5 ways plant protein will boost your daily life

Mar 09, 2022
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5 ways plant protein will boost your daily life

While meat and animal protein have been advertised as being the right way to achieve daily protein goals – science speaks otherwise. Extensive research has shown that animal protein is not as optimal a protein source as plant protein. Yes – you read that right, plant protein is the better choice. Plant protein has been found to be low in saturated fat, easier on the digestive system and free of any harmful bacteria, making it the more optimal choice. Plant Protein keeps the body healthy, strong and youthful by keeping the immune system strong. Consuming plant protein everyday has long term health benefits which make you live a long and healthy life.


Let’s take a deep dive into 5 ways plant protein will boost your daily life:

1. Plant- protein keeps your gut healthy

Research has shown that people who eat a plant-based diet have a unique gut profile. Their digestive systems have been found to contain less disease-causing organisms and a larger number of protective species that keep the body’s inflammation levels low. A plant based diet is highly beneficial in increasing gut microbiome diversity. Healthy microbes in the gut are directly linked to improvements in our overall health and well-being. Poor gut health causes fatigue, anxiety, depression, dull skin and immunity diseases.

2. Plant protein look and feel younger

If you’re looking for a way to feel and look younger it is recommended that you adopt a diet that is filled with more plant protein than animal protein. Plant based protein and a plant based diet can help prevent ageing. Filling your body with good protein choices can help you stay younger for longer. In one study it was found that healthy, glowing skin was linked to higher intakes of plant foods.

3. Plant protein helps improve your athletic performance

Many world famous athletes are making the switch to plant-based protein and vegan diets. The reason for this is that plant protein is linked to improvements in athletic performance, an increase in energy and levels and quicker recovery times post exercise and other physical activity.

4. Plant protein can enhance weight loss

Studies have shown that people on plant based and vegan diet plans lose more weight in comparison to those on regular meat based diet plans. The reason for this is that plant based diets and proteins are healthier overall and packed with fibre and protein which help the body stay full for longer.

5. Plant protein reduce the consumption of harmful bacteria

Animal protein brings into your body toxic antibiotics and hormones which are fed to the animals to improve meat quality. These toxins can have second degree negative effects on the human body. Apart from this, animal protein sometimes introduces you to harmful strains of bacteria that can lead to illness, for example salmonella.

How can you add plant protein to your diet on a daily basis?

Plix Everyday protein

The most effective way to add plant protein to your everyday diet is by adding plant based protein powder into your diet. Everyday Protein Daily from Plix Life is a plant-based protein powder made with the goodness of pea protein and enriched with beetroot, ashwagandha and green tea. This blended combination is soy and gluten free and completely natural and safe from any GMOs, artificial flavours and preservatives. This power-packed plant based protein powder gives you all the benefits of plant proteins including raising energy levels, building immunity and strengthening of the brain function. It supports muscle growth and repair and boosts endurance and strength. One of the key benefits of Plix Everyday Protein Daily is the sustained energy it provides you. Boost your everyday energy while reaping the long term benefits of plant protein with Plix’s Everyday Protein Daily.


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