Which serum is best for hair growth?

Oct 17, 2022
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Which serum is best for hair growth

Hair thinning is a common issue that both men and women suffer from. Hair fall and thinning can occur at any time in our lives for various reasons including genetics, weather, pollution or any sickness. But luckily, there is an effective hair serum for hair growth available in the market today. The powerful ingredients used in this hair growth serum can help you achieve longer, thicker, and fuller hair right from the comfort of your home. Keep reading for more information!

Which serum is best for hair growth?

If you are looking for the best hair regrowth serum, you cannot go wrong with Plix Life’s Men’s Hair Growth Serum. This clinically formulated solution comes with potent ingredients that help you achieve your hair dreams. The serum enhances blood flow to the scalp and effectively combats hair loss and hair thinning. This 100% natural hair serum for hair growth is made of; 

3% Redensyl: This is an innovative hair growth stimulant, which rapidly increases hair stem cells and enables you to achieve hair growth faster. 

3% Baicapil: This ingredient in the hair serum for hair growth helps improve hair density along with the thickness of the hair. 

4% Anagain: Finally, Anagain restores the hair growth cycle and ensures healthy hair growth. 

These three ingredients together make it a possibility for you to enjoy a head full of healthy hair in just a few months. 

Some of the advantages that Plix’s hair serum for hair growth offers are; 

  • You will easily achieve faster hair growth where approximately 9,500 strands will grow every month. 
  • This best hair growth serum restores the hair growth cycle so you can enjoy denser and fuller hair.
  • When you use this serum for hair growth, it enhances the health of your hair.
  • You will also enjoy full scalp coverage and reduced thinning of the hair. 

Does a hair serum help hair grow?

Today, there are a plethora of serums that claim to be the best hair serum for hair growth. However, you must ensure you check the ingredients and see if they deliver what they promise. But, when you opt for Plix Life’s Men’s Hair Growth Serum, it helps you grow your hair in just three months. 

As aforementioned, you will start noticing the hair growth effect from the first month itself where you will notice 9,500 new hair. By the second month, this best hair growth serum in India reactivates the stem cells and hence, you will be able to achieve denser and thicker hair. However, you must remain consistent with the application of the hair serum to enjoy the best results. 

By the third month, your hair loss would have gone down and the hair density and texture also improves. By now, you will be able to enjoy thicker, fuller, and stronger hair, which will boost your self-confidence and offer the best results possible. 

Can I use a hair serum every day?

There is no one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to hair serums. Each brand has its own rules, which you must follow without fail to ensure you enjoy the desired results. But when it comes to the best hair growth serum in India by Plix Life, you must use the serum every day. 

With the help of a dropper apply generous amounts of the hair growth serum to your scalp where you notice hair loss or hair thinning. Now, massage the serum gently with the help of your fingertips. This boosts blood circulation in the area and enhances the absorption of the serum. Do this once every night. 

Once you are done, rinse your hands and go to sleep as usual. Do it every day till you reach your desired goal. While for some, serums work faster, for some, they may take slightly longer. Therefore, be patient and consistent. 

Which is best for hair growth oil or serum?

Both haircare products come with different functions and benefits, therefore, there is no comparison between the two. Now, hair serums also come in two categories. Certain hair serums are used as styling products to remove fizz while certain serums target hair concerns, such as hair loss. Coming to hair growth oil, are curated to offer nourishment and accelerate growth, but they cannot offer you the speed that hair growth serums provide. This is because hair serums for hair growth are innovative products that come with potent ingredients, unlike hair oils. 

If you are looking to grow your hair quickly and healthily, there is nothing better than Plix Life’s Men’s Hair Growth Serum. This potent serum targets the problematic areas and ensures you enjoy fuller and thicker. 


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