How PMS Supplements Work To Ease Your Mood

Jan 14, 2022
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How PMS Supplements Work To Ease Your Mood 1

Periods is that time of the month, where females are not just menstruating but are also going through an emotional roller coaster a few days before and after the crucial time. And let’s admit, sometimes it does feel a little too unfair for a person to have so many physical cramps, emotional imbalance as well as blood loss at the same time. And all of this is not just limited to those menstruating days, but is also preceded by PMS symptoms that are REAL trouble to deal with!

But, we all might be thinking that ‘this is a natural process, we can’t do anything about it, right? Well if you too have an affirmative response to this then you are going to be amazed by finding out what we have got in store for you! Hang tight and keep reading.

So before we really jump into the topic of how PMS supplements ease the mood during those cranky, irritable, and painful days. Let us first explain to you what it really means and what is the need for the easing supplements?

What is PMS and why do you need supplements for it

PMS is an abbreviation for Premenstrual Syndrome, which precedes the menstruation days of a female’s reproductive cycle and causes a variety of PMS symptoms like fatigue, irritability, abrupt mood swings, random food cravings, anxiety, and a lot more.

During this phase, biologically there is a gradual drop that begins in the progesterone and the estrogen levels which in a way reflects into the serotonin level drop in the body that can make a person feel low, anxious, or sometimes depressed too.

Hence, to avoid slipping into an emotional and physical state where you feel demotivated, unhappy, or cranky, there are supplements that come in handy to help females deal with a super unwanted and difficult phase

What are the type of supplements I should invest in?

When talking about PMS symptoms, there is not just one but many issues to deal with. And let’s be honest, finding one super supplement that can help with multiple problems can be a tricky part. But, before you begin your hunt to find out the supplements, take out time to know more about what exactly should you be looking out for.

There is a number of supplements that help to ease PMS symptoms, and some of them are listed here for you.

  • Calcium- It is found that calcium intake is sufficiently maintained in the body, the PMS symptoms are lessened to a great extent. You can either pop up calcium pills or even consume foods like milk and milk products, bananas, leafy vegetables, etc.
  • Another super supplement to ease the PMS symptoms is Vitamin B6. This supplement greatly helps in mood stability, reduces irritability and tiredness, and also the feeling of depression. You can find this in poultry foods, bananas, soybeans, oats, etc.
  • The Other supplement to deal with your difficult PMS symptoms is Ginseng also called Gingko Biloba. This ingredient is comparatively difficult to find but does a great job to ease the cramps and body ache
  • Another rare but extremely effective supplement for the PMS symptom is the Chasteberry extract. This decreases irritability and also reduces mood swings.
  • Other vitamins like Vitamin E and Magnesium are also some other supplements that help deal with PMS symptoms like bloating, acne, tender breasts, etc.

So far, if you too have made up your mind to consume some of the supplements listed here to have a comparatively relaxing Premenstrual phase with the least possible PMS symptoms, you are sure going to have a slightly difficult time looking out for it. In case, you want to try a PMS supplement with the benefits of almost all the things listed, this is the product for you.

How do these supplements work to ease the mood?

During the premenstrual phase of every female’s cycle, the hormones drop lead to a gradual decrease in the serotonin that leads to a low mood, irritability, and even crankiness and depressive mood.

These PMS supplements work effectively in maintaining the serotonin hormone level and try to reduce craving and mood swings and induce a feel-good effect that helps combat the PMS symptoms in a much effective way.

So, the next time you feel you are closer to those days of experiencing PMS symptoms, don’t forget to consume at least one of these supplements and if you find them hard to find, check out the product we got in store for you! Hope you have comparatively lesser PMS symptoms and a happy period in the coming month!

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