Are protein shakes good for females?

Nov 28, 2022
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Blog 42 Are protein shakes good for females

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you must be well familiar with all the benefits protein shakes offer women. However, most people believe the myth that protein powder for women is only suitable if you are a bodybuilder or trying to gain mass. However, they are mistaken! Do not make that age-old mistake, as you would be missing out on the many benefits protein shakes can give you as a woman.

For instance, protein helps you build lean muscle, elevating your metabolism and aiding weight loss. So, if you want to know more about the best protein shakes for women and all the benefits, just read this article until the end.

Which Protein Drink Is Best For Women?

When it comes to the best protein powder, always choose a natural product. One of the best protein shakes for women available today is Plix Life Women’s Protein & Superfood. It is made with the finest ingredients, which include brown rice, peas, quinoa, garcinia, berry blend, and fenugreek. Available in two delectable flavours, tropical mango, and chocolate, this protein powder women brings you several advantages.

  • It makes your workouts better and helps with muscle recovery and strength
  • It comes with zero added sugar, making it healthy and safe 
  • Its rich flavour makes it a tasty drink 
  • It is full of antioxidants and comes with 22 multivitamins and 20 grams of plant protein 
  • It has necessary Ayurvedic herbs that benefit your overall health
  • It offers a complete amino acid profile, which most vegan protein powders don’t 

Using Plix Life Women’s Protein & Superfood is simple. All you have to do is take 250 ml of chilled water, add 2 scoops (approximately 33 grams) of protein powder into the glass and shake it well for uniform mixing. You can also use a blender or mix it with your smoothies or shakes. 

Anyone can consume this product over the age of 13 if they want the right amount of multivitamins, balance their hormone levels, manage weight and improve their skin and hair. However, it is essential to take only the recommended amount. 

Once you start taking Plix Life Women’s Protein & Superfood, you will notice its effects very soon. During the first month, your metabolism increases, helping you reach your ideal weight almost effortlessly. In the second month, the weight loss process speeds up as you will be able to maintain your muscle mass. Finally, in the third month, you will be closer to your desired weight and notice optimal health. 

Are Protein Shakes Good For Females?

Yes, taking the best protein shakes for women can be good for you. Some of the pros of protein powders for women include the following- 

  • It helps you lose weight as it can keep you fuller for longer and ensure you control your appetite 
  • It assists with muscle recovery after intense exercise or physical training 
  • It provides the necessary vitamins and minerals to strengthen your immunity 
  • It aids lean muscle growth 
  • It burns fatter and converts it into energy 
  • It gives you healthy hair, skin, and nails
  • It is excellent for bone health 

However, always ensure you take the best protein powder for women. 

Which Shake Is Best For Women?

As mentioned earlier, one of the best protein shakes is Plix Life Women’s Protein & Superfood. When it comes to choosing the best protein shake, always look at the protein benefits and see if it matches your requirements. Some of the factors you must consider before buying a protein powder include the following;

  • If you are looking for a protein powder to build muscle growth, choose one with high biological value 
  • If you are looking to lose weight, opt for a protein powder with zero sugar or maltodextrins
  • If you are a vegetarian or vegan, opt for 100% plant-based products like Plix Life 
  • Patients with diabetes should again look for options without any added sugar

Should Women Drink Protein Shakes Every Day?

Yes, it is safe to drink protein powder every day until you reach your goal. However, make sure you don’t rely only on protein powder and ensure you get your protein and other food sources from whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. This is because while protein powder benefits are plenty, you also need other nutrients for a healthy you. But there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to drinking protein shakes. Make sure you don’t go overboard and only consume the prescribed amount. 

What Is The Healthiest Protein Powder Brand?

One of the healthiest protein powder brands is Plix Life Women’s Protein & Superfood. Wholly natural and plant-based, this protein powder ensures that you don’t suffer from any side effects. 

Some of the things you can do to take a healthy protein powder are;

  • Choose the right protein source. Today, animal-based protein, plant-based protein and even protein powder with dairy are available in the market. 
  • Look for additional ingredients if any. For instance, always choose a powder without added sugar for optimal health benefits. 
  • Always look for reviews and understand if the product you have chosen is safe. 
  • If you are into competitive sports, you must always be more vigilant about the ingredients to ensure you don’t consume any banned product. 

Which Protein Is Best For Weight Loss?

If you are looking for the best protein powder for weight loss, Plix Life Women’s Protein & Superfood is what you need. However, some of the factors you must consider when choosing the best weight-loss protein powder are;

  • Look for ingredients that promote fullness and ensure you avoid binge-eating 
  • You need to look for products that help you burn more calories 
  • Choose a high-protein product and don’t simply choose the one that is hyped 
  • Check the macro and calorie breakdown of the product of choice 
  • Find a flavour you like 

How Much Protein Should A Woman Try To Lose Weight Eat?

If you are trying to lose weight, extra protein is always better. Your daily protein intake should be approximately 1.6 to 2.2 grams per kilogram of your body weight. If you are an athlete or heavy exerciser, you can go up to 2.34 grams of protein per kilogram of your body. 

How Much Protein Should A Woman Have Daily Lose Weight?

If you are taking a protein supplement, it is essential to follow the recommended guidelines to the T and nothing more. Each brand is designed differently and hence it is essential to not go overboard. For instance, if you are consuming Plix Life Women’s Protein & Superfood, you must only consume 2 scoops of protein powder. 

What Happens When You Start Eating More Protein?

There is such a thing as too much protein. If you think you can speed up the process of weight loss by consuming extra protein, you are wrong. Some of the side effects of too much protein include;

  • It can have an adverse effect and lead to weight gain rather than loss
  • Excess protein, mainly too many carbohydrates can lead to bad breath 
  • Extremely high protein diets can cause constipation or diarrhoea
  • It can also cause dehydration and also lead to kidney damage, increases cancer risk, and heart disease

Is protein powder good for health?

Yes, protein can be beneficial for your overall health. It can also help you with your goal whether it is weight loss or gain. Just like weight loss protein powders, you can also find weight gain protein powder for females.

Protein powders help us fulfil our daily protein requirement to support good health. Protein is the building block of life and helps repair cells and make new ones. It is essential for the human body because it also acts as the main fuel source. If you are looking for the best protein powder supplement for women, you can always opt for Plix Life Women’s Protein & Superfood


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