Biotin Capsule – A must-have supplement for healthy hair, skin and nails!

Dec 15, 2022
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Biotin Capsule- hair, skin and nails

Biotin Capsule; Why Everyone Should Have It

Vitamin B7 also referred to as biotin, is quite beneficial for our health, productivity levels, and mood. It also helps maintain healthy, robust skin, hair, and nails. Because biotin is a water-soluble vitamin and cannot be stored by the body, it must be consumed every day. Amongst the most crucial vitamins for our overall well-being is the B vitamin group. Undiagnosed biotin deficiency might emerge as an illness including celiac disease, unhealthy eating habits, and even pregnancy. Deficiencies also manifest as rough, flaky skin, loss of hair, fragile and brittle nails, and a host of other problems. Our neurological, gastrointestinal, and metabolic systems depend on biotin to function properly. Additionally, it is in charge of transforming food into energy. In addition, it supports strong hair, skin, and nails.

Plix’s Flaunt Your Hair With 500,000 mcg Sesbania (Natural Biotin), 20,000 mcg bamboo shoot extracts, amino acids, and selenium works effortlessly to make your hair dreams come true! It strengthens your follicles, nourishes and hydrates the scalp, and reduces hair fall ensuring healthy hair growth!

Let’s take a proper look at how biotin contributes to the improvement and wellness of our hair, skin, and nails.

What Is Supplemental Biotin Or A Biotin Capsule?

Supplements containing biotin can be found in the form of a pill, biotin capsule, or powder and assist meet nutritional needs. You should similarly have biotin every day as you would any regular vitamin tablet. Supplemental biotin doesn’t affect your daily activities or leave you sleepy. Whenever biotin is used in the recommended dosage, typically there are negligible side effects. For example, if you use biotin capsules, you should constantly verify the suggested daily dosage and only take that quantity. Additionally, there are natural and vegan biotin capsules on the market now.

Biotin Capsule & Biotin Benefits

Biotin For Your Hair

Most folks use a biotin capsule for hair regrowth since it is thought that biotin is essential for maintaining strong, healthy hair. You may notice hair fall, hair loss, a blistering red irritation, etc. if your system lacks biotin. Some individuals are boosting their consumption of biotin to prevent such hair troubles by eating more foods high in biotin or by taking a biotin capsule. It has been demonstrated that biotin enhances the keratin network of our bodies. Keratin is a fundamental protein that constitutes your hair and is present in our bodies but isn’t retained for longer; as a result, taking biotin assists in increasing keratin synthesis.

You may well be able to replenish your hair follicles and encourage the production of your current hair by taking the recommended daily dose of biotin capsule for hair growth. Therefore, when purchasing any biotin capsule for hair growth objectives, be careful to examine its essential nutrient, as biotin for healthy hair is the key vitamin in many supplements.

Biotin For Your Nails

A research study found that 84% of individuals experienced healthy, strong nail growth when taking a biotin capsule or biotin supplements. According to surveys, females having brittle fingernails who consumed biotin for nails reported an improvement in the density and thickness of their nail plates and reduced fingernail splitting. Numerous research studies have shown that biotin for nail enhances the health and toughness of nails. A biotin capsule might make the nail plates thicker and prevent soft and brittle nail breakage while keeping your nails strong.

Biotin For Your Skin

The fatty acids that biotin generally creates feed the skin and help it to keep its flawless complexion. A biotin deficit is typically evident when the skin’s barrier is imbalanced, dry, and dehydrated. It also aids in the regeneration of new cells and promotes healthy oil gland function, giving you clear, radiant skin. Furthermore, this vitamin supports the development of the skin’s mucous membranes and is critical for the metabolism of fats, which is important to maintaining healthy skin. You can achieve clear, moisturized, acne-free skin with the aid of biotin for the skin.

Things To Bear In Mind Before Taking A Biotin Capsule

  • Always be certain that you are not hypersensitive or allergic to biotin before beginning to take biotin capsules.
  • Always discuss or try to get an opinion regarding your medical condition with your physician if you smoke, have just had abdominal surgery, or have renal problems.
  • Before beginning a biotin capsule regimen, consult your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing.
  • A biotin capsule must not be given to a child at all without the specialist’s approval.
  • Seeing as biotin is water-soluble, it is impossible to overdose on it. However, if you have consumed more than you should, consult a doctor.
  • You must talk to your doctor if you take any strong antibiotics which may end up mixing and reacting with biotin which could harm your health.

Some Sources Of Biotin

Sunflower Seeds

It’s not necessary to take a drive to a particular destination to eat some sunflower seeds. Around 2.6 mcg of biotin can be obtained from a quarter cup of toasted sunflower seeds.


Bananas are a great resource of biotin benefits in addition to being packed with fibre, potassium, B vitamins, and other nutrients. About 0.2 mcg of biotin benefits can be found in a half a cup of bananas.

Roasted Almonds

In addition to supplying fibre, protein, and healthful unsaturated fats, nuts and seeds are two additional food items that are essential for a balanced diet. With roughly 1.5 mcg of biotin benefits per serving, roasted almonds are a decent source.


Your diet will benefit from the fibre, vitamin C, calcium, and yes, a small number of biotin benefits that broccoli brings to the table. You could anticipate receiving about 0.4 mcg of biotin from a half-cup of broccoli. That’s not much, so eat lots of broccoli or think about including a biotin supplement in your daily schedule.


All healthy diets should include healthy, nutritious legumes like peas, beans, and lentils. Overall, beans are low in calories, rich in fibre & protein, and come under low-glycemic index foods. They provide significant levels of biotin as well. Beans contain a whooping 19.3mcg, while legumes like roasted peanuts can provide up to around 5mcg.


Avocados come in a variety of flavours and are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals like fibre, vitamins A and C, niacin, biotin, and essential fats. Biotin can range from 3.2 to 10 mcg per 100 grams of avocado.

How Can I Choose The Right Biotin Supplement?

The industry is saturated with supplement products that claim to contain biotin for hair development, but using just any supplement is risky at this time. Therefore, purchasing plant-based biotin capsules is strongly advised because they are safe and simple to assimilate. Supplements by themselves won’t cut it; you also need to include superfoods like pomegranate, which battles premature greying and lowers your hair fall, and vitamin A, which in turn helps in nourishing and hydrating your scalp.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How well does Heavenly Hair work to stop hair loss?

Even while Heavenly Hair is successful at preventing hair loss and encouraging hair growth, baldness cannot be reversed by using it, and results do not appear immediately. The majority of consumers should start to experience advantages within the first month of constant use, but the desired outputs come from using the product routinely for at least three to six months. It would also be a smart option to adopt healthy dietary alterations by having more protein and leafy green vegetables.

2. Is it safe for pregnant women to take biotin?

Although it’s uncommon, biotin deficiency can occur in expecting women and be addressed in different ways. Due to the fact that high biotin dosages are not recommended for growing babies, further biotin supplements are not encouraged. Please consult your physician before starting any medicine or supplement regimen.

3. What time of day is ideal for using Heavenly Hair?

For maximum results, we advise using Heavenly Hair supplements in the morning, about 30 minutes after breakfast.

4. Can men and women use Plix’s Heavenly hair at the same time?

It’s a fact that your scalp needs a basic volume of vitamins and nutrients for nutrition, and that a reasonable quantity of healthy hair regeneration is gender-neutral in nature. Therefore, the supplement can be used by both men and women!

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