The 5 Best Effective Advantage of vitamin C For Boosting Your Immune System

Sep 28, 2022
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53. Aug 22 the 5 best Effective Advantage of vitamin c for boosting your immune system

Vitamin C For Immune System

Simply explained, vitamin C forimmune system is a vital, water-soluble nutrient that the human body needs in little amounts for a variety of functions. An important vitamin, one that our bodies cannot naturally make. As a result, we must eat it outside the body. Most of us, however, don’t even require additional Vitamin C immune booster because our typical healthy, well-balanced diets already include enough of it.

It is an antioxidant that aids in the replenishment of many other antioxidants within the body. It aids in the improvement of non-heme iron absorption and is essential for the development of interconnected tissue and wound repair. Additionally, it slows the harmful impacts of free radicals affecting the body’s skin and tissues.

Since the body cannot store vitamin C, it is essential to monitor your regular diet and incorporate vitamin C mostly in form of veggies and fruits. Even though this option is difficult due to our hectic lifestyles, we turn our heads to Vitamin C tablets to fulfill our needs.

Vitamin C Tablets Uses

According to research, vitamin C is necessary for the body’s tissue to develop and mend. Vitamin C aids in wound healing, bone, tooth, skin, and cartilage a kind of tough tissue that encases the bones — repair, and maintenance of health. Due to its antioxidant properties, vitamin C helps the body fight off free radicals, which might also help prevent or postpone some cancers, and heart disease, and promote healthy aging. In people with osteoarthritis, vitamin C from food sources also appears to decrease the chance of cartilage loss.

There is considerable evidence that large dosages of vitamin C may, for some people, shorten the duration of flu symptoms by up to one to one and a half days, even if it may not prevent you from getting sick. However, some studies did not come to the same conclusions, and large dosages of supplements containing vitamin C carry a higher risk of adverse effects, so consult a certified dietitian nutritionist or your doctor before its consumption.

Some Vitamin C Benefits

1. Vitamin C For Immune System

It aids in lowering the body’s free radical buildup and so aids in preventing oxidative stress. It boosts the vitamin c benefits in our bodies and combats aging and inflammation, which have been related to a decline in the incidence of many chronic illnesses.

You may be able to say goodbye to gout with a vitamin c immune booster. The exceedingly painful ailment known as gout is brought on by joint inflammation. The buildup of uric acid, a waste product, is what causes it. Vitamin C aids in lowering blood uric acid levels, hence assisting in the prevention of gout.

2. Vitamin C Lowers Risk Of Memory Loss Disorders

According to studies, oxidative stress can raise the risk of dementia in areas close to the brain and spine. Nevertheless, because Vitamin C lowers oxidative stress, it lowers the incidence of dementia and memory loss. Additionally, it lowers your risk of developing cardiovascular disorders and high blood pressure.

3. Diseases Remain At Bay

Your immunity will benefit greatly from vitamin C. Even the production of lymphocytes and white blood cells, which are our principal defenses against illnesses, involves vitamin C.

It promotes skin elasticity and has even been shown to speed up wound healing. Studies have shown that patients with pneumonia who take vitamin C supplements recover more quickly.

4. Enhances Eye Health

There is evidence that vitamin C consumption can decrease the likelihood of cataracts. When combined with other necessary nutrients, the vitamin can stop age-related eye problems and vision loss. In actuality, cataracts are 20% less common in persons who consume a lot of vitamin C. By preventing free radicals from harming the eye’s lens tissue at the molecular level, it also combats oxidative stress. According to studies, vitamin C may also prolong the retinal cells’ capacity for normal activity. Additionally, this vitamin promotes the health of your eyes’ blood vessels.

5. Vitamin C Can Prevent Anemia

The movement of oxygen throughout the body is facilitated by iron. Fortunately, vitamin C plays a role in maintaining healthy levels of iron.

This happens as a result of vitamin C’s role in boosting the body’s absorption of iron. Vitamin C aids in making naturally occurring iron, such as that from plants, simpler for the body to absorb.

6. Helps With Osteoarthritis Healing

Getting the proper amount of vitamin C supports healthy joints in people with osteoarthritis and prevents inflammatory arthritis.

According to research, inflammatory arthritis is threefold times more likely to occur in persons with the lowest amounts of vitamin C. Yet as we already mentioned, it’s crucial to pay attention to the dosage.

Natural Sources Of Vitamin C

Lemon – Most citrus fruits, including lemons, are important sources of vitamin C. Since lemons constitute a significant component of most diets, there is still another incentive to include them. Scurvy, caused by a lack of vitamin C, is avoided. Lemons have about The peels add 83mg of vitamin C. Lemon juice refreshes you at any moment of the day and can be consumed in the specific form of rice or lemon juice. There are a lot of alkalines forming in there. Later winter to the earliest summer is indeed the best time to get ripe golden lemons.

Papaya – The best source of vitamin C is found in the common fruit in your area. A cup of Papaya contains roughly around 87 mg of vitamin C. The gold balls up there are valued like gold for your health, so never disregard them. It can be eaten at any time of year, but it tastes best when it’s dry. (for all those candy-sugar enthusiasts!) Each cup (145 grams) of papaya offers 88 mg of vitamin C or 98% of the DV. Vitamin C also enhances memory and significantly reduces inflammation in the brain.

In a research study, 20 individuals with moderate Alzheimer’s were administered a concentrated papaya powder for 6 months. The outcomes demonstrated reduced oxidative stress by 40% and decreased inflammation.

Oranges – 100 grams of oranges have 59 milligrams of vitamin C in them. 83 mg of vitamin C are included in one medium orange. Add the golden citrus fruit, which has the highest flavor and nutritional value, to your drinks, a bowl of fruit, or simply cake to satisfy your sweet tooth. Between November to January and March to May, is the best time to eat it when they are really sweet and juicy. Lime, grapefruit, and other citrus fruits are also excellent providers of this vitamin.

Kiwis – The tropical fruit known as the Chinese Gooseberry, which contains 92.7 mg of vitamin C, is accessible all year long. The greatest tasting detox beverage with a wealth of nutritional vitamin c benefits. Moreover, a supplement to your breakfast drink. So go ahead and grab some fresh, nutritious kiwis. According to a study, kiwis can suppress blood platelets, which might also help lower the chance of blood clotting and stroke. The vitamin c for immune system may benefit from kiwi eating as well.

In a study involving 14 vitamin C-deficient men, eating two kiwis per day for four weeks resulted in a 20% rise in white blood cell activity. After only one week and a 275% increase, blood concentrations of vitamin C returned to normal.


1. What results from consuming too much vitamin C?

Although vitamin C is normally safe but consuming too much of anything will certainly prove to be harmful. If you take more than 2,000 mg of it at once, it can make you sick and induce diarrhea. High doses can also cause blood glucose readings to be artificially increased, which can be dangerous for diabetics.

2. How long does it take for vitamin C to treat acne?

It normally takes 4 weeks to start noticing results because your skin has had time to undergo at least one cycle of regeneration while using this skin-improving substance. Your skin should now have a subtle increase in radiance, which you’ll notice will last as long as you continue utilizing vitamin C.

3. Who should drink Vitamin C Effervescent from Plix?

We advise everyone older than ten to take two effervescent tablets each day. This beverage is ideal for you if swallowing capsules is generally difficult for you. Your immunity will be boosted by our vitamin C effervescent, and your body will be more equipped to fend against illnesses. You’ll feel rejuvenated, energized, and less stressed after taking this tablet.

4. Can I add two Vitamin C tablets to a drink? Will it further enhance my immunity?

There are many benefits of vitamin c tablets. You can undoubtedly take two tablets with a drink. Two pills provide double the advantages and are delicious. You may get your recommended daily intake of vitamin C, which will help strengthen your vitamin c for immune system, by taking two tablets every day.

5. How does Vitamin C affect immunity?

During the initial phases of an immunological response, when neutrophils engage in phagocytosis and generate reactive oxygen species (ROS) to eliminate antigens, vitamin C helps to protect neutrophils against oxidative distress as an efficient antioxidant.

6. How long does it take for Vitamin C to be absorbed?

How long does it take for vitamin C to begin to work its magic? Within one to two days, taking vitamin C supplements may produce beneficial results. Our research suggests using your Vitamin C tablets for at least three months to give your body time to adjust and offer the ideal effects because consistency is important.

7. Does Vitamin C really help with digestion?

Vitamin C plays an important role in enhancing our digestive health. Lack of sufficient vitamin C in our diets, our bodies produce less hydrochloric acid, which causes symptoms of poor digestion like heartburn, burping, and farting. You can enhance your digestion just by consuming enough vitamin C.


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