Advanced Anti-Ageing - Glowy Skin - Glutathione Effervescent + Forever Young Collagen Builder

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Advanced Anti-Ageing - Glowy Skin - Glutathione Effervescent + Forever Young Collagen Builder

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Everytime you place an order with us we will plant a tree. With your help we can now achieve our goal of planting millions of tree's in the next couple of years. Learn more

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Glutathione, Collagen and six potent antioxidants play a vital part in...Read more
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Wake up to youthful you!

The anti-ageing treatment fills up your skin with antioxidants and collagen. The drink transforms your skin from within by providing plumpness and elasticity that delays ageing.

Adios pigmentation!

The glowy skin tablets convert melanin to a lighter tone and deactivate the enzyme that produces dark skin pigment. Additionally, the biotin in collagen builder powder fades away spots and offers brighter and clear skin.

Skin damage, hold on!

The powerful ingredients present in the tablet and powder fights free radicals, minimize oxidative stress, protect from UV rays, repairs any minor damages and nourish your skin deeply.

Power-packed elements

The power-house couple Vitamin C paired with Glutathione works like magic to revitalize your skin. Furthermore, the goodness of collagen and antioxidants improve elasticity and firmness.

Anti-ageing skincare in a glass!

Formulated with advanced anti-ageing effects, the collagen builder powder and glutathione tablet nourishes, purifies and detoxifies the body from the inside out.

Hyaluronic Acid

A component that assists in hydrating the skin and thereby increasing skin elasticity. It knocks off skin issues and offers a firmer, moist and younger-looking complexion.

Sea buckthorn, bamboo shoot & berries

The supreme power of natural ingredients holds a rich source of Omega 7 and silica. The powerhouse blend is full of antibiotics and antimicrobials that boosts collagen production. It rejuvenates the skin by preventing and repairing oxidative and sun damage that further delays the ageing process.


An effective natural antioxidant. It fights free radicals, reduces melanin production and evens skin complexion.

Vitamin C & E

These super vitamins fight inflammation and increase antioxidant activity. This kit fades away scars, corrects discolourations and restores UV damage, which hydrates the skin, delays ageing and improves skin texture.


Take 1 fizzy of Glowy Skin and drop it in a glass of cold water before morning.

Let it Fizz

Let it dissolve completely


Add 1 scoop of Forever Young Collagen Builder to 200ml water, stir well & drink before bed.

Net quantity15N Tablets + 25 Servings Powder
Manufactured ByNutralike Healthcare Plot no. A/23, Swagat-3 Industrial Park, Indore - Ahamadabad Hwy, Kuha, Gujarat 382433
Expiry Date2022
Country of originINDIA
FSSAI License Number11221999000329

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Improves skin texture

Witness deep hydration, thanks to hyaluronic acid present in the collagen builder powder and rise in collagen level due to L-Glutathione, Vitamin C and berries present in the glowy skin tablets. These natural ingredients in the skin care set feed nutrition to the skin and intensely restore, resulting in improved skin texture.

Happier and hydrated skin

By the second month, you'll notice the combination of the best components working satisfactorily to produce more collagen. It improves elasticity and speeds up the process of regenerating new skin cells making your skin feel pleased and hydrated.

Brings out the youthful you!

By the 3rd-4th Month, witness the youthful glow. The striking collagen and glutathione anti-ageing treatment kit restores skin cells, making you appear timeless and radiant from within.

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What The Pros Say

Reduces Melanin Production

Glowy skin has worked wonders on my patchy skin. I have had melasma for a very long time and after using this product for months, the patches have significantly reduced. My skin feels hydrated and more clear with collagen.

Brighter Skin Naturally

I trust this kit and the science behind it. Glowy Skin has helped me clear out my skin and collagen has made it look brighter. After using these products for just 90 days, my skin feels nourished and hydrated.

Helps with Uneven Skintone

This is a great bundle if you have an uneven skin tone! Some parts of my face were darker than others and creams did not help much. After using Glowy skin & collagen daily, I can really see a difference in the way my skin looks. My skin is glowing the uneven areas are finally blending in to look even.

Customer Review


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Rashmi Mittal

Amazing confidence booster!

As someone who frequently uses public transportation, my skin was looking dull because of all the pollution and sun contact. The pollution made my skin bumpy and unappealing while the sun made my skin wrinkly and loose. Plix's Anti-ageing combo has helped improve my skin's texture and look. It's been extremely helpful in tightening my skin and giving it a more ven-toned complexion. I finally feel confident in my own skin!

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>> Plix replied:

Hi, Wow, we are so happy with your results! Your skin has become much clearer and looks brighter as well. Our formula is 100% plant-based and it’s done a great job on your skin.


Payal Ghazal

Best combo!!

I wanted to improve my skin pigmentation as well as reduce the wrinkles that have developed in the last few months. At first I was only using the Collagen product but then I saw this combo and ad to try it out! My wrinkles had started reducing and my skin began tightening a month after I started using Collagen due to the antioxidants in the formula. And now that I've added Glowy skin to my routine as well, my discolouration is fading and I finally feel like myself when I look into the mirrior! I no longer have any dark patches on my face and even in my underarms. MU skin feels plumper, softer and more smooth! I use it just like the instructions say so and I feel like that's the perfect amount! Plix has really come through to help me fix my problems!

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>> Plix replied:

Hi Payal, your tranformation journey is superb. Look how wrinkle free and glowing your skin has become. This is amazing. Thank you for choosing Plix. Take care, have fun :)


Mallika Sohal

PErfect solution for oily skin!

I have extremely oily skin and applying any sort of product on my face only worsens the oilyness. Drinking my skincare has been an absolute gamechanger for me as I'm able to maintain moisturised skin while also ensuring it's not oily. It's also helped firm my skin as a preventative measure as I don't want to have wrinkles or fine lines. My acne has cleared up as my skin isn't oily anymore. I've finally been able to get bright, acne-free skin and I couldn't be happier!

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>> Plix replied:

Hey Mallika, your skin looks so radiant. Thank you for sharing your transformation story and inspiring others to start their skin care journey. Take care, have fun.


Devika Sharma

The best products ever!!

Every summer, my skin goes through soo many changes and looks spotty and bad! The heat and intense sun is extremely damaging for my skin. So this year, I decided to make a change. After a lot of research and trying many many many skin care products, I've finally found the solution to my skin problems. My skin feels better from inside and out. The collagen and antioxidants have completely cleared my skin of chemicals and made it very elastic. The heavy pigmentation has also reduced immensely, leaving me with even toned and clearer skin! I couldn't recommend this combination more to all my friends and family!! It's the best discovery I've made and I'm soo happy with the amazing results!

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>> Plix replied:

Hey Devika, Your skin is glowing. We are delighted to hear your that you loved our products and our 100% plant based ingredients worked it's magic for you. Thank you for choosing Plix. Take care, have fun :)


Mehar Kaur

Removed all my Worries (& Wrinkles)

Mein bohot self-conscious hu mere skin ke baare mein, but Plix has improved my skin so much that I have nothing to worry about anymore

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