5 reasons why you need to have Japanese Matcha everyday

Mar 15, 2022
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5 reasons why you need to have Japanese Matcha everyday 1


Are you looking for one easy superfood to add to your day that benefits your entire body?

Look no further than Japanese Matcha.

The vibrant, green, Matcha Green Tea powder has taken the health food world by a storm. It has found its way to health stores and cafes across the world in the form of Matcha shots, lattes, teas and even desserts! Although the world has been enthralled by Matcha for just a few years, Japanese Matcha has been used in Japan for centuries.

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So, what is Japanese Matcha?

Japanese Matcha is made from the same leaves as super health food green tea, from the Camellia Sinensis plant. The difference is that Matcha is made using the entire leaf of the plant. The strongest leaves are plucked, dried, fried and ground and made into Japanese Matcha Powder.

So, do the benefits of Matcha live up to its popularity?


Thanks to using the whole leaf, Matcha Green Tea delivers ten times more antioxidants than a regular cup of green tea. Studies of Matcha have shown that it has a variety of health benefits that make it the best superfood to consume on a daily basis.

Here are our top 5 reasons you need to consume Japanese Matcha everyday

1. Matcha is high in natural antioxidants and vitamins

Japanese Matcha contains concentrated natural antioxidants called catechins – 10 times more antioxidants than your regular green tea. Including Japanese Matcha in your diet increases your antioxidant intake and prevents cell damage and lowers your risk of developing chronic diseases. Matcha also contains a variety of Vitamins including A, B, C, E and K.

2. It helps in weight loss

Drinking Matcha can raise the speed in which your body burns calories, both when resting and while excercising. Including Matcha as part of your diet can increase your body’s calorie burning capacity by a whopping 25% while working out.

3. Matcha makes your skin glow

Matcha Green Tea has the power to bring a gorgeous glow to your skin. It is rich in antioxidant properties and has anti-inflammatory properties which soothe irritated skin, preventing acne and other skin-related concerns. Another great pro of Japanese Matcha is that it helps reduce the visible signs of ageing.

4. Matcha protects the liver, prevents cancer and improves heart health

Some studies have shown that Matcha’s antioxidant properties prevent liver damage and decrease the risk of liver disease. Japanese Matcha consumption’s antioxidant properties can have antitumor properties, therefore helping in the prevention of cancer. Matcha also reduces the risk of heart disease as its metabolism boosting properties can be associated with lowering cholesterol in our bodies.

5. Matcha boosts Brain Function

Research has shown that several properties of Matcha can enhance brain function. The researchers found that Matcha led to improvements in memory, attention and reaction time functions when compared to the placebo group.

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How can I get the benefits of Matcha easily?

The superfood Matcha can be easily consumed in the form of daily supplements.

Plix Life, India’s leading health and nutrition company has a range of Matcha products which take all the benefits of Matcha and pack them into easy to consume supplements which you can easily incorporate into your daily life.

One of these is the Plix’s Matcha Slim Gummies – a revolutionary product filled with the weight loss benefits of Matcha. These easy to eat Matcha Gummies detox the body, aid in fat burn, boost metabolism and have beneficial impacts on the entire body. Convenient and easy to consume on the go – this is the easiest way to give your body all the benefits of Japanese Matcha. Made with Japanese Matcha, Pectin Spirulina and Spinach, the power packed combination is a must to be added into your diet regime today. Try them and avail all the benefits of this ancient superfood!

Another easy way to consume Matcha daily is through Plix’s Japanese Matcha Effervescent with Ginseng and Licorice. This unique and natural product is designed to improve skin texture specifically in the undereye area. It reduces puffiness and creates an even skin tone and glow by boosting your body’s capabilities of fighting free radicals. It also boosts the overall energy of the body!

So, what are you waiting for?

Incorporate Japanese Matcha easily into your daily routine with Plix Life today!


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