Lutein Eye Care Effervescent For Eye Protection, Relieves Eye Strain & Supports Vision

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Lutein Eye Care Effervescent For Eye Protection, Relieves Eye Strain & Supports Vision

Pledge A Tree!
Everytime you place an order with us we will plant a tree. With your help we can now achieve our goal of planting millions of tree's in the next couple of years. Learn more

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Powered by potent ingredients like Lutemax 2020 and natural Bilberry E...Read more
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Incomparable Blue Light Protection

Loaded with the goodness of Lutemax 2020 and Bilberry Extract, Lutein Eye Care offers excellent protection from harsh blue light, so your eyes are relaxed and unaffected even after long hours of bingeing on TV or laptop.

The Perfect Travel Companion

Your eyes need round-the-clock care, even when you’re on the move. Lutein Eye Care, which comes in a compact, travel-sized pack, makes for the perfect travel companion no matter where you’re jetting off to!

Your Eyesight’s Best Friend

With potent ingredients like Lutemax 2020 and Bilberry Extract, Lutein Eye Care takes great care of your eyesight and protects your eyes from fatigue and stress.

Protect Your Eyes From Harsh, Blue Light

Your eyes are home to light receptors that are especially sensitive to blue light! The presence of Lutemax 2020 in this effervescent drink protects your eyes when they’re exposed to harsh, blue light from your laptop, TV or smartphone and reduces all the stress from such an exposure.

Let Your Eyes Experience True Comfort

Lutein Eye Care’s meticulously crafted formulation is potent and effective. The winning combination of Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Bilberry Extract does a great job of keeping your eyes comfortable and reducing any eye strain you may feel due to constant wear and tear.

Bid Adieu To Dry Eyes

The miraculous blend of Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Bilberry also comes loaded with antioxidants that work wonders for tired eyes. You can say goodbye to tired and itchy eyes that accompany the dry eye syndrome. The power-packed antioxidants in this combination of ingredients help prevent chronic eye diseases.

Lutemax 2020

Lutemax 2020 is a clinically proven ingredient that is naturally derived from marigold flowers. It is enriched with Lutein and Zeaxanthin - both of which are responsible for high vision clarity and offer a unique combination of benefits for your eyes. It is just what you need to keep your eyes and your eyesight healthy and unaffected by the fatigue that accompanies a modern lifestyle.

Bilberry Extract

Lutein Eye Care also contains 500mg of Bilberry Extract, which is a scientifically proven powerhouse of antioxidants. The anti-inflammatory properties offered by Bilberry Extract improve your vision and reduce eye dryness, keeping your eyes unaffected by the fatigue that comes with prolonged computer or mobile usage.

Drop It!

Take 1-2 Lutein Eye Care tablets and drop them in a glass of cold water. Pro Tip - Drop 2 Good Gut tablets at one go for better taste and faster results! You can consume after breakfast and one before bed.

Fizz It!

Let it Fizz and dissolve completely.

Drink It!

Your delicious Lutein Eye Care drink is ready! Drink it within 2-3 minutes for better taste. Consume this drink twice a day at different time intervals for best results. *Recommended: two tablets in one drink daily, twice a day, for faster results.

Net quantity15N Tabs
Manufactured ByNutralike Healthcare Plot no. A/23, Swagat-3 Industrial Park, Indore - Ahamadabad Hwy, Kuha, Gujarat 382433
Expiry Date2022
Country of originINDIA
FSSAI License Number11221999000329

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Reduced Eye Fatigue

You’ll start to notice that your eyes are less tired and fatigued even after prolonged exposure to digital screens that emit blue light. That’s all thanks to the nourishment provided by Lutein Eye Care.

Improved Quality Of Sleep

Relaxed and restful sleep can minimise eye strain and protect your eyes from prolonged exposure to blue light. Regularly using this product allows the Lutemax 2020 in them to improve cognitive performance and help you sleep better each night.

Better Vision And Overall Eye Health

By the time the fourth month or so comes around, you’ll start to notice and enjoy the effects of the stellar combination of Bilberry Extract and Lutemax 2020. These outcomes include improved vision, slower ageing of your eyes and overall eye health.

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What The Pros Say

Protects Against Blue Light

Plix Lutein Eyecare is one of the most natural and delicious ways to care for your eyes. Being a working person, I have to spend most of my time in front of the computer, which irritates my eyes. One day, I randomly came across this product and gave it a try. I am very impressed with its result as it helped soothe itchiness and decreased eye strain.

Good For Those On Laptops Daily

After using this product for a few months, my eyesight has improved. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to improve their eye health and protect it from blue light.

Improves Eye Strain

Each effervescent contains clinically proven Lutemax and bilberry extract that helps improve eyesight, soothes that burning sensation in the eyes and protect your eyes from blue light.

Customer Review


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Used it and loved it

Here are the changes that I observed after using this product for 3 months: - The dryness of my eyes is now gone and they are nicely moist throughout the day now. - The vision has definitely improved and I can see a lot more clearly now. - The irritation problem with my eyes is also gone now as they are moist most of the time. - The sleep has improved a lot since I have started taking these tablets. Overall, it is an easy recommendation for people who have dry eyes and problems with their eyesight.

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Take care of your eyes with this

The thing that I loved the most about this product is the concept behind it. I mean consuming tablets that dissolve in water to nourish your eyes. That is something I never heard. Of course that got me curious. I received the product on time. And first of all, the packaging is great and these tablets are easy to carry around. You just have to add a tablet to a glass of water and drink it. You don’t have to put anything in your eyes. The taste is awesome and I just love it totally. I think I’ll be ordering more of them pretty soon to see full results.

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You have to try this

Trust me everything that you will do to take care of your eyes today will give you such great results in the coming years when you will be a little old. Unlike other people of your age who will be having dry eyes, weak eyesight and other problems, you will be able to view just fine. Keeping that in mind, I ordered these tablets and it’s been just a month I think and for sure i will be ordering more of these. They taste great and have good results. I don’t need anything else. I am just thankful that I found these.

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Great for eyes

You guys know how bad the corporate life is, endless hours on a computer screen and that is one of the worst things you could do to your eyes. It was only a matter of time that this endless hours of staring at a screen all day would take a toll on my eyes. I started to feel irritation in my eyes and noticed that I couldn’t read things far away from me. It was all blurry and the situation just got bad. So I had to do something. A friend of mine suggested that I might have dry eyes and it can be repaired by a supplement is the damage isn’t too deep. So I ordered these tablets as I know that Plix is selling them for a while. It’s been 2 months now and I am quite happy with the results. I don’t feel irritation and can read much better. Thanks a lot Plix.

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They are good

Before you go on to buy this product, here are a few things that you need to know: - these are not regular tablets, these are effervescent tablets which you have to dissolve in water and drink - It has a sweet berry flavour which tastes great and energises you. - The product takes some time to show good results. You have to be patient and give it at least 3 months of regular use. - It contains all the things that are great for your eyes. The product is overall great and you can either spend thousand in medical bills or just started a healthy lifestyle right away.

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