8 Promising Health Benefits of Amla

Mar 17, 2022
3 mins read

8 Promising Health Benefits of Amla

Eat it, drink it or apply it. In any and every way, it will benefit your health, skin and hair.

We are talking about none other than the bittersweet green-coloured fruit from our childhood – Amla, or Indian Gooseberry.

A powerhouse of multi-nutrients – Amla contains Vitamin C, calcium, iron, phosphorus, carotene, Vitamin B, protein and fiber. Amla is an excellent source of antioxidants and Ayurveda claims that it helps the body balance the three doshas – Kapha, Vata, Pitta, by eliminating the underlying cause of many diseases.

Let’s jump into 8 promising Health Benefits of Amla


1. Amla is an immunity booster

Amla is a rich source of the natural immunity booster, Vitamin C. Vitamin C protects our cells against oxidative stress therefore improving the functionality of our immune system. Daily consumption of Amla helps the body protect itself against harmful bacteria and inflammation.

2. Amla aids the digestive system

An alkaline fruit, Amla naturally strengthens the digestive system. The fibrous content in Amla tackles constipation and improves gut health. Due to its alkalinity, it can cure chronic illnesses and hyperacidity. Amla juice has been used for centuries for gut detoxification.

3. Amla and blood glucose

Amla aids the body in maintaining optimal blood sugar levels. Consuming amla can therefore be helpful for patients with diabetes and for diabetes prevention.

4. Amla aids in weight loss

Amla as a natural supplement works wonders for anyone struggling with weight loss. Its high fiber content and metabolism accelerating properties improve the synthesis of protein and reduce fat deposits. Amla consumption also helps the body feel fuller for longer and can help tackle hunger pangs and prevent binge eating.

5. Amla can prevent cancer

There have been studies conducted which have found amla to be helpful in cancer prevention.

  • It prevents damage to the cells at a molecular level
  • Amla’s antioxidant properties reduce damage to highly sensitive body tissues such as the brain, colon, liver and lungs
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of amla reduce the occurrence of cancer that can arise due to chronic inflammation.
  • Amla has an antitumor effect against some cancers such as colon and lung cancer. Amla extract can battle cancer cells without affecting healthy body cells

6. Fights infections

Regular consumption of Amla helps the body fight infections including the notorious common cold!

7. Amla makes the skin glow

Amla helps to tone, brighten and tighten the skin. Amla removes skin impurities from the inside, cleaning and purifying the skin internally. Amla also has powerful anti-aging properties.

8. Amla for healthy hair

Amla prevents dandruff, hair odor and split ends. It prevents premature graying and hair fall. Amla, when consumed over time, strengthens hair follicles and improves scalp health.

Natural Amla Vitamin C Effervescent

What is a safe and natural way to consume Amla daily?

Plix’s Natural Amla Vitamin C Effervescent tablets are a great way to consume Amla and avail its benefits easily and naturally. One tablet needs to be dropped into 50 ml of water, where it will immediately start dissolving. Once the tablet is completely dissolved, drink up and avail all the benefits of Amla.

Plix Natural Amla Vitamin C Effervescent tablets are an instant energy booster. It provides all of the benefits of natural Amla and Vitamin C. It starts a natural detox in the body and encourages healthy gut health. It is packed with all the immunity boosting properties of natural Amla. It keeps harmful pathogens at bay due to its high content of Vitamin C. It leads to healthy and glowing skin when consumed daily over a long period of time.




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