PMS Symptoms are real!

Jan 14, 2022
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PMS symptoms are real

Here’s how you can combat PMS Symptoms

Let’s face it. The PMS struggle is real. We have all been there and the discomfort continues to shake our lives during that time of the month, every month.

Over 90% women say that they get premenstrual symptoms like bloating, headaches and mood swings.

It is a scientific fact that physical and psychological symptoms that occur seven to fourteen days prior to your periods. During this time, a lot of changes take place in our bodies, including the impact on the secretion of two most important mood regulating hormones- serotonin and GABA.  That explains the irritability, mood swings, depression, anxiety and other symptoms that have become a common definition of PMS, which people have been using irresponsibly for assertive women.

“Stop PMSing”

“Dude, why is she so irritated? Must be PMSing”

Sounds familiar?

Well, assertiveness is a symptom of strength, not your approaching periods. And we don’t think you need to change that in you.

However, there’s science behind the physical and mental discomfort PMS can cause. And there’s definitely a lot you can do to put them at ease. Let’s begin by understanding the most common PMS symptoms;

  •         Stomach Cramps
  •         Backache
  •         Body pain
  •         Diarrhoea
  •         Constipation
  •         Mood swings
  •         Headaches
  •         Anxiety
  •         Difficulty sleeping
  •         Changes in sex drive
  •         Fatigue

Most of us resort to pain alleviating meds to relieve the discomfort such as ibuprofen. But there are other, much safer ways to get immediate relief. For e.g.

–       Exercise can help relieve cramping. As against popular belief, exercising during periods is actually a good idea, especially lower back and glute stretches.

–       Some women find that drinking plenty of water can improve the PMS symptoms.

–       One of the most proven ways to say goodbye to PMS pain and discomfort is getting regular sleep,

–       You can’t underestimate the role of a balanced diet in treating physical and mental distress during PMS.

–       Salmon and other food containing Omega-3 fatty acids can reduce inflammation before periods

–       Periods lead to a lot of iron loss from the body. Include superfood like kale and spinach to help your body replenish the loss of iron

–       Food rich in magnesium, like oats and dark chocolate, also work in your favour.

–       Bananas, pineapples and kiwis are your friends pre and during periods. Rich in the enzyme actinidin, kiwis can help you digest protein more easily.

–       Load up on calcium. Eat a lot of cheese, warm milk and yoghurt.

–       Include oats in your breakfast or evening snack

–       Peanut butter. Yes, you heard that right. Peanut butter is loaded with carbs and energy which helps you recover from period pain almost instantly

–       Magical teas- This is something most women swear by. A warm soothing cup of ginger tea is an unbeatable remedy for gas and bloating and chamomile tea is a great reliever of muscle spasms and anxiety.

These are just some hacks to put that stubborn period pain and mood swings to rest. While these can work wonderfully, you also need ample of rest. Try meditating, listening to your favorite music and taking to a friend to alleviate mood swings and frustration.

Have a happy period!

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