes longer to digest than carbohydrates or fats, plant-based protein helps your metabolic process regulate and stabilize. Plant-based protein powders contain a lot of fiber which is great for gut health. When the body metabolizes plant-based protein, it burns fat more efficiently too. This also leads to the production of healthy enzymes and hormones which aid muscle protein synthesis which in turn help you gain more muscle mass quickly.

3. They Do Not Contain Dairy Products

Those who are lactose intolerant or sensitive to dairy products are very likely to benefit from plant-based protein since it is dairy-free. Also, protein powders derived from dairy-free sources are free of the hormonal side effects and diseases associated with dairy protein powders. 

Plant based protein powder

In addition to consuming your plant-based protein powder, make sure you maintain intense workout routines and strength training regularly, as these activities along with the protein will help you achieve your bulking goal. 

How To Choose The Right Protein Powder to Bulk Up

Here are some tips to help you choose the best plant-based protein powder:

  • Ideally, all the ingredients should be pure and clean.
  • Contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
  • Added sugars should be avoided
  • Supplemental ingredients should be natural
  • Organic is best
  • No gluten
  • Free of soy

Plix Life Protein Powders has all the above-mentioned qualities and more. Made with all-natural ingredients, Plix’s plant-based protein powders are excellent for you to consume before your workouts. Available in delicious flavors with specific goals, they include all the essential amino acids and more.

Reinforce your muscle strength while you aid your gut health and immunity only with Plix’s plant-based protein powders.


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