Which treatment is best for hair growth ?

Nov 23, 2022
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Hair loss and hair fall have become extremely common for men as early as in their twenties! This occurrence has caused men to fight confidence battles and develop appearance complexes.

Today, there are several hair treatments for men that can help prevent hair loss and also improve hair density. These natural hair growth tips for men help you with regrowth and give you your self-esteem back. After all, a head full of hair is one of the main accessories we all need, young or old. So, in this article, we are here with the best hair treatment for men that you can opt for. Read ahead!

Which treatment is best for hair men?

Some of the best hair treatments for men are given below. If you notice any hair thinning or hair loss, you can make use of the hair loss treatment for men.


Over-the-counter medications are available today to help you treat hair loss. They are foams, creams, serums, and more. However, make sure you always read the label and understand the ingredients before you start using them. But, if you notice chronic hair fall, it is always best to visit your doctor. 


One of the most popular hair treatments for men is Minoxidil. Originally, it was developed to treat blood pressure. However, one of the side effects included excessive hair growth. Therefore, the companies converted it into a medication to treat male pattern baldness. There is still no detail on how the medication works. But it is known that it expands the follicles, allowing thicker hair strands to make their way. While it is fairly safe, it can also lead to a few side effects, such as hair shedding, skin irritation, and redness. 

Laser Treatment

While we have heard of laser treatments for hair removal, it is also known for effective hair growth remedy for men. Laser treatments help reduce any inflammation and can even help you with alopecia. You even have laser combs today. Therefore, you can speak with your doctor for more. 

Scalp Massage

Massages can feel great. But they can also be thoroughly beneficial for hair growth. Massages promote blood circulation in the scalp by opening up the hair follicles to ensure the growth of thicker hair strands. 

A Balanced Diet

This might seem like a very basic way how to take care of hair. But this is extremely essential. One of the main reasons why you may experience hair loss is vitamin and mineral deficiency. Therefore, a balanced diet can help you out. Iron-rich food, omega-3 fatty acids, and high-protein foods are excellent for your hair. 

Keep Stress Away

Stress is one of the main reasons why you lose hair. So, if you have noticed extreme hair loss that has come after some stress you have been going through, it is best to try relaxation techniques to get rid of it. 


Also known as false daisy, Bhringraj can be excellent for hair regrowth for men. Used for ages in Ayurveda, Bhringraj can offer better hair growth than medications, such as minoxidil and it doesn’t have any side effects.  


Some oils, such as peppermint or rosemary oil have been known to be extremely beneficial for hair growth. It helps increase blood circulation in the scalp and also offers proper nourishment. 


One of the most popular supplements for healthy hair and nails is biotin. Some studies prove how biotin can help accelerate the process of hair growth. Some biotin-rich foods are nuts, sweet potatoes, eggs, onions, and oats. 

Can a man’s hair grow back?

If you are suffering from male pattern baldness, there is no cure for the same. However, if you catch it in the early stages, some medications will help you fight it and delay the process. Medicines can help you slow down the rate of hair loss and also reduce greys. But once you stop the medicines, there are chances that your hair growth cycle stops. That being said, if you just have mild hair loss, you can always try home remedies to help you out. 

Which treatment is best for hair growth?

Want to know how to grow hair faster? Try Plix Life’s Men’s Hair Growth Serum. Comprised of potent ingredients, which include 3% redensyl, 4% anagain, and 3% baicapil, this serum helps;

  • Accelerate your hair growth process 
  • Enhance scalp blood circulation to ensure full scalp coverage
  • It reduces thinning of the hair by reducing the follicle-shrinking DHT
  • Helps you achieve denser thicker and stronger hair

This serum is a 100% natural product. Hence, there are no side effects associated with them. In just one month you will notice a major difference where 9,500 new hair will appear per month. Using the serum is quite simple too. It comes with a simple dropper. Generously use it on the scalp and gently massage it with your fingertips. Once done, wash your hands. 

Use the serum regularly for six months or till you achieve your desired results. However, there are chances that after you stop using the serum, your hair regrowth cycle may stop. So, if that occurs, start using the serum again.

Does men’s hair treatment work?

Yes, men’s hair treatments can work effectively. However, it is essential to choose the right form of treatment that’s suitable for you and help you with the condition you may be suffering from. For instance, Plix Life’s Men’s Hair Growth Serum starts showing results in just one month. So, this shows you real-time results that reassure you how your hair health is improving as each day passes. 

Always try to choose a natural and chemical-free product as it won’t further damage your hair. However, if you think hair loss is a symptom of any other serious condition or the hair loss you are going through isn’t normal, you must speak with your doctor as it can be an underlying health problem. 

At what age do men lose hair?

It is seen that almost 25% of men suffer from hereditary male pattern baldness. If that’s the case, you may notice hair loss starting from the age of 21. And by the time you have reached the age of 35, the degree of hair loss also goes up by almost 66% and this goes up to 85% by the time you reach the age of 50. 

If you have a hereditary condition, it is always best to start treatment early on. You can always try home remedies in the beginning, like Plix Life’s Men’s Hair Growth Serum to combat hair loss or hair thinning. 

How can I thicken my hair?

A few things you can do to thicken the hair include;

  • Apply hair oil regularly, at least once a week and let it sit overnight. 
  • Whatever hair products you use must be devoid of any harsh chemicals. 
  • Eat nutritious food every day, such as eggs, avocados, and more.
  • Choose the right shampoo and conditioner without any sulfate and paraben. 
  • Take care of your scalp and try exfoliation.
  • You can try hair growth supplements and serums. 

How do men fix thinning hair?

Plix Life’s Men’s Hair Growth Serum can be extremely helpful in fixing thin hair. When you are massaging the scalp with the serum, make sure you put gentle pressure using your fingertips and massage for at least 10 to 15 minutes. This not only ensures that the serum works well but also increases blood flow and enhances follicle health. 

How can men regrow hair naturally?

Some tips to regrow hair naturally are;

  • Use essential oil on the hair such as peppermint, pumpkin, and rosemary oil with a base oil like olive oil
  • Use caffeine on your scalp for 30 minutes and then wash it off
  • Rice water can offer several benefits to make the hair stronger

The best way to regrow your hair is Plix Life’s Men’s Hair Growth Serum. It is a natural remedy and helps you achieve your desired results easily. Try it today for a head full of gorgeous hair!


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