Brain Fudge Bar, Mocha Fudge, 5G Plant Protein, 0g Refined Sugar, Healthy & Delicious Daily Snack

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Brain Fudge Bar, Mocha Fudge, 5G Plant Protein, 0g Refined Sugar, Healthy & Delicious Daily Snack

Pledge A Tree!
Everytime you place an order with us we will plant a tree. With your help we can now achieve our goal of planting millions of tree's in the next couple of years. Learn more

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Dig in to some bittersweet goodness wrapped in a crunchy fudge bar. Pl...Read more
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Mocha Magic

Brain Fudge Bar is not your average run-of-the-mill protein bar. With an indulgent rich mocha fudge flavour, Brain Fudge Bar is a treat for your tastebuds!

Protein Smart

Brain Fudge Bar doesn’t just rank high in taste, but is also high in energy and nutrition that keeps you energised thanks to its high-quality pea protein and nuts.

Positively Nutty

With almonds and cashews, Brain Fudge Bar gives you a delicious nutty flavour along with nutrition that helps you stay positive.

Brain Fuel

With added ingredients including Ashwagandha, Brahmi, and MCT you can enjoy the health benefits of these natural brain boosters in the form of a toothsome treat!

Skills Upgrade

Experience improvements in your skill and ability to perform tasks that require high motor control.

Calorie Light Nutrition Dense

The perfect treat for guilt-free indulgence because of its low-calorie content and high nutrition.

Almonds & Cashews

In addition to their exquisite nutty flavours and crunchiness, they are rich in brain healthy nutrients such as vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids.

Ashwagandha & Brahmi

Ayurveda’s most celebrated rejuvenative herb promotes strengthened memory and cognitive function by raising acetylcholine levels in the brain. Regarded as the most potent Ayurvedic brain boosting herb, Brahmi enhances memory and concentration.

Pea Protein Isolate

A plant-based high-quality, easily digested protein that contains essential amino acids.

MCT Powder

MCTs are known to offer a multitude of benefits, including relief from problems with memory, thinking, or judgement.

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Perfect Snacking Partner

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Net quantity6 Bars
Manufactured ByYDS LIFESCIENCE Shade no. 1, fortune industrial park, Near Satelite Estate, Singarava-Kathwada road, Kathwada, Ahmedabad-382430
Expiry Date2022
Country of originINDIA
FSSAI License Number11221999000329

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Yummy Fudgy Way To Focus

Brain Fudge Bar gives you more than rich Mocha flavoured fudgy yumminess. With its careful blend of ingredients, including Ayurvedic herbs, Brain Fudge Bar also offers quick and natural relief from problems with concentration and memory, helping you find your focus.

Exquisite Taste, Extreme Energy

Continued snacking on the delightful Brain Fudge Bar helps to sustain energy levels thanks to the powerful pea protein and other nutrient dense ingredients. Instead of short bursts of energy followed by fatigue, you can now run a mental marathon with high reserves of energy.

Mocha To Go!

Brain Fudge Bar is your perfect on-the-go snack that you can turn to at any time for a quick pick me up and some tasty pleasure. Daily consumption ensures consistently high energy levels, improved memory and concentration, as well as a positive mood, so that there’s nothing to hold you back from achieving your goals!

We Plant a Tree with every Order

You save our planet and make a difference each time you choose clean nutrition. We plant apple, guava, and papaya saplings in Maharashtra for every order placed so that your PLIX supplements take care of not only your health but also the environment.


What The Pros Say

Packed with superfoods

So delicious and crunchy, plus benefits the mind as it is fused with the goodness of brahmi and ashwagandha. It is the healthiest and most delicious way to beat my hunger blues😋 A tasty self-care treat that I give my body daily!

Delicious taste of Cafe Mocha

Just perfect! You can enjoy the taste of cafe mocha and the crunchy nut in every small bite!

Nutty and healthy bar!

Healthy and nutty bars! Not only helps control your hunger pangs, but also benefits your brain health! It is undoubtedly the best nutritional bar I have ever had. It is the yummiest replacement for unhealthy snacks🤤

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Just go for it

When I read it had Brahmi I thought it would taste bad, but I couldn't have been more wrong. The taste is just over the top and I can't stop myself from eating more.

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Good & Affordable

Ideal Low-cal snack

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I love it and you will love it too

See the thing is that I am quite conscious about my body so I spend a good time in researching the products that I put inside it. Picking up this fudge bar was a no-bariner for me as the description clearly says that it uses no preservatives and no artificial flavors. So I order just one small pack to see the flavoring and all. Here is what I have to say: ● The flavor is just absolutely amazing and it just tastes so good that I just want to eat them constantly. ● The bar itself is quite filling. It is decent in size and has a chewy texture which I like a lot. ● The price of the product is quite good. ● The fiber in the chocolate makes it easy to digest. Do I recommend this product to other people? I would say for sure! I just love it and I am pretty sure that you people will love it too!

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You are going to love it

Being a fitness enthusiast, I am constantly searching for some new products to eat and try. This time, my search landed me on Plix’s page where I saw this Brain Fudge Bar which has Mocha Fudge Flavor. Since it was not that expensive, I didn’t read much and ordered them without any second thought. So after a few days, I received the product, and here are my honest thoughts about this chocolate protein bar: The amount of protein in this bar is quite acceptable but if you are serious about your fitness goals, this is not it. Do not eat the chocolate bar too frequently as it does not have a lot of protein in it. A bar per day is okay but any more than that is not good. The flavor is just excellent and if you want a healthy and filling snacking option, you can buy these. The protein bar is quite affordable compared to its counterparts.

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Perfect snacking buddy

I am a vegan and if you are also a vegan then you would know how much challenging it is to find some good snacking options that are healthy and filling. So I had no choice but to try this Brain Fudge Bar from Plix. The thing is, I have tried products from Plix in the past and I kind of have mixed thoughts about them. But this is a product where I can say a few things for sure: - The chocolate bar is chewy and fudgy and just great. - It is a decent snacking option - The Mocha Fudge flavor is quite tasty and I love it! To all my vegan friends out there, you can try out this healthy and delicious protein bar.

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