Facts You Need to Know About Sunscreen Capsules

Oct 14, 2022
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Blog 29 Facts You Need To Know About Sunscreen Tablets

Protecting your skin from the sun is vital to ensure you enjoy healthy beautiful skin. But, have you heard about sunscreen Capsules? These supplements are curated to avoid the harmful effects of UV radiation exposure. While taking sunscreen tablets doesn’t mean you stop using your sunscreen cream or lotion, it works from the inside to prevent the harmful effects of the sun. Let’s understand more in the article below.

What Are Sunscreen Capsules?

Let’s take an example. You use skincare products on your skin, but also rely on a few supplements orally to help keep the skin healthy. In the same way, you need your regular sunscreen lotion or creams to fight the harmful sun effects from outside. But, taking sunscreen Capsules is a healthy addition to your sun care routine. This protects your skin from the inside and helps fight sun-induced issues, such as dark spots. 

Are Sunscreen Capsules Effective?

Yes, when you opt for the right sunscreen tablets, they can be extremely effective and help fight pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots that have occurred due to exposure to the sun. 

Should You Use a Sunscreen Lotion After Taking Capsules?

Yes, even after taking sunscreen Capsules every day, you must not stop using sunscreen cream, gel or lotion. The pills work from inside. To ensure your skin is fully protected, you need the outer shield too. You can make the pills a part of your sunscreen routine by consuming them in the morning before you step out. And always make sure you use the best sunscreen, which is at least SPF 50.

What Are the Benefits of Sunscreen Capsules?

Some of the sunscreen Benefits  are;

UV Protection: It protects your skin from harmful UV radiation from the sun.

Skin Nourishment: The sunscreen pills help you achieve healthier and more beautiful skin. It also helps maintain hydration of the skin and keeps it plump and supple.

Anti-Ageing Benefits: One of the best advantages of sunscreen pills is that they help you restore your youthful glow by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles and fighting premature signs of ageing. 

What Are the Main Features of Sunscreen Capsules?

  • They are very easy to consume 
  • You don’t have to keep reusing it like topical sunscreen
  • It offers uniform coverage and protects your complete skin and not just the face
  • It provides protection from free radicals and helps get rid of pigmentation 
  • It repairs sun-damage DNA in your skin cells 
  • It slows the process of ageing 
  • It can help combat sun-related allergies that some people suffer from
  • It can be great for athletes who are not able to apply topical lotions frequently

If you are looking for the best sunscreen Capsules in India, Plix Life brings you Sun Prepped Skin. This innovative product is 100% natural and vegan-friendly and is made of;

Nutroxsun: This ingredient prevents photoinduced oxidation, damage, and oxidation. 

Hyaluronic acid: It keeps the skin fully hydrated and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 

Amino acid: This ingredient further strengthens the skin and reduces any other ageing signs.

Astaxanthin: It improves the elasticity of the skin and reduces spots. 

All you need to do is take two capsules with breakfast and you are good to go. You will see the results in just one month where your skin will start looking more hydrated than before and feel supple. By the third month, the overall skin health would have elevated and you will notice all the signs of sun damage diminishing greatly. So, try sunscreen Capsules today for a foolproof sun care routine. 


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