3 Tips For Winter Fitness

Jan 16, 2022
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3 Tips For Winter Fitness 1

How To Stay Fit In Winter Season

fitness in winter

Winter is coming. It is the month of holidays where fitness takes the back seat. From sweaters to hot cocoa, for many of us, winter means sampling the kaju ki barfi in the kitchen or enjoying the second cup of garam chai.

Studies have shown that in the winter months from November to January, people have the highest possibility of weight gain for an average Adult. People can gain as much as 50% of their yearly weight gain in the winter months itself.

To help you sustain and stay fit, these three tips for maintaining fitness in the winter season will come handy.

3 Tips For Winter Fitness:

1. Eat The Right Foods

winter foods

Choosing the right foods and supplements can give you a nice boost to get you moving.

For a well rounded nutritive meal try Plix Strength. It features:

  • 25g plant-based protein from pea protein from France and brown rice from California
  • Has a complete Amino Acid profile
  • Has 5 grams BCAA
  • Grape seed extract and lycopene
  • Has 4 grams glutamine
  • Has Natural Digestive Enzymes

With plant-based protein, BCAA, and antioxidants from organic fruits, PLIX Strength is the power-packed meal you require to power forward your fitness in winter. With tastes like Vanilla Banana, Raw chocolate, mango and café mocha which blends with ease and keeps you drooling by letting out your inner child.

2. Stay Motivated

winter fitness motivation

You may be a part of the lucky few people who have no issues piling up the motivation to workout in winter, who have no trouble rising up at 4 am sans alarm clock, the frigid atmosphere isn’t a deterrent and getting ready for gym in the cold weather isn’t a big deal. But for the rest of us, pushing through is a major concern and it becomes a big roadblock to success especially in the winter months.

Starting is always the hardest part. The key is to not wait for motivation to come to you. You have to jump in headfirst. Don’t let anything stand in your way to fitness. Take it second by second, moment by moment. First, get up. Next, put on your athletic gear. Check. And later start your fitness exercise and you’re off.

3. Have a Workout Partner

workout partner

Building your community is an incredible tool for finding a good workout buddy and maintaining relationships. There are a few ways to go about it. Ask Your Trainer/Coach if he or she knows of anyone who is interested in finding a workout partner. The trainer will know both of your skills and interests-and it never hurts to go through a mutual acquaintance. You can also yourself go out and ask a friend with similar goals to work out together.

It’s also nice to be the one guiding a friend if you’re a little farther along on the journey than they are. There are so many fun and interesting indoor activities you can do with your buddy and try to push yourself throughout the holidays.



plix organic plant protein

You can also buy our Plant-based protein powder from Amazon here:


Regardless if you have kids or not get out there and have a blast. Which also happens to be a great way to create memories with your little ones if you do have them. Fitness is even better when it is entertaining.


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