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Usage And Benefits Of Mass Gainer

Do you want to build a lean physique or muscle mass? And for that, you are following a healthy diet and doing a proper workout but it is not leading to any visible results? Then Mass Gainer is what you need! Before using anything, it is mandatory to have complete knowledge about it, same in the case of bodybuilding supplements including mass gainer.

What Is Mass Gainer?

Mass gainer is a calories-rich protein powder that contains carbohydrates, protein, fats, minerals, amino acids, vitamins and various supplements that helps boost your daily calories intake to gain muscle mass.
Usually, mass gainer contains less amount of protein compared to Whey Protein, but has higher-level of carbs and fats as high carbs level is essential to boost your calorie intake.
However, many mass gainer brands offer relatively high protein content. Before picking any mass gainer always check the dosage of carbs, protein, fat, energy, and most important sugar as it is recommended to go with the gainer that has less sugar.

Usage Of Mass Gainer

Though Mass gainer act as a source of protein, it should be consumed by the one who has a lean physique and the one who is struggling to gain weight even after following a balanced diet as it is crafted for hard gainers and aim to put on muscle mass.
The ideal carbs to protein ratio of a mass gainer is 3:1, but the ratio can vary from brand to brand as a single serving of mass gainer can provide 350 to 1200 calories or even more, and 15- 65 grams protein or more than that.
To get the visible results, it is recommended to intake mass gainer with the combination of a healthy and balanced diet and workout.
You can take mass gainer with water or milk before and after your workout as per your choice or guided by a health expert.

Benefits Of Mass Gainer

There are multiple benefits of mass gainerexcept muscle gaining and recovery such as:

1. High In Carbs

When you workout intensively your body requires energy to accomplish your goals, the natural energy of your body starts getting depleted with time and that's a point when you need a high level of carbs.
Mass gainers are a rich source of carbs that can fuel your body with energy and it also helps to refile glycogen intensity in your body.

2. Rich In Fiber Content

Fiber, another important content of mass gainer that helps your body to build muscles and remove toxic waste from your body that help smoothens your digestion process and leads to better absorption and digestion of nutrients.

3. Stay lean

Mass gainer has an abundance of good fat that helps you to stay lean while you are gaining muscle mass.
Thus, it is very crucial to choose a mass gainer that retains medium-chain triglycerides and little saturated fat.

4. Fuels you with required Calories

The one who can't gain easily even after consuming much calories through a healthy diet, this is where mass gainer comes to your rescue.
A mass gainer provides the required calories to your body as it's a hassle-free way to consume the required calories.
You can get up to 1000 calories per serving depending upon which mass gainer you choose.

5. Bridges Nutritional Gap

Many Mass Gainer contains vitamins and minerals that help to fulfill your needs of daily micro-nutrient and bridges nutritional gaps which deals with gaining muscle size and strength.
These vitamins and minerals also help in promoting immunity as well as keep you energized.

Plix Plant-Based Mass Gainer

While picking up any mass gainer make sure to avoid those gainers which contain harmful ingredients including added sugar, and fillers as they do more harm than good to your body.
To avoid any harmful risk, adopt India’s 1st Plant-Based Mass Gainer by Plix that contains no maltodextrin, healthy fat, high calories, and plant protein.
This mass gainer has 3:1 Carbs to Protein Ratio and it is made of ingredients like Natural carbohydrate with 371 calories from barley malt extract and potato starch, 20G plant protein from the blend of pea protein and cocoa, blend of Antioxidants and Vitamins like pomegranate powder, spinach powder and Blueberry extract, and high oleic sunflower fat.

Take Away

Mass gainer is a calories-rich protein powder that contains carbohydrates, protein, fats, minerals, amino acids, vitamins and various supplements that helps boost your daily calories intake which aims to build muscle mass. To gain muscle mass with the power of natural and risk-free ingredients switch to Plix Plant-Based Mass Gainer now!