9 Benefits of Plix’s Green Elixir Effervescent on your Health

Mar 25, 2022
3 mins read

9 Benefits of Plixs Green Elixir Effervescent on your Health

Green Elixir Effervescent is a multivitamin supplement that’s exceptional for your skin and health! When you start taking the supplement regularly, you will be able to ditch the Instagram filters and confidently step out. Green Elixir brings you not one, not two but nine health benefits! What are they? Continue reading to learn more.

Made using a blend of 8 super greens and 13 super-nourishing foods, its energising lemon burst flavour makes it a refreshing morning drink. Just take two tablets in a glass of water and you are good to go.

Plix Green Elixir Effervescent

Reasons Why Plix’s Green Elixir Effervescent Is Good For You

 When you start consuming this multivitamin drink regularly, you will start noticing the difference from the first month. Its benefits include:

1. Improves Digestive Health

 The super greens present in the drink helps balance the pH of your body. This helps regulate your digestion where your digestion also improves and any acidity that you might be experiencing will also be eliminated.

2. A full Body Detox

 The ingredients present in the drinking aid are free radicals, which helps detoxify your liver. And, that’s not all. All the harmful toxins and bacteria also get flushed out from your body. This helps strengthen your immune system.

3. Builds Immunity

 With the COVID-19 still making its presence felt, it is important to keep your immune system in check. When you consume Green Elixir immune effervescent tablets regularly, your immunity becomes strong and helps you fight off several diseases. However, make sure you take the immunity tablets regularly.

4. Aids Brain Health

 Plix Green Elixir Effervescent by Plix Life can slow down cognitive decline and takes care of your brain function. It means, the Elixir can protect the brain from diseases, such as dementia and Alzheimers.

5. Helps with Stress Relief

 Stress is a common condition that most millennials and Gen-Z individuals suffer from. But the antioxidants present in the Green Elixir helps prevent everyday stress and enhances your productivity.

6. Balances Your Sugar Levels

 The super greens present in the drink are truly wondrous. They can also help control your sugar levels. If you are borderline diabetic or have a family history of the disease, you can start consuming Green Elixir regularly to combat the problem.

7. Achieve High Levels Of Energy

 The everyday commute, long office hours, and more can be extremely draining and sometimes, energy levels can go down. However, to ensure you always stay energised and ready to tackle the world, a glass of Green Elixir tablets for glowing skin can help you out.

8. Healthy & Glowing Skin

 We all want glowing skin like the movie stars, don’t we? And it doesn’t require any elaborate treatment under a dermatologist. All you need is Green Elixir and you are good to go.`

Green Elixir is full of vitamin C, which enhances collagen production and is beneficial for both your skin and hair. It adds a lovely glow and prevents any acne. Collagen helps maintain the elasticity of your skin, which keeps you younger-looking and maintains the quality of your skin.

9. Weight Management

 If you are struggling with weight management, the Green Elixir is a fat-burning supplement that can help you out. It speeds up your body’s metabolism and helps you keep your weight in check.

When you start taking Green Elixir, you can see the difference immediately. But after four to five months, you will not only feel healthy but also notice glowing skin with an even-toned clear complexion.

Just two tablets and a host of benefits! Hurry up and order your Plix Green Elixir today!


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