What Happens To Your Body After Consuming Cola?

Mar 28, 2022
3 mins read

What Happens To Your Body After Consuming Cola

If you don’t know what Cola is, you are surely living under a rock!

Cola is one of the most popular soft drinks consumed worldwide.

Cola is made from carbonated water, sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup, caffeine, caramel and other artificial and natural flavorings and has no health benefits.

Consuming Cola can give you short-lived happiness and satisfaction – but we all know that drinking it regularly can lead to several severe health conditions, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, tooth decay, and more.

But, do you know what exactly happens to your body after drinking Cola?

Let’s look at the effects of drinking Cola and sugary drinks on the body, and how it reacts to the popular drink immediately after consumption:

The First 30 Minutes After Consuming Cola

When you consume a glass of cola, the equivalent to about 10 teaspoons of sugar immediately enter your body. This is equal to the recommended amount of sugar that our bodies should consume daily, all coming from just one drink. It also contains high amounts of caffeine. This combination prompts the body to quickly start reacting.

After about 20 minutes, there is a spike in your blood sugar levels. This leads to an insulin burst and your liver quickly works to convert any sugar into fat.

30 to 60 Minutes After Consuming Cola

In the next 40 minutes, all the caffeine present in the Cola gets absorbed by your body. This causes a spike in our blood pressure and as a response to this, our body flushes out sugar in our bloodstream. The adenosine receptors present in your brain are affected by this release which then causes drowsiness.

At the 45 minute mark, the dopamine production in our body increases, creating an effect on the body that is the same as when someone consumes the drug heroin

By the 60th minute, the diuretic properties of caffeine are seen as it makes the body want to take multiple washroom trips. Even when you drink diet cola, the effects are the same.

Why is Cola bad For you?

What Happens To Your Body After Consuming Cola 1

1. It contains high amounts of sugar

Consuming cola means ingesting too much  sugar, more than the recommended amount. Sugar only adds empty calories to our bodies and doesn’t provide any nutrition.

2. It leads to serious health issues

Consuming too much sugar causes various health issues in the body. This includes the risk of heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and obesity.

3. Can lead to a stroke and dementia

When you consume too much cola, it increases certain chemicals and harmful compounds in the brain. This can lead to gradual dementia or a stroke. It can also affect your memory and can have adverse effects on motor coordination.

Now  that you know all the dangers of consuming sugary drinks like cola, it is time to cut back. Cola hampers our health and even spikes our blood sugar levels. At Plix Life, we care about you and your health and encourage healthy living. It is time to take control and care of yourself.


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