How long does Glutathione take to lighten skin?

Nov 15, 2022
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Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that is produced naturally by our bodies. Glutathione is responsible for that bright skin glow and youthful radiance. However, as you age, the body produces lesser amounts of glutathione and you can see these effects on your skin.

Today glutathione skin supplements are available online and at drugstores. These promise to help you achieve smooth and radiant skin effortlessly. Once you start using the glutathione for skin, the effects are immediate. You will notice a substantial difference in just a month. So, should you use glutathione skin-whitening/brightening supplements?

What are the benefits of using glutathione supplements? We will be answering all these questions and more. Stay tuned! 

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Is glutathione skin whitening/brightening permanent?

Before we proceed, let’s understand what glutathione is. It is a naturally occurring antioxidant that’s produced in our liver. It is necessary for several medical functions, such as the immune function, tissue building and more. However, glutathione is also responsible for skin brightening and radiance and that is how its whitening/brightening supplements can be wonderful for the skin. 

When you start taking glutathione supplements, you will begin to notice that your skin is more radiant and bright. But are these effects permanent? Yes. Even if you stop taking glutathione pills, your skin tone will not go back to what it was earlier. That being said, you must maintain your skin. Let’s say, you are prone to tanning or skin darkening, then you must ensure that you take care of your skin the right way, such as by applying sunscreen daily and using the right topical products. 

However, if you notice a darkening or dullness of the skin, you can start taking the supplements again to get the glow back on. But make sure you use glutathione skin whitening /brightening supplements from a reputed brand, such as Glowy Skin Effervescent by Plix Life. 

How long does glutathione take to lighten skin?

The glutathione whitening/brightening supplements start working within the first to the third month. However, the darker your complexion, the longer it is going to take for the skin to lighten/brighten. The general timeline is;

  • Fair to medium brown complexion – 1-3 Months
  • Dark Brown complexion – 1-6 Months
  • Very dark complexion – 6-24 months

Finally, the results also change from one person to another. Just like some people have different types of metabolism and some lose weight faster and some slower. Just like that, glutathione supplements also work faster for some and slower for others. 

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How much glutathione should I take daily for skin whitening?

The dosage differs from one brand to another. However, the standard dosage is about 20 to 40 mg per kilogram of your weight. You can take it between 2 to 3 hours before your last meal for complete absorption. In fact, consuming vitamin C with glutathione can enhance its effects. 

Today, you will come across a plethora of brands offering several of glutathione’s benefits. However, you must do your own research and see which brand resonates with you. It is always best to choose the vegan and 100% natural options as they don’t come with any side effects.

Which glutathione brand is best for skin whitening/brightening?

If you are looking for the best glutathione brand for skin whitening/brightening, choose Glowy Skin Effervescent by Plix Life. It is a vegan and 100% natural product that is made of wholesome ingredients, which include;


The L-glutathione is made of three essential amino acids your body needs. It is a potent antioxidant, which helps you with healthy skin. It also fights oxidative stress and gets rid of free radicals. This component also interacts with melanin, which is the element that adds colour to the skin. So, L-glutathione helps lighten/brighten the skin tone to a great extent. 

Aloe, Acai, and Blueberry Blend

The blend of Aloe, Acai, and Blueberry is what your skin needs for that magical glow. These ingredients also help reduce any acne and fight sun damage. So, if you are someone who has premature ageing signs, these supplements can help you reverse them. 

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is what you need for the healthiest skin. These supplements provide this vitamin in abundance and also fade away any scars you may have. It also tackles any discolouration and helps reduce sun damage. After using these supplements, you can step out in the sun without worry. 

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is an essential ingredient that keeps your skin hydrated. It holds on to the water and doesn’t let your skin dry away. It also offers anti-ageing benefits, which means it helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and slow the ageing process. 

 Glowy Skin Effervescent by Plix Life also contains Vitamin C to enhance the skin’s brightening abilities and ensure that collagen production is seamless. Collagen is essential for the skin to reverse the signs of ageing and slow down the process. Vitamin C also helps provide nourishment for your skin and helps enhance its texture. 

Consuming supplements are super easy. You just need to take one effervescent tablet and drop it in a glass of cold water. Let it fully fizz and then gulp it down. Make sure you don’t overdo it and just take one fizz per day. You can take it before your last meal. 


Let’s take a look at all the benefits Glowy Skin Effervescent by Plix Life has to offer!

Say Hello To Glowing and Beautiful Skin

One of the things we all dream of is gorgeous and glowing skin. You want to wake up with flawless skin without any scars, marks or discolouration. You also want to tuck away all the lines and wrinkles that occur as you grow older. Now, when you start taking Plix Life’s glutathione supplements, it starts transforming your skin. You wake to glowing skin every morning. 

No More Pigmentation

Glutathione tablets will not only lighten the skin tone but also help even out the skin. If you are suffering from pesky pigmentation, with Glowy Skin Effervescent tablets, you can completely get rid of them. It converts melatonin into a lighter tone. And it deactivates the enzyme that’s responsible for dark skin. So, the final result is an even skin tone. 

Keeps Your Skin Hydrated

Glutathione supplements from Plix Life come with hyaluronic acid that keeps your skin completely hydrated. Why is this vital? Because it moisturises your skin from within and enhances its glow. It also helps reverse signs of ageing and reduces wrinkles. 

Finally, the glutathione tablets help fight any free radicals and minimise your oxidative stress. It offers all the nourishment you need and gives you the skin of your dreams after regular use. 

When Will The Results Appear

The First Month: During the first month, there will be a boost in your collagen. All the ingredients come together to nourish and repair your skin. You will also notice brighter-looking and glowing skin. 

The Second Month: You will notice hydrated skin and also improved elasticity.

The Third Month: Lighter and even-toned skin is yours. You will notice a substantial difference. Any discolouration will be gone and the supplements renew your skin cells. 

However, regular use is important. Make sure you take the fizz tablets every day and only take the recommended amount. 

Now you know everything there is to know about glutathione. One of the best supplements has to be Glowy Skin Effervescent by Plix Life. You can give it a try for a month to see if it works well for you and move ahead from there. The supplements help you achieve the skin of your dreams!

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1. Can I take glutathione tablets with other skin-lightening creams?

You don’t have to use any skin-lightening cream once you start taking glutathione tablets. You can continue with your general skincare routine. Make sure you use a serum, moisturiser, and sunscreen that suits the skin. 

However, if you are using any medicated cream, you can continue using the same or talk to your doctor about pairing it with glutathione tablets. For instance, if you are getting treated for pigmentation, it is best to stick to one method of treatment as glutathione tablets by Plix also treat the same. So, you can try the Plix supplements for three months to see if it works for you. 

2. Can I take the supplements with other tablets?

While glutathione supplements by Plix Life are generally safe since they are completely natural, you must check with your doctor before mixing medication. Also, you must completely avoid chemotherapy or antipsychotic drugs with this supplement. 

You must also avoid consuming alcohol frequently because it prevents glutathione from completely absorbing into the skin and lightening the skin. So, once you start taking the glutathione pills, make sure you take them till you achieve your skin dreams and notice all the discolouration gone.

3. Is it possible to experience glutathione deficiency?

Usually, glutathione is not considered a crucial element in the body since it is produced by other amino acids. And low levels of glutathione occur due to poor nutrition along with environmental toxins, stress, and also age. Low glutathione is also associated with the risk of cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, and Parkinson’s disease. 

4. How should you store glutathione?

Make sure to follow the instructions provided on the back of the pack and adhere to the rules as it will keep the product from expiring sooner than it is meant to. It also helps keep its effectiveness intact. 

5. Which are glutathione-rich food items?

Some of the top food items rich in glutathione are; 

  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • cabbage
  • Brussel sprouts
  • broccoli
  • onion and garlic
  • asparagus
  • potatoes
  • peppers
  • carrots
  • avocado
  • squash
  • spinach
  • melon

You can include these food items in your everyday meals to enhance the glutathione levels in your system. 

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