5 Important Benefits of Glutathione you should know

Mar 07, 2022
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5 Important Benefits of Glutathione you should know

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that has amazing health and skin benefits including anti-aging properties! The super antioxidant decreases the risk of life-threatening diseases such as cancer, Alzheimers, Parkinsons and even heart disease. Our skin loves Glutathione as it makes it look healthy and glow from the inside!

Glutathione is arguably one of the most important supplements that your body requires. Let’s find out why.

So, what is Glutathione?


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Glutathione is a peptide that is present in all our bodies naturally. It is produced by the liver to protect the body against harmful substances including free radicals and pollutants. It is found in our cells and acts as a barrier to neutralise toxins. It is completely safe and natural for our body as it is present in our cells. Glutathione plays a key role in our health and is proven to have multiple health benefits to our skin.


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Let’s take a deeper look at 5 Important Benefits Glutathione:

1. Glutathione is anti-aging

The powerful antioxidants in Glutathione fight free radicals and protect our bodies from their damaging effects. These antioxidant properties protect our skin from pollutants, the sun and environmental damages. This reverses signs of ageing while also being anti-aging. From the age of 20, our bodies produce 1% less collagen every year. Glutathione helps boost collagen peptides in our bodies naturally, making us look younger.

 2. Glutathione keeps the heart healthy

Research shows that cardiovascular disease can be caused by oxidative stress in the heart tissue. Decreased action of glutathione along with lower levels of cardiac and system glutathione is linked to oxidative stress in the heart. Hence Glutathione supplementation can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

 3. Glutathione keeps the skin bright and fades scars

Glutathione blocks melanin transfer therefore brightening the skin and reducing uneven pigmentation. Glutathione therefore plays the role of a melanin inhibiting agent. In the skin, glutathione converts the dark eumelanin to light golden coloured pheomelanin. This results in a lighter and glowing skin tone. Glutathione is also a detox agent which helps with the treatment of acne, pigmentation and several other skin disorders and also detoxifies chemicals, including those our body creates naturally. It fades acne scars and brightens the skin.

 4. Glutathione protects the liver

Glutathione offsets oxidative stress which advances liver disease. It is vital in detoxing the liver hence maintains liver health. When the body is fighting toxins, the liver creates glutathione to help against the damage. If the body is running out of glutathione the liver becomes vulnerable to damage.

 5. Glutathione prevents against cancer

Studies have shown that Glutathione can have significant effects in preventing cancer cell division and survival.  Cancer increases oxidative stress and glutathione deficiency can advance damage to healthy cells. There is a correlation between increasing the intake of glutathione and decreasing the risk of cancer. Glutathione also repairs damage caused to the body by cancer treatment medications.

The Importance of Glutathione Supplementation

As we age, there is a natural decline of Glutathione in our bodies. This occurs due to free radical damage, toxin exposure, stress and natural ageing. Supplementing Glutathione is required to keep the peptide levels optimal and for beautiful skin. Consuming Plix’s Glutathione supplements are the perfect way to clear and brighten your skin, delay signs of ageing and fight free radicals, protecting your skin from pollutants. Besides benefits to the skin, the overall benefits of Glutathione supplements include protecting all the parts of our body against oxidative stress


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