Best Hair Serum for Male: 5 reasons why you need it!

Nov 09, 2022
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Do you ever manifest running your hand through your hair and feeling the smooth texture of it? The feeling of catching hold of that luscious and dense hair feels so good. You no longer have to worry about bald patches on your scalp or even about losing hair strands while bathing or combing your hair. 

What if we tell you that you are just a few drops away from this manifestation? If you want to get closer to making this scenario a reality, you are at the right place. In this blog, we are going to discuss one of the most popularly growing products in the hair care industry – ‘serums’.

Just like our skin, our hair also requires attention, love, and hair serums are a healthy addition to your hair care routine. Hair serums do not just work to keep the hair shiny and smoothen its texture but also help you grow newer hair and tackle baldness. But Which is the Best Serum for hair growth?

Stress, UV exposure, hereditary and pollution are the underlying causes of a receding hairline. Best hair growth serums for men are powered with ingredients that work towards treating the damage caused by these stressors and reducing progressive balding in men.

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DHT & Hair Thinning

What is DHT (Dihydrotestosterone)?

Dihydrotestosterone or DHT, is an androgen hormone that your body makes as a byproduct of testosterone production. Although testosterone is your body’s main male sex hormone, DHT also has a significant impact on a number of important bodily processes.

How DHT Can Contribute to Male Pattern Baldness

If you are genetically prone to male pattern baldness, DHT attaches itself to androgen receptors in your hair follicles and makes them undergo the process of ‘miniaturization’. This is a process in which hair follicles shrink as DHT shortens the hair growth phase, i.e anagen phase, and subsequently prevents hair from growing adequately. DHT-affected hairs become thinner and shorter. Stress, poor sleep, unhealthy lifestyle, and poor diet are some of the reasons why DHTs increase heightening the risk of baldness, and hair thinning.

Sensitivity to DHT is one of the most common causes of hair loss or male pattern baldness. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) has been investigated in modern science and is statistically significant in causing hair loss in men. 

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Natural DHT blockers:

Green Tea

Epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG (a component of green tea) has been studied to protect hair follicles from DHT-induced hair loss.

Pumpkin Seeds

Consuming a pumpkin seed oil supplement daily was found to lead to rapid hair growth.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto, a well-known DHT blocker that is extracted from the berries of palm tree, is recommended as a natural remedy for preventing the synthesis of DHT.


Watermelon, grapefruit, pink guava, and tomatoes are among the fruits and vegetables that frequently contain the natural plant pigment lycopene. In addition to its antioxidant abilities, lycopene may influence DHT levels and possibly reducing hair loss.

Benefits Of Hair Serum For Men

Hair serum provides numerous benefits for men. They are essential product to maintain healthy and stronger hair. Here are some benefits of hair serum for men:

Reduce Hair Fall:

Hair growth serums are powered with DHT blockers that help to Stop Hair Fall for Men and combat premature, progressive hair balding and thinning.

Shields Hair From Sun-Induced Damage

When you spend a significantly long time under the sun, your hair becomes more susceptible to damage from contaminants and the sun. Hair serum gives your hair additional benefits by forming a protective layer. Your hair is shielded by ingredients in the serum that protect your hair from the harmful effects of pollutants and harmful UV rays. 

Repair Hair Damage

Hair loss and texture damage are some of the consequences caused by colouring or dyeing hair. Amino acids included in hair serum aid in repairing hair damage brought on when you colour your hair. 

Makes Hair Less Prone to Breakage

Serums strengthen hair and reduce breakage-related hair loss. Hair serums protect your hair against chemical activities, UV rays, bleaching chemicals, heat, and oxidative damage making your hair less prone to breakage.

Add Extra Shine

Hair serums not only assist in taming frizz, but they can also improve the texture of your hair by making it less dry. The serum has a natural potential to give your hair more shine and make it appear smooth because it is packed with essential oils. Some men’s hair serums give the appearance silky smooth hair while also gradually restoring your hair’s natural shine.

Best Hair Serum For Males from Plix

As seen above, factors like poor metabolism, stress, and nutrient deficiencies can trigger DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) sensitivity in men. This leads to follicle shrinking causing progressive and premature baldness in men. Plix Mens Hair Growth Serum contains proven ingredients like anagain, baicapil, redensyl that synergestically work towards helping men combat these issues and help promote the growth of fuller, stronger hair. With the help of the serum, you can anticipate new hair growth of upto 9,500 strands. The following are some of the benefits of the best hair growth serum for men:

1. Reduced Thinning

The serum helps in combatting the follicle-shrinking DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) hormone and overcome a receding hairline, hair thinning, along with hair fall. The serum’s potent blend reactivates hair stem cells, resulting in fuller and denser hair growth.

2. Accelerated Hair Growth

The award-winning ingredients in the serum stimulate sleeping hair stem cells to generate new hair growth. The clinically proven ingredient Redensyl acts as a molecular switch for awakening these stem cells.

3. Stronger Hair

The serum helps induce the proliferation of hair follicles and helps to improve hair texture and increased hair density.

4. Full Scalp Coverage

Men’s Hair Growth Serum from Plix improves blood circulation to the scalp and encourages increased hair growth. This helps in improving  your scalp coverage. The serum contains ingredients that penetrate deep into your scalp for hydration and this helps in restoring your scalp health laying a healthy foundation for your hair to grow well properly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is DHT?

Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is an androgen hormone that is responsible for shrinking hair follicles and reducing hair growth.

2. What are some natural DHT blockers?

Green Tea, Onions, Pumpkin seeds, Saw Palmetto and Lycopene contain natural DHT blockers.

3. Why is it recommended that men use hair growth serum?

Stress, hormonal imbalance, inflammation, UV exposure can deteriorate hair health. Hair growth serums contain potent ingredients that work synergistically to help you tackle the consequences of these factors on hair health.

4. What are the benefits of using Men’s Hair Growth Serum from Plix?

Fuller, denser, reduced hair fall, and stronger hair are some benefits of using Men’s Hair Growth Serum from Plix.  

5. What are the ingredients of the serum? How do I apply it?

The serum contains award-winning ingredients like Redensyl, Anagain, along with Baicapil. With the help of a dropper, you need to apply a generous amount on your scalp on the area of hair loss and massage gently. You can use the serum once every night before going to bed.

6. Can I use it after a hair transplant?

Once your skin heals after undergoing a hair transplant, you can start using the hair serum. Please consult your physician before applying the serum.


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