Lean Fudge Bar, Chocolate, 5G Plant Protein, 0g Refined Fiber, Weight Management, Healthy Snack

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Lean Fudge Bar, Chocolate, 5G Plant Protein, 0g Refined Fiber, Weight Management, Healthy Snack

Pledge A Tree!
Everytime you place an order with us we will plant a tree. With your help we can now achieve our goal of planting millions of tree's in the next couple of years. Learn more

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It’s not cheating when you’re having an affair with chocolate! It’s ev...Read more
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5g High Protein Treat

With 5g of high-quality pea protein and an indulgent Chocolate Fudge flavour, Lean Fudge Bar is not a protein supplement, it’s a protein treat.

Weight Smart

Lean Fudge Bar will make your weight loss and fitness journey a pleasure because it tastes sinfully good, but is low in calories.

Energy On-The-Go

As a convenient healthy snack, Lean Fudge Bar is the natural choice for anyone with a busy and active lifestyle.

Get Active

High-quality pea protein in Lean Fudge Bar ensures that you have the energy reserves you need to stay active and workout to the limit.

Control Cravings

While the fudgy chocolate flavour of Lean Fudge Bar will satisfy your cravings, its ingredients also help you stay satisfied for longer.

Metabolic Boost

Lean Fudge Bar also includes natural herbal ingredients that encourage healthy metabolism, which is essential for weight management.

Almonds & Cashews

Nutty crunches that also gives you protein, fibre, and healthy fats that slow digestion to reduce food cravings.

Apple Cider Vinegar & Garcinia Cambogia

Apple Cider Vinegar lends a distinctive sweet, sour and crisp flavour, while supporting healthy metabolism and blood sugar regulation. Hydroxycitric acid in Garcinia Cambogia aids appetite control and also protects against fat accumulation.

Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek extract can aid weight loss by promoting satiety, which helps lower caloric intake.

Pea Protein

A plant-based high-quality, easily digested protein that contains essential amino acids.

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Net quantity6 Bars
Manufactured ByYDS LIFESCIENCE Shade no. 1, fortune industrial park, Near Satelite Estate, Singarava-Kathwada road, Kathwada, Ahmedabad-382430
Expiry Date2022
Country of originINDIA
FSSAI License Number11221999000329

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Choco Fantasy

You never imagined that chocolatey goodness could be the gateway to weight management, but that’s what you get with Lean Fudge Bar. Ingredients like Apple Cider Vinegar support healthy metabolism, which also aids fat metabolism, appetite regulation, and more. It’s the start of a new beginning!

Yummy Power

Snacking on Lean Fudge Bar regularly isn’t just rewarding in every sense. It also helps build and sustain energy levels thanks to the powerful pea protein, nuts, and other nutrient dense ingredients. You can now enjoy both chocolate perfection and peak performance.

Lean & Clean

With Lean Fudge Bar as your daily on-the-go snack, the fudgy chocolate and crunchy nuts will keep you going. Your energy levels are consistently high, you’re always satisfied, and your fitness goals are finally achievable. You can have the lean and clean body that you’ve always wanted, thanks to the power of plant-based ingredients in Lean Fudge Bar!

We Plant a Tree with every Order

You save our planet and make a difference each time you choose clean nutrition. We plant apple, guava, and papaya saplings in Maharashtra for every order placed so that your PLIX supplements take care of not only your health but also the environment.


What The Pros Say

Nuts in every bite

I love that 70-80% of this Lean bar is made up of nuts & superfoods. I can taste the crunch of nuts in every single bite. It's the tastiest and healthiest nutritional bar I have ever eaten. I love it because it is infused with ACV and Garcinia, perfect to eat post-workout.

Curbs hunger cravings

This bar has ACV and garcinia, but tastes like delicious Chocolate fudge. I carry this Lean bar with me wherever I go because it is the perfect size. It is nutty, healthy and helps to deal with hunger pangs! I eat it for breakfast, as a dessert after dinner or whenever I get those midnight cravings.

Rich taste of chocolate and nuts

I have ordered this Plix Lean bar for the 5th time now and still can't get over its taste! You can taste the premium blend of rich chocolate taste with nutty crunch in every bite!

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Expensive but it is too nutty

The price of Plix Fudge bars was stopping me from buying it but after tasting it, i genuinely feel worth buying this bar as it is nutty and super tasty!

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Healthy snack

So delicious and nutritious!

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High quality product

Supreme quality and rich in taste!

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Highly recommended

Will definitely purchase again!

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Perfect snacking option

I have two teenager girls who are growing at a rapid pace and are conscious about their weight. This is an age where they eat pretty much anything given to them and they can put on weight by eating junk or fast food. But as a mother, I do not want to give them anything unhealthy so I try my best. One of my friends suggested me to try these chocolate bars so I ordered a pack. Frankly, it turned out to be a great decision. My kids absolutely love it and I too occasionally have it every now and then. The taste of the chocolate fudge is quite irresistible and the good thing is that it is healthy. So I do not mind my kids having these bars every day. Although, it would have been nice to get a bigger pack as I have to order them frequently. But the main thing for me is satisfaction. Even if they are a bit expensive than regular unhealthy chocolate bars, I still prefer these ones for my kids.

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