Sunblock Tablets – A New Way To Stay Protected From The Sun!

Nov 22, 2022
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Blog 17 Sunblock Tablets A New Way To Stay Protected From The Sun

Shield Yourself With Sunblock Tablets

Dermats, skin care experts, TV commercials, social media, and TV commercials all emphasize how important sun protection is for your health. The method that receives the utmost attention is sunscreen, which should be used every day even when you’re lounging in luxury at home or out for a mid-day walk. The idea of “sunblock tablets” has emerged, adding to the frenzy around skincare products. But how useful are these sunscreens that are consumed orally? To ensure that you have healthy, beautiful skin, you must protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. However, how familiar are we with these sunblock tablets? To prevent the negative consequences of UV light exposure, these supplements have been purposefully crafted. While taking sunscreen or lotion is still recommended, ingesting sunblock tablets prevents the damaging consequences of the sun’s rays from the inside out. 

Plix’s Sun Prepped skin is a potent combination of medically researched NutroxSun that reduces the production of ROS by UVB-exposed cells and lessens sun-induced skin inflammation and redness. Its five antioxidants Lycopene, Astaxanthin, Resveratrol, Vitamin E, and Rosemary along with NutroxSun, Hyaluronic Acid, and other ingredients protect the skin against UV rays and delay the appearance of wrinkles. For complete sun protection from the inside out, Sun Prepped Skin is the ideal supplement to your sunscreen regimen. Let’s read the article below to learn more about ingestible sunscreen tablets.

What Are Sunblock Tablets?

Take this as an instance. In addition to using skincare solutions topically, you also take a few vitamins regularly to support good skin. Similarly, you must use your usual sunscreen or creams to protect yourself from the damaging impacts of the sun’s harmful rays. However, adding sunblock tablets to your sun protection strategy is a good idea. This shields your skin from the inside out and aids in the battle against sun-related problems like dark spots.

The Significance Of Sun Protection

Tanning salon or sunlight exposure-induced skin colour raises your chance of acquiring skin cancer and speeds up the signs of ageing. Sunlight exposure is the primary factor responsible for the multitude of skin abnormalities that we identify with ageing. Throughout time, the skin’s elastin fibres suffer damage from ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. The skin starts to droop, sag, stretch, and loses its capacity to snap back to its initial shape when these fibres break down. The skin also breaks and bruises more readily, taking longer to heal. So, even though skin damage from the sun might not be noticeable when you’re younger, it will become clear as time goes on. 

There are many perils of negative sunlight exposure. The more common type of cancer is skin cancer, as well as the frequency of instances, is still increasing worldwide. Tumours are produced by this accelerated cell proliferation and are either harmless or benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous) Melanoma, is some of the main kinds of skin cancer. The principal reason for skin cancer is ultraviolet radiation from the harmful rays of the sun, although UV light from tanning sunbeds can be equally dangerous. You run the very same risk from sunlight exposure during the winter season as you do in the summer.

Are Sunblock Tablets Effective?

You may battle pigmentation-induced fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and dark spots that already have developed as a result of sunlight exposure by choosing the correct sunblock tablets, and they can be very efficient when used as directed.

Do Sunscreens Suffice?

The big fireball planet, our sun radiates power in a variety of ways, comprising UV light, infrared rays, and visible light (which we see). If you’ve ever lazily browsed around blogs or articles online or glanced at the label on your sunscreen lotion, then you might very well have encountered the term “UV light.”

A thorough sun protection regimen for your skin must include more than just sunscreen use. Although orally ingestible sunblock tablets can assist your skin and system remain safe from all of the damaging & invasive effects of the sun, topical sunscreens only safeguard you from excessive exposure to the sun’s harmful rays of the sun.

There are three other categories for UV light: ultraviolet A (UVA), ultraviolet B (UVB), and ultraviolet C. (UVC). UVA rays damage eyesight, stifle the immune response and wrinkle the skin. Sunburn accelerated ageing, and skin cancer is just a few of the skin problems that UVB rays can bring on.

Our human bodies are partially shielded from UV rays by the Earth’s atmosphere, just like they are from UVC rays. UV radiation that enters the Earth’s environment can harm the skin in various degrees, depending on how well it is shielded. The more common skin conditions associated with too much sunlight exposure are sunburn, photodamage, and skin cancer. A current method of protection is sunscreen. It’s crucial to incorporate orally administered sunscreen into your skincare routine to ensure all-encompassing, inside-out UV protection.

The 5 Benefits of Using Sunblock Tablets

Safety From Ultraviolet, Visible, And Infrared Radiation

Your skin may become dry and lose some of its naturally lubricating essential oils as a result of UV damage. This accelerates ageing and results in wrinkling of the skin. Sunblock tablets provide the skin with sustenance from the inside out, thereby shielding it against the damaging effects of the sun.

Antioxidant Characteristics

Antioxidants found in sunblock tablets combat free radicals produced by sunlight exposure. With the aid of these potent antioxidants, which we might not receive sufficiently in our everyday diet, sunblock tablets offer uniform defence for the human body.

Inhibits Uv-Induced Pigmentation

A disorder known as pigmentation is characterized by the development of darker patches and spots on the skin. The different types of pigmentations include melasma, hyperpigmentation, as well as other conditions that can cause profound pigmentation, which may be challenging to treat. Frictional pigmentation is influenced by continual rubbing. Sunlight damage and light sun tan can also result in superficial pigmentation.

Prevents Ageing

Lesions, dark patches, inflamed boils, and perhaps most significantly, wrinkling and fine lines are all symptoms of Ultraviolet-induced skin deterioration. The skin sags, stretches, droops, and lacks its capacity to snap back into place when stretched as those fibres begin to deteriorate. Sun protection tablets that can be swallowed aid in preventing early ageing of the skin. The elastin fibres in the skin eventually degenerate due to UV radiation from the sun.

Defends Against Sun Allergies

Your skin’s susceptibility to sun allergies or sensitivities, sunburn, accelerated hair ageing, skin discolouration, psoriasis, and other skin conditions can be improved by using sunblock tablets in your routine.

Are These Orally Administered Sunblock Tablets Good For You?

After some time, a fruit or a vegetable that has been chopped and left unattended will start to become reddish. The term oxidative stress describes this occurrence, and wonder why? The primary causes of oxidative stress in our skin include sunlight exposure, unhealthy or poor eating habits, an unhealthy lifestyle, excessive drinking, and smoking cigarettes. These kinds of circumstances cause your system to produce free radicals in quantities that it could not be capable of eliminating. Such free radicals injure cells by attacking lipids and DNA inside the epidermis. Premature ageing, irritation, inflammation,  wrinkling, pigmentation, and sometimes even cancer are the results.

Free radicals are eliminated by antioxidants, which act as free radical foragers. We are advised to eat a diet high in antioxidants because of this. Sunscreen application can aid in preventing oxidative damage to the skin brought on by damaging UV radiation.  In addition to sunscreen,  essential vitamins and antioxidants are crucial in skin care to prevent oxidative damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who needs to use sunscreen?

Everybody requires sunscreen to shield themselves against the sun’s damaging UV rays, irrespective of their age, gender, or race.

2. Should I stop applying sunscreen while consuming Plix’s Sunblock Tablets?

No. A beneficial complement to your current sun-care regimen is Sun Prepped skin. It wraps up your sun care regimen and makes up for sunscreen’s deficiencies.

3. Will it lessen irritation brought on by the sun?

Yes. Nutroxsun, a sun protection substance with scientific support, is a component of Sun Prepped skin. It works well to reduce photoaging and UVB and UVA sunlight radiation resistance.

4. What outcomes might I anticipate from Sun Prepped Skin?

A decrease in sunlight-induced pigmentation, fewer fine lines and wrinkling, and youthful skin are to be anticipated.


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