Coconut Water Benefits: The Better Pre-Workout Drink?

Apr 28, 2022
3 mins read

Coconut Water Benefits The Better Pre Workout Drink

A pre-workout drink is a drink you can consume at least an hour or two before hitting the gym or starting your exercise regime. The main purpose of a pre-work out drink is to provide your body with fuel and keep away any fatigue so you are well hydrated and can show up actively for an intense workout session. 

Coconut water has been used as a pre-workout drink in tropical countries for centuries – but is it effective? Keep reading to find out.

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What is coconut water?

Coconuts grow in tropical climates and are considered to be fruits. The water found inside a fresh, green coconut is called coconut water. Coconut water is about 94% water and also contains fat. A cup of coconut water is about 60 calories. It is rich in nutrients and minerals and contains carbohydrates, sugar, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.

What Are The Benefits Of Coconut Water?

Coconut Water is a completely natural source of vitamins and minerals. It is completely free of any side effects. Its benefits include:

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1. Keeping You Hydrated with a Low-Calorie Count

Coconut water can be gulped down as a hydrating drink with a low calorie count. It is a healthy snack to consume to suppress any hunger pangs. Refrain from consuming the coconut flesh and enjoy a delicious and healthy drink that will keep you full for a long time.

2. Maintains Your Blood Sugar Levels

Coconut water makes an excellent pre-workout for anyone suffering from Type 2 diabetes or at a risk of high blood sugar. This is because it is low in sugar and rich in magnesium. 

Coconut water Drink

3. Prevents Kidney Stones

Drinking coconut water regularly is good for you. It keeps away kidney stones from forming as it can help flush out stone-forming substances, such as chloride and potassium. It also restores the natural electrolytes in the body after an intense workout.

4. Contains Antioxidants

Antioxidants are essential for the body as they fight off any free radicals and keep your body cells healthy. A hefty dose of antioxidants can also keep your skin glowing and healthy. 

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Is Coconut Water A Better Pre-Workout Drink?

You can drink coconut water before a workout as a pre-workout drink as it can keep you hydrated and also prevent cramping during your exercises. Experts suggest that the ideal time to consume coconut water is on an empty stomach, in the morning. So, even if you don’t want to replace your pre-workout drink, you can club them both for additional goodness. 

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